We all love sports. But how much do you actually know about the ins and outs of the sports world? While you think you might be a sports buff, there’s a world’s worth of information out there that you might not actually be fully aware of. And that’s why it’s always a load of good fun to challenge your knowledge by asking yourself a few sports trivia questions.

Whether you’re hoping to learn something new about the wonderful world of sports, if you’re preparing for a game with family and friends, or if you want to give your students a challenging ice breaker before the start of class, then these sports trivia questions should do just the trick.

General Sports Trivia Questions

Ranging from easy sports trivia questions to some harder ones for older players, these questions cover anything and everything under the sports sun. Perfect for the people who like a range of different sports, these trivia questions are sure to give just the right challenge especially for casual sports enthusiasts.

  1. What’s the diameter of a basketball hoop in inches?
  2. How big is an Olympic sized swimming pool in meters?
  3. In professional basketball, how high is the basketball hoop from the ground?
  4. How big is a baseball?
  5. The Olympics are held every how many years?
  6. What sport is dubbed the ‘king of sports’?
  7. What do you call it when a player makes three back to back strikes in bowling?
  8. In American Football, a touchdown is worth how many points?
  9. A sporting event is held every year on Memorial Day. What is it?
  10. What is Canada’s national sport?
  11. How many players are on a baseball team?
  12. Before 1894, basketball games were played with what sort of ball?
  13. What number is next (right) to the number ‘20’ on a standard British dart board?
  14. What African country was the first ever to qualify for a World Cup?
  15. What team gets the advantage of first bat in baseball?
  16. The dimples on a golf ball give in traction on the terrain. How many dimples does an average golf ball have
  17. How many total minutes of action are there in an average baseball game?
  18. What country has competed the most times in the summer Olympics without winning a gold medal?
  19. What country has competed the most times in the summer Olympics without winning any medal at all
  20. How many minutes was the longest recorded point in the history of tennis?
  21. During the first ever modern Olympics, what were the first placers awarded with?
  22. How many medals did China win at the Beijing Olympics in 2008?
  23. How many Olympic games were held in countries that no longer exist?
  24. What is the only team in the NFL to neither host nor play in the Super Bowl?
  25. There are only two states in the United States that have yet to send a team to the NCAA. What are they
  26. Which basketball player was Michael Jordan nicknamed after as a young high school basketball enthusiast?

Hard Sports Trivia Questions

If you breezed through the first list of sports questions, then this second list might not be as easy. Gear up and get ready, because these hard sports questions might just challenge your knowledge and push you to learn a few new bits of information you might not have known before. Mixing together questions for players, for national sports associations, and other technical mumbo jumbo, this list is sure to give you a run for your money.

  1. We all know Dr. J, but what is his real name?
  2. What was Wilt Chamberlain’s record for most points in a single game?
  3. Who was the first ever NBA player to score 2,000 points in a single season?
  4. Considered one of the greatest rebounders of all time, this player was known for his bad boy image and for being the All-Star MVP in 1991.
  5. How many personal fouls does a player get to be ejected from an NBA basketball game?
  6. Who was the youngest player to reach 10,000 points in the regular season in 20th century NBA?
  7. How many seasons did Michael Jordan play with the Chicago Bulls before going back into the game with the Wizards?
  8. Scottie Pippen has a word tattooed on his forearm. What does it say?
  9. Kyrie Irving was born in what country?
  10. Stephen Curry’s father played professional basketball for what team towards the end of his career?
  11. The two leading three-point shooters in the Golden State Warriors are collectively called The what Brothers?
  12. ‘Nate the Great’ is known for holding the record for the first ever quadruple double. What was his name?
  13. Who scored the most points in a single game in the 2000 season?
  14. Who was the first player to ever miss 5000 free throws in his entire career?
  15. Which NBA player was given the nickname ‘Dr. Dunkenstein’?
  16. What NFL team was originally called the ‘New York Titans’?
  17. What team bagged 3 Super Bowls in the year 1990?
  18. Who was the first player to ever rush for 1000 yards in a single season?
  19. All NFL teams have their logo on their helmets, but one team only has the logo on one side of their helmet. What team is that?
  20. This player caused a sensation in his rookie season thanks to a skillful one-handed catch.
  21. This player holds the best rookie passer rating in the entire history of the NFL.
  22. All NFL franchises move around and change their names throughout the seasons, but there is one that has retained its name and location, earning it the name of the oldest existing NFL franchise. What is it?
  23. What team won the first ever night football game?
  24. In 1982, how many games made up the NFL regular season schedule?
  25. This team scored the most points in a single Super Bowl.
  26. In 1958, a player was traded from the Detroit Lions to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He claimed then that the Lions would ‘not win any games for the next 50 years’. in the next half century, the Lions would scratch up the worst winning percentage of any NFL team. Who was the player who claimed this supposed curse?
  27. What was the name of the NFL player who legally changed his name to match the number on his jersey?
  28. What did he change his name to?
  29. Every year, the NFL MVP comes from the winning team. Who was the only MVP to have been chosen from the losing team?
  30. This openly gay player was the first ever to be drafted by an NFL team. What was his name?
  31. What team drafted Michael Sam?
  32. This NBL player was nicknamed ‘The Chairman of the Boards’. What was his real name?
  33. What material was first used to cover baseballs?
  34. This major league baseball team was dubbed by its fans as the “Cheese Heads”. What was the real name of the team?

Sports Trivia Game

  1. Who was the last NHL player to leave the league without having used a helmet?
  2. What year did the players go on strike, resulting to no baseball World Series?
  3. Who was the first and only wild card entry to have ever won Wimbledon?
  4. What year was the first ever Wimbledon tournament held?
  5. What is the only country to have played in every single soccer World Cup?
  6. What was the first country from Africa to qualify for a soccer World Cup?
  7. What year did they qualify?
  8. The first ever soccer World Cup was won by what country?
  9. This basketball move was banned from the years 1967 to 1976. What was it?
  10. What was the name of the US athlete to win three Olympic gold medals in the game volleyball?
  11. The term ‘home run’ was already previously used in a different sport before becoming a mainstay in baseball vocabulary. What was that sport?
  12. What sport were women allowed to play in the Olympics for the first time?
  13. In the sport of cross-country biking, what do the letters BMX stand for?
  14. In gymnastics, participants need to perform three steps in order to complete the triple jump. What are the steps?
  15. Who was the first ever athlete to fail a drug test for the Olympics?
  16. The terms ‘stale fish’ and ‘mulekick’ are commonly used in what sport?
  17. What sport is played on the biggest pitch if considered from the perspective of surface area?
  18. In the game snooker, what is the highest possible break that a player can get?
  19. What is a yankee in the sport horse racing?
  20. Did you know that golfers are only allotted a certain period of time to locate their golf ball? How long are players allowed to search for their ball?
  21. Who was the first athlete to win the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award twice?
  22. In the 1998 European Indoor Championships in Zurich, Venus Williams broke a record for one of the fastest services in tennis. How fast did her ball go?
  23. What NFL team lost the first Super Bowl of the 1970 season?
  24. This player kicked a record-breaking punt against the Denver Broncos in 1969. What was his name?
  25. How far was his record-breaking punt?
  26. What country was the first ever World Athletics Championship held?
  27. In 1988, this athlete was crowned the world acrobatic champion. Who is he?
  28. Who won the first ever World Series in Baseball in the 50’s?
  29. This team won the Super Bowl in the 80’s, breaking the record for the biggest score margin. Who were they?
  30. In 1977, the first ever US Open for gold was held in what country?
  31. In 1972, this American Football team went undefeated for the whole season, even during the Super Bowl. What was the team?
  32. How many championships did the Chicago Bulls win with Michael Jordan on their team?
  33. The 1980 film named ‘Raging Bull’, was about which real life boxer?
  34. It was in 1976 that Nadia Comaneci became the first ever gymnast to score a perfect 10 in the Olympics. What country was she representing?
  35. Between the Williams sisters, who has won more grand slam titles, Venus or Serena?
  36. In 1971, this boxer gave Muhammad Ali his first ever loss in the realm of professional boxing. What was his name?
  37. This country is known for producing the most Formula One World Championship winning racers. What country is it?
  38. How many winning racers has the UK produced?

Needless to say, the realm of professional sports can be a really interesting topic of discussion. But do you really know everything there is to know? Try to flex your sports muscle with this list of challenging sports trivia questions and answers, and give your friends a run for their money by tossing around these difficult trivia! Enjoy hours of fun and back and forth banter by preparing yourself for that next get together with these brain bending sports questions.