Weddings are not only a celebration of love and vows exchanged; they are also an opportunity to create lasting memories and provide enjoyable experiences for everyone present. One popular trend to infuse fun and interactivity into wedding receptions is the wedding shoe game.

We’ll tell you exactly how the play the Shoe Game so you can have the most fun wedding reception, in a game that the bride and groom will love! We’ve listed a range of shoe game questions for the game host to ask the bride and groom, and you can choose which questions will work best for the wedding reception.

Let’s take a look at how to play the Ultimate Wedding Shoe Game!

What is the Wedding Shoe Game?

What is the Wedding Shoe Game

The wedding shoe game is a light-hearted activity that involves the participation of the bride and groom, allowing guests to get to know them better while having a good laugh.

The game follows a similar structure to the classic game, Mr & Mrs, but the use of shoes is a wedding-based twist on this. Shoe Game questions, in contrast to Mr & Mrs, must also be closed questions, and be able to be answered with either partner’s name.

The game revolves around the couple sitting back-to-back in chairs, each holding one of their shoes as well as one of their partner’s shoes. The pair is then asked a series of questions about their relationship or personal preferences, and their answers are guessed by raising the corresponding shoe. It’s always fun to see whether their answers align!

How to Play the Wedding Shoe Game?

How to Play the Wedding Shoe Game

Playing the wedding shoe game is straightforward, and it’s a fun game that can easily be customized to fit your wedding style and preferences.

The game is typically played during the wedding reception, after any speeches and sentimental moments. It’s a great way to begin the party at a wedding, and you can even get the wedding guests involved, too.

The questions in this game mustn’t be open questions – they need to be answered with either partner’s name. So questions such as ‘When is your anniversary?’ won’t work for this game. Below, we’ve listed a range of Shoe Game questions that you can use for this fun game to maximize the laughs.

Let’s take a look at how to play the Shoe Game!

  1. Set Up:
    To begin the Shoe Game, arrange two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor or any spacious area where everyone can clearly see the couple, such as the head table. Ask the couple to take their seats, facing away from each other. Encourage wedding guests to stay in their seats and participate by showing enthusiasm through applause or cheers.
  2. Shoe Exchange:
    As a symbolic gesture of unity and teamwork, instruct the couple to remove their own shoes and exchange one of them with their partner’s shoe. This act serves as a visual reminder that they are in this game together, regardless of their differing answers.
  3. The Questions:
    Before the wedding day, create a list of questions or delegate the task to a trusted friend or family member. Ensure that the questions are light-hearted, entertaining, and reflect the couple’s unique relationship or personal preferences. This will make the game more engaging and relevant to the couple and their guests. You can use our list of shoe game questions below to help you choose the best range of questions for the couple.
  4. The Game Begins:
    With everything set up, it’s time to announce the start of the shoe game to all the guests. The game is generally hosted by a close family member or friend of the bride and groom, but any wedding party member who has a good public speaking voice would be a suitable game host. Pose each question one by one, allowing a brief pause before revealing the intended answer. This gives the couple time to think and raise the correct shoe, adding an element of suspense and humor for the audience.
  5. Shoe Raising:
    When each question is asked, the bride and groom must raise the shoe of the person they believe the answer is. For example, if the question is ‘Who is the most organized?,’ and the bride believes the answer to be her, she will raise her shoe in the air.
    Raising the shoes at the same time, without being able to see their partner’s answer, means the guests get to see if the couple are on the same page or have differing opinions. The reveal of the shoes can be really funny to witness for the audience.
  6. Ending the Game:
    Keep asking questions until you have exhausted your list or the guests’ enthusiasm begins to fade. It’s important to end the game on a high note. Finish with a crowd-pleasing question that is guaranteed to get some laughs and end the activity in a happy way, before the rest of the party gets underway.

Shoe Game Wedding Questions

Shoe Game Wedding Questions

The success of the wedding shoe game relies heavily on having a well-curated list of questions that accurately portray the couple’s personalities and relationship dynamics.

We’ve organized our shoe game questions into different categories, so you can choose which questions will best suit the bride and groom. The categories include:

  • Classic Wedding Shoe Game Questions
  • Funny Wedding Shoe Game Questions
  • Unique Wedding Shoe Game Questions
  • Dirty Wedding Shoe Game Questions
  • Romantic Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Let’s take a look at our extensive list of questions to make your Shoe Game the highlight of the wedding reception!

Classic Wedding Shoe Game Questions

  1. Who made the first move?
  2. Who wakes up first in the morning?
  3. Who is the messiest?
  4. Who is the better driver?
  5. Who is the better listener?
  6. Who spends more money on clothes?
  7. Who gives better gifts?
  8. Which one of you is the better cook?
  9. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
  10. Who is more patient?
  11. Who is more adventurous and willing to try new things?
  12. Who has more friends from their childhood?
  13. Who is the best at saving all their money?
  14. Who is more sentimental?
  15. Who is more organized?
  16. Which one of you is better at DIY?
  17. Who is more likely to make conversation with a stranger?
  18. Who does more household chores?
  19. Who’s more likely to arrive late to an appointment?

Funny Wedding Shoe Game Questions

  1. Who is more likely to misplace their keys?
  2. Who has the better dance moves?
  3. Who spends more time staring at their phone?
  4. Which one of you is more likely to hog the blanket at night?
  5. Who laughs at their own jokes the most?
  6. Who is the bigger party animal?
  7. Who has better fashion sense?
  8. Who has the crazier family?
  9. Who has the better shower singing voice?
  10. Who would be more likely to replace the roll of toilet paper?
  11. Who would last longer on a deserted island?
  12. Who has a bigger wardrobe?
  13. Who has more speeding tickets?
  14. Who would spend more money at (insert couple’s favorite store)?
  15. Who is more likely to leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight?
  16. Who is more likely to spill a glass of wine?
  17. Which one of you is most likely to wear odd socks?
  18. Who is more likely to binge-watch an entire TV series in a day?
  19. Who loves taking selfies more?
  20. Who eats the most junk food?
  21. Who always has to have the final word in an argument?
  22. Who is the first to fall asleep at night?

Unique Wedding Shoe Game Questions

  1. Who is more likely to make plans spontaneously?
  2. Who is the better dancer?
  3. Who is more obsessed with the gym?
  4. Who is more likely to sing along to the radio while driving?
  5. Who is most likely to forget important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries?
  6. Who is the ‘night owl’ in the relationship?
  7. Which one of you is the most sensible?
  8. Who is more talkative?
  9. Who took more control in the wedding planning?
  10. Who is more a picky eater?
  11. Who is more of a sports fan?
  12. Who is worse with directions and more likely to get lost?
  13. Which one of you is most likely to cry during a sad movie?
  14. Who is more of a city person?
  15. Who has the better taste in music?
  16. Who is more a dog person?
  17. Who is the biggest daredevil?
  18. Who has better hair?
  19. Who would be better at talking their way out of a speeding ticket?
  20. Who has been in more car accidents?
  21. Which one of you has the better sense of humor?
  22. Who got better grades in school?

Dirty Wedding Shoe Game Questions

  1. Who is the best at giving massages?
  2. Who is more flirtatious?
  3. Who is the better kisser?
  4. Who is the better lover?
  5. Who has the sexiest sense of style?

Romantic Wedding Shoe Game Questions

  1. Who fell in love first?
  2. Who’s more stubborn?
  3. Who is the first to apologize after an argument?
  4. Who is better at expressing their feelings?
  5. Who is more likely to initiate a romantic date night?
  6. Who is better at keeping secrets?
  7. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
  8. Who has the best ideas for date nights?
  9. Who is the best at giving random gifts?
  10. Who wanted to make the relationship official first?

Wedding Shoe Game Tips

Wedding Shoe Game Tips

  • Keep it light-hearted! You don’t want to ruin the mood of the bride and groom and the guests by asking inappropriate questions. Make sure the questions stay light-hearted and fun, and don’t knowingly touch on any sensitive subjects. Remember, this is the couple’s special day, so don’t be starting drama unnecessarily!
  • Everyday life questions can be the most interesting. Sometimes just asking questions about the couple’s everyday life can make for the most interesting responses, and the biggest laughs from the audience.
  • Make sure the setup is clear, with the chairs back to back. The chairs should be organized clearly on the dance floor or at the head table, so that the whole audience can see what’s happening, and the bride and groom can’t see each other’s responses. If this isn’t done properly, the game will lose its momentum and not work.
  • Don’t ask too many (or too few) questions. The Shoe Game should last about 10 minutes, so try not to ask too many questions, otherwise the game can become repetitive and lose its appeal, and you don’t want guests to fall asleep! However, make sure you ask enough questions to keep the game going. Around 20-40 is generally a good amount, so be sure to use our list for your question inspiration.
  • Finally, encourage participation from wedding guests! One way to make this game extra fun is to get the audience involved. You can ask guests to guess the answers. Use a printed table with the couple’s names on it and ask guests to tick who they think the answer is, or, alternatively, you can ask audience members to hold up a picture of who they think the answer is. This is a fun way to get everyone involved, and also lets the bride and groom see what the guests’ perceptions of their relationship are too! While it does require a bit of preparation on your part, it will be worth it for the laughs around the room.

Have a Memorable Wedding Reception with the Wedding Shoe Game

Have a Memorable Wedding Reception with the Wedding Shoe Game

The wedding shoe game presents an entertaining opportunity to engage your guests and add a joyous touch to your special day.

By compiling a thoughtful and well-crafted list of shoe game wedding questions, you can create moments of laughter, bonding, and fond memories that will be cherished by not only the couple but also their loved ones. Remember to embrace the lightheartedness and joy that this game brings, making your wedding celebration truly unforgettable for everyone involved.