With nine seasons worth of quirky humor, it is no wonder that The Office and its cast of eccentric characters continue to make us laugh, cry, and reluctantly giggle years after the show has ended. All that time spent watching favorite episodes on a loop is not for nothing, and many of us now consider ourselves Dwight-level gurus when it comes to The Office trivia.

If you’re looking for the ultimate The Office quiz to test your knowledge, this version of The Office trivia touches on it all, from the iconic bat scenes to the lesser-known Kevinisms. So whether you’re a part-time fan or a die-hard long-termer, this version of The Office trivia game promises to bring you to tears for all the right reasons.

How To Play

These Office trivia questions can be played any way you see fit. One option is to print questions on cue cards which may or may not be used in combination with a board game. Another option is to use these questions as the basis for a drinking game, where the person who guesses the answer correctly can assign a drink to another player.

Whatever your approach, test your knowledge while sharing the memories and laughter with this list of The Office trivia.

The Office Trivia: Questions and Answers

The Office Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. Whose mother does Michael date briefly?
  2. What is the name of Pam’s friend from art school?
  3. After Angela dumps Dwight and he becomes severely depressed, what prank do Jim and Pam play on him?
  4. What is Stanley’s wife’s name?
  5. Who does Michael award “Hottest in the office” at the 8th annual Dundie Awards?
  6. Where are the 8th annual Dundie Awards held?
  7. Who trips and falls into the water in a sumo suit before floating out to the middle of the lake during Beach Day?
  8. During Michael’s Last Dundies, who won the Doobie Doobie Pothead Stoner of the Year Award?
  9. What do Jim and Pam name their kids?
  10. In the first episode of The Office, where does Michael tell Pam to put the fax from corporate?
  11. Who fakes their own death in the finale?
  12. What is the name of Jan Levinson’s assistant?
  13. Why don’t Toby and Kelly share a cubicle?
  14. How does Angela’s cat Sprinkles die?
  15. What is the magic number that Kevin uses to balance his accounts when they do not add up?   
  16. When Michael opens a lunchtime disco downstairs, who throws out their back dancing?
  17. Who was given up for adoption but never adopted?
  18. Who beats Kevin at Flonkerton during the Office Olympics?
  19. Who does Michael hit with his car?
  20. Who breaks their neck zip-lining in Costa Rica?
  21. When Creed becomes a temporary manager, what acronym does he write out during the staff meeting?
  22. What does Kevin say that the ‘B’ stands for in BOBODY?
  23. Who is the tallest character in The Office?
  24. If Pam married Roy, what would her married name have been?
  25. What is The Office competing for when they play basketball against the warehouse in the first season?
  26. What are New Dwight’s and New Jim’s real names?
  27. Who does Phyllis marry, and what does he do?
  28. What is the name of the security guard at the front desk of the Dunder Mifflin building?
  29. What is the Dunder Mifflin building called?
  30. What is the name of Andy’s acapella group from Cornell?
  31. Who has an affair with Angela’s husband, the Senator?
  32. Who gets dumped at the Dundies in season 7?
  33. Which Hollywood A-lister was featured as the Hot Girl selling handbags in the first season?
  34. What is the name of Holly’s ex-boyfriend who works at Dunder Mifflin Nashua?
  35. What did Angela name the hypoallergenic kitten that she bought for $7,000?
  36. Why did Kelly go to juvenile detention when she was 14?
  37. Who likes posters of babies posed as adults?
  38. What’s the name of Dwight’s cousin that runs Schrute Farms with him?
  39. What does Jim usually eat for lunch?
  40. Where do Pam and Jim get married?
  41. Who does Meredith flash at the Christmas Party in season 2?
  42. What song does Kevin start singing on the bus on the way to Lake Scranton on Beach Day?
  43. Who catches a fish with their bare hands during Beach Day?
  44. Who stars in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street?
  45. What did Phyllis say she wanted to see in a commercial when they are trying to come up with ideas for a Dunder Mifflin TV ad?
  46. Who sits at the Dunder Mifflin booth during the Valley View High School job fair?
  47. Who doesn’t want to play the murder mystery game during the monthly staff meeting because it is too scary?
  48. What does Stanley say when Dwight lets a bat into the office?
  49. Who does the bat bite after Dwight traps it on their head using a garbage bag?
  50. What does Dwight grow at his farm?
  51. What’s the name of the company that takes over Dunder Mifflin?
  52. What does Michael call the group of third-grade students he promised to pay tuition for?
  53. What’s the name of the pediatrician that Kelly gets engaged to?
  54. When Dwight receives a fax from himself in the future, what does it tell him not to do?
  55. Where does Jim move Dwight’s desk to in season 2?
  56. What is Dwight’s favorite TV show?
  57. What is the name of Stanley’s mistress?
  58. What is the name of the Dunder Mifflin corporate sales VP that Michael argues with before leaving to start the Michael Scott Paper Company?
  59. What are the main events during the Office Olympics?
  60. What is the skit called that Michael and Holly put on during the company picnic?
  61. What does Michael get a gold medal for at the Office Olympics?
  62. Who does Erin initially think might be her biological mother?
  63. Why was Erin first hired?
  64. Who is hired after Kelly and Ryan quit and move to Ohio?
  65. Where does Roy work after Dunder Mifflin?
  66. How does Andy first ask Angela out?
  67. Who does Oscar get for Secret Santa in season 2, and what does he get them?
  68. Who hangs mistletoe from the front of their pants during the season 2 Christmas party?
  69. The Office staff attend a CPR safety seminar after which character has a heart attack?
  70. Why does Dwight stab the CPR safety dummy?
  71. What is the name of the cat Angela tries to throw to Oscar through the ceiling during Dwight’s fire drill?
  72. Who kicks in the vending machine glass during the fire drill?
  73. What color karate belt has Dwight earned?
  74. After Dwight found half a joint in the parking lot, who fake cried during the investigation?
  75. What is Dwight’s sensei’s name?
  76. Who does Michael dress up as during the Christmas party in season 6 when he gets jealous of Phyllis playing Santa?
  77. Erin and Andy go for their first date on what holiday?
  78. What rumor does Michael start about Angela to try to cover up the rumor about Stanley’s affair?
  79. What is the pet name that Dwight and Angela use to refer to each other?
  80. Besides Jell-o, what food does Jim put Dwight’s stapler in to make Stanley laugh hysterically?
  81. Who is Dwight’s partner when competing in a series of chicken fights during the pool party?
  82. Who did Robert California choose to be branch manager?
  83. What is the theme of the first Christmas party Phyllis hosts as chair of the Party Planning Committee?
  84. Who owns a porcupine named Henrietta?
  85. What is the name of Kevin’s Police cover band?
  86. What condition is Oscar’s nephew raising money for when Michael pledges $25/mile during the Walkathon?
  87. Where does Michael take Jan on vacation after getting dumped by Carol?
  88. What color does Angela think is whore-ish?
  89. In season 3, Jim and Karen give each other the same DVD for Christmas; what is it?
  90. Who convinces Dwight he is being considered for a top-secret mission by the CIA?
  91. How did Michael burn his foot?
  92. Who wins the mini-fridge during casino night?
  93. Who are Michael’s two dates during casino night?
  94. Why does Dwight pepper spray Roy?
  95. Who lights their hair on fire while belly dancing during the Christmas party?
  96. During Meredith’s intervention, what does Kevin say about how Meredith’s drinking affected him?
  97. What is the name of Michael’s screenplay?
  98. Why does Carol wear a cheerleader outfit to Diwali?
  99. What is the name of the club that Toby, Pam, and Oscar form to discuss books, art, and culture?
  100. What is Andy’s nickname for Jim?
  101. Toby served on the jury for what unnamed serial criminal?
  102. When leaving The Office, who does Michael give his unfinished manuscript of Somehow I Manage to?
  103. Who is the only credited main cast member to not appear in the mural that Pam paints in the warehouse at the end of the series?
  104. What is Dwight’s middle name?
  105. Which member of Dwight’s family dies in season 9, causing Dwight and his siblings to take over running the farm?
  106. Who is the Best Man at Dwight’s wedding?
  107. What is the name and occupation of Meredith’s son?
  108. Which three people come dressed as the Joker for Halloween in season 5?
  109. Who brought lice into the office?
  110. What is Oscar wearing when he is caught making out with Angela’s husband, the Senator?

Final Thoughts

the office quiz

Do you remember when Kevin drove over the turtle? How about when Dwight dressed up as Pam? We hope this version of The Office trivia helped rekindle some fond memories or provided a refresh of the favorite moments you didn’t know you forgot.

Whatever your plans may be, this version of The Office Trivia is sure to equip you with all the laughter-packed questions you need to make a success of any event or game.