Summers and drinking games go hand in hand. What better to do than sit with a group of your friends, and gulp down those cool drinks with some fun coupled with it? Just remember, don’t forget to eat first.

Most of the people, especially the students will be soon going on vacations to enjoy this summertime, for which partying is the cornerstone. Just sitting around for drinking can get pretty boring, hence *drumroll* DRINKING GAMES to liven up the experience.

Though banned in some colleges and universities, these games never fail to lighten up a party.  Party in dorm rooms is another way to live through your college experience. All this leads to games played in the party, whether sober or not. And there are only three words for it: Fun drinking party games.

Let’s take you through a thrilling journey to discuss all the drinking games you can play to energize those crashing parties.

Drinking Games For Two

Drinking Games For Two

Two Truths, One Lie

Lots of imagination and drink can get you through this game. It can be played with even two friends, such as on dates, but obviously, more the people, merrier the game,

The opposing parties face each other. The first one to go will claim three points about himself. Out of these three, one will be a lie while the other two would be the truths about his life. The other person has to guess the wrong statement out of the three statements that he had made. It is imperative to sit in front of each other so facial expressions can help the opponent in guessing out the answer. The player who says the wrong ‘lie’ will have to drink from his cup.

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Bite the Bag

Strengthen those teeth, for this hilarious game, might break them. You have to place a brown paper bag on the floor. Every player, in his/her respective turn, has to come forth and try to pick up the paper bag with their mouth. The only thing allowed to touch the bag is your mouth-no use of hands or feet, or any body part is allowed. Even no prop is to be used. The one who fails to do so will have to chug down a full glass of drink. After every round, an inch from the top of the bag is cut off, and the game starts again. How long will it be before your nose is almost touching the floor?

Card / Dice Drinking Games

Up & Down the River

Drinking card games are diverting the trend of parties and gatherings from just regular drinking and dancing to playing card games coupled with the drinking of course. Its game play is as follows.

  • Two decks of cards are dealt. One player is appointed the dealer. Each player is given four cards, placed face up in front of them.
  • Dealer draws the card, and whosoever has the same card will take a drink.
  • If any player has multiples of that card, then the equivalent number is taken as drinks.
  • For the second round, the amount of drinks taken for a single card is doubled.
  • After the fourth round, any player having the combination of the fifth card drawn by the dealer gets to give away four drinks. Four individual players, or just one single player will be asked to drink those four glasses.
  • The dealer then places the third card over the first two and players having that combination can give away a total of up to eight drinks. The game re starts after this.

Circle of death

The circle of death drinking game closely resembles Kings. The equipment required for this game are just one deck of cards and a middle cup. The player draws one card on his turn and then performs actions based on his card and color. Players sit around a circular table and place a nasty drink in the center. The cards are dealt and placed face down around the center glass. Each player picks up cards, one at a time. As soon as each player picks up a card, he/she has to perform an action associated with that card. Below are the rules for each card:

  • King: Come up with a rule, and show everybody who the real king is-at least for the game. This player will then have the ability to undo any previous King’s rule. The player drawing the fourth King will get to drink the middle cup, though.
  • Queen: ask a random question from another player, and that player, in turn, will ask another one from a different player. Any player who would not be able to answer any of the questions asked to him, will lose the game.
  • Jack: Become the Thumb Master of the game! This player will be entitled to put his thumb on the table at any instance, and all others would have to do the same and the one who loses this race, loses the game.
  • 10: this player will call out a category, and all the other players, just like in the game Categories, will start listing out things that fall into that category. Make sure you think before you speak. Calling out the same thing twice might get you thrown out of the game, or party perhaps.
  • 9: the player will call out a word, and the rest of the players will have to say words that rhyme with the earlier one. Anyone who fails to do so will lose the game and get to drink.
  • 8 & below: if the color of the drawn card is red, the player will have to drink the same number of glasses as on that of the card. Otherwise, they are given out to the players.
  • Ace: when an ace is drawn, every player will start waterfall, initiating with the player who chose the card. This means that everyone will start gulping their drinks after the person to their right stats doing this, and they cannot stop until that person to the right does. This is also referred as the waterfall drinking game.

Three Man

For this game, a pair of dice is required, along with the compulsory item-drinks! Players gather around a circular table with their drinks and one of the players is appointed as the “Three Man”. The Three Man will roll the dice every time, and another player will also roll the die. The result depends on what the two die to add up to. For this, the rules are as follows:

  • 7: the person sitting to the right of the player will take a drink
  • 11: the person sitting to the right of the player will take a drink
  • 9: Each player will drink
  • A sum of 3: The Three Man will drink
  • 4 and an Ace: Everyone will fall to the floor, and the last one to do so will have to drink.
  • 5 and an Ace: Everyone has to point to the ceiling, and the last one to do so will have to drink.
  • Doubles: When the doubles are rolled on to the table, the player can direct anyone to drink, including the Three Man.

The game continues like this till every player in the game has had their turn. After this, a new Three Man is appointed.


Players sit around a circular table, and the player dealing the cards will set them face down in a 6-5-4-3-2-1 pyramid format. Then he gives out each player four cards, and those too, face down. The game rules are as follows:

  • Each player will take a good look at their cards, and the order because they won’t be allowed to do so again. Excellent memory skills come in handy!
  • Each card from the pyramid is flipped over, one at a time.
  • Players will assign drinks, based on whether they had the card or are making a bluff.
  • If another player assigns you a drink, you can call a bluff if you desire to. If this would be a wrong call for bluff, the player would have to gulp down two times the drinks he was initially assigned. If otherwise, then the bluffer drinks twice the drinks he was initially assigned.
  • Each row of the pyramid represents the number of drinks given out.

Drinking Games Without Cards

Drinking Games Without Cards

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is considered to be the center of attention of most of the parties. Simple, yet a classic and exciting game it is. The rules to play this game have evolved over the years, but the basic set of guidelines have remained intact. It can be a fun drinking game for two or more, depends on how many want to have some thrill. Let’s play some beer pong!

First of all, a beer pong is in order, and of course, a stack of pin pong balls. A packet of 16-oz plastic cups are also required, and it would be great if they are red cups. Two formations will be set up, of 10 cups each, on either side of the ping pong table. Cups form a shape of a triangle, filled with two to three ounces of beer. The game can be played with two or more players.

The goal of the game is to toss a ping pong ball into one of the cups. Each player stands on either side of the table and tries to toss the ball into one of the cups. The opposing team will not be allowed to sway the cup. Once the ball lands in a cup, the opposing member has to drink the beer from the cup. Each team is allowed three attempts at each of their turn. Make sure that you do not forget to keep a cup of clean water beside you to wash the ball between respective tosses. Or it gets messy. The team that clears the opposing side first gets to be the winner.

Beer pong is one of the best party drinking games and gets thrilling and exciting as the members try to snatch the glory. And that too, with a ping pong ball.

Never have I ever

What’s more fishy and exhilarating than to reveal secrets of your friends at parties? Or perhaps if they do it themselves? “Never have I ever” lets you experience this thrill with no strings attached. Let’s discuss its know-how.

  • A team of approximately five members or more is gathered, depends on how much drink you have got.
  • A preferably circular table, with drink and glasses, is set up.
  • Decide who will get to pour the drink and refill the empty glasses. This will allow coherence in the game.
  • Just for a precautionary element, it is better to have a sober individual present with the players who can take control of the situation, in case things get out of control. Which they probably will.
  • Choose who will go first. This person will make a statement of an act that he has never done in his life. If the other players had done that already, sometime in their life, they will take a shot of their drink. For example: “I have never went to a strip club”. Anyone who has been to a strip club will drink a shot of their glass.
  • If nobody has done that act, then the person who made the statement will have to take a shot of their glass.
  • Whosoever is the soberest by the end of the game gets to be the winner.

You’ll be amazed to know what people have in store for you. Get ‘em guys.


Looking for a fun drinking game, yet that does not require many resources? Quarters is the answer to your concern. It does not require more than a glass and a quarter.

  • Players gather around a table with a glass in the center of the table.
  • Each player places s quarter on the edge of the table and tries to flip it into the glass.
  • The one who succeeds in doing this, can direct anybody to drink. This person also gets to implement the rules as he wishes them to be. The true king has risen!
  • The rules are in place till someone else takes to flip the quarter accurately. Or when another king succeeds the throne.


Also commonly known as the Three, Avalanche can be played with any number of players. So gather your party right here!

It starts off with all the players sitting around a table with their glass of drink. Certain rules are followed by the players which revolve around a die. These are as following:

  • The player in action does nothing and passes the glass along with the die to the next player.
  • The same player adds more alcohol to the same glass, and then passes it to the next one, along with the die.
  • The player will have to drink whatever would be in his/her glass.
  • The player yells “floor!” every player has to immediately either point downward or fall to the ground. The player who would be the last to do so will have to gulp down his drink.

Some avalanche games are played with an elimination style, with players being removed after three consecutive levels. This game is for sure a huge mood booster.

Cheers to the Governor

Sick of remembering rules for all the games? Or in fact, you tend to keep on forgetting them? It’s time that you switch to one of the coolest games ever- Cheers to the Governor. No rules, a drinking game without cards, no dice, and extremely loose, this game has the same thrill as those of others.

Players sit around a table, each with their drink in their hands. In an anti-clockwise direction, players start to begin counting aloud. The player who reaches 21gets to be the governor and can come up with any rule and implement it. For instance, the governor can come up with a rule that the player who gets number eight will have to drink two glasses of the liquid being used in the game. The game goes on like this till the next player gets a 21, and the rules are changed with the reign of a new governor.

Drunk Jenga

One of the best drinking games designed for a party of friends, Drunk Jenga is a classic board game which promises to liven up the gathering. The players do not necessarily follow a set of rules and try to be creative as much as possible.

A box of Jenga blocks are taken, and a bunch of different rules are written on them. Rules can vary wildly such as “gulp down three drinks at one time”, “pick your nose”, or “dance whenever asked to”. The more creative the activities get, the more fun this game gets to be.

Whenever a player pulls out a Jenga block from the tower, he/she must abide by the rule. As soon asthe tower collapses, the person responsible for that will have to finish his drink. Jenga drinking game brings many unique ideas to the table and is very amusing, if played creatively.

Flip Cup

In this game, two teams are formed, with equal players in each. Each team stands on the either sides of the table and face each other. Each player gets a glass filled with drink and on the count of three, they gulp down their drinks and place their empty cups on the edge of the table. Their job is to flip the cup without touching any of its sides. The flip is done by flicking its rim with a thumb and forefinger. The cup has to land top-up on the table. The team which successfully accomplishes this task gets to be the winner.


The entire party gathers around a circular table, spaced out evenly. A cup is placed in the center of the table and to make things complex, it can be elevated with the help of another cup below it. The elevated cup is filled with beer till the top. Now the same amount of approximately ¼ or ½ is filled in the players’ cups, and these are placed around the center table cup.

Every player tries to toss the pin pong ball into other players’ cups, and the following rules are followed:

  • If the ball successfully lands in the other players’ cup, they must drink their contents and then refill it.
  • If the ball lands in your cup, then you must drink all your contents and refill it later on.
  • If the ball lands in the center cup, then:
    • Every player drinks their cup contents immediately and starts laying flip cup.
    • The last person to do so would have to gulp down the entire center cup.
    • The center cup is refilled and placed again. And the game starts again.


An even circle is formed around a table, with all the participants facing down. Twenty jello shots, or whatever the players want are placed on the middle of the table. On the count of three, all the players look up at each other. If two people find out that they are looking at each other, they both will yell “Medusa!” and rush to down a shot first.  The last one to finish the shot will have to take two. The same rules apply if more than one pair has yelled “Medusa!”The game is carried on till there are no more shots left.

Fuzzy Duck

The rules for this fun drinking game are extremely simple. Everybody has to sit in a circle. One of the players will start the game by saying “fuzzy duck”. The next player will then say “ducky fuzz”. This will go on till one of the players screw it up, and he will have to take down a drink. There is a rule that changes this game entirely. At any point, a player might say “Does he fuck?” to change the course of the game and the next player would then have to say “Fuck, he does?” Messed up? Gulp down that drink brother. The game continues like this and gets fascinating as it proceeds on.


This is probably the easiest drinking game ever designed. Players sit together in a circle, facing each other. The song “Roxanne” by The Police is turned on. Two teams are formed, for instance, one for the boys and the other for the girls. The girls will take a sip of their drink when they hear the word “Roxanne” and the boys will gulp theirs when they hear the lyric “put on a red light”. It is so funny if occasionally played becausenobody would get an idea otherwise of how many times these two phrases are repeated in the song.

Drink while you think

Also known as the Name Game, this drinking game is a very classic one for which everyone must know the rules. All the players gather around a table in a circle. The first player says the name of a famous person, for example, Tom Cruise. The next person has to come up with a person whose name starts off with the same alphabet as that of the last name of the previous person, for example, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Players have to drink constantly while thinking of a name, and if they are unable to come up with a new name, or they say a name that has already been said in that round, then they lose the game. If the drink is finished while the player is still in the thinking process, then the play automatically passes to the next player.

Edward 40 hands

This party drinking game is perhaps considered to be the most extreme one, but an absolutely fun game. It starts off with a player having a 40-punce drinking bottle taped to each of his hands. The individual’s hand will not be freed until he/she finishes his drink in the corresponding bottle. As soon as the timer sets off, and if there is drink in his bottle, as a dare either he would have to gulp the entire thing down, or throw all over him. This party drinking game is a must-do!

Beer Roulette

This game gets a little messy as it goes on. One of the players is directed to bring beer cans equivalent to the number of people present in the game. This player will go to another room and shake a can of beer and come back and hand it over to all other players. Upon opening, whosoever gets sprayed will have to chug down during the entire game. There are many variations to this game, but this is the most commonly played one.

Would you rather?

A classic game of revealing what people have kept secrets for long is truly popular amongst the teenagers, or perhaps even adults. This game starts off with everybody sitting in a circle with their drinks in hand, and a paper and a pencil as well. One of the players will pose a question for instance: “Would you rather eat your booger or pick your nose?” All the players will write their answers on the given note, and the results will be tallied. The ones who have the minority answer will have to drink a pre-agreed amount. The series of questions carries on like this.


Like almost every other game, the entire team of players gathers around each other in a circle. Any one of the players begins the game by whispering a question to the next player in the circle. The answer to that question must be about someone in the game. For instance, the question could be: “Who has the best hair?” The person asked must answer this question with a name, and that too, aloud. If that person or any other player wants to know in on the secret, they must take a drink, and the question will be stated loudly. A true test of curiosity indeed!

Movie/TV Show Drinking Games

MovieTV Show Drinking Games

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter drinking game plays with two rules. For every series of the book/movie, there are new rules. The movie is played, and the players sit around together. Everybody has their drinks with them. The rules for drinking up and chugging are as follows:


  • A close up of Harry’s scar comes up
  • Professor Quirell stutters
  • A staircase moves
  • Somebody warns Harry not to say Voldemort’s name
  • Hermione reads a quote from a book
  • Gryffindor wins or loses points


  • Seamus lights something on fire
  • Harry stares at the mirror of erased
  • Hermione says: “Now, if you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse expelled.”


The Archer drinking game is played on three levels, widely understood by party people.
Drink 1x:

  • Archer drinks
  • A gun is fired
  • Archer is called sterling
  • A non-bleeding curse word

Drink 2x:

  • Archer says literally
  • Cheryl spaces out
  • Something explodes
  • Archer scolds Woodhouse

Drink 3x:

  • Archer hits a co-worker
  • Archer “doesn’t understand”
  • Pam gets high or drunk
  • Someone gets fired


Amazingly simple yet an excellent drinking game to play! The rules are as follows:

Drink 1x:

  • All six characters are in Monica’s apartment
  • Joey doesn’t understand something
  • Monica or Rachel mention High School
  • Central Park is shown
  • Pheobe mentions something unusual that has happened to her

Drink 2x:

  • A family member makes an appearance
  • A flashback occurs
  • Ross gets jealous
  • Someone gets a new love interest
  • Gunther whispers about being in love with Rachel

Take a shot when:

  • Chandler mentions his parents’ divorce
  • Ross gets married or divorced
  • Joey gets the role
  • There is a guest star
  • Someone moves

Finish your drink when:

  • Any characters are seen on the roads
  • You hear someone say “I KNOW!”
  • You hear someone say “We were on a break!”
  • Ugly naked guy is shown
  • Monica and Rachel fight

Nothing makes parties and summertime more enjoyable and memorable than these fun drinking games. With the warm, itchy weather, and wretched moods, these games guarantee to boost ad energize the environment. Pick up a drinking game now and get the party started!