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24 Best Icebreaker Games for Kids [+Fun Activities]

Ice Breakers for Kids Games Activities Questions

Beginning a class or group session with an ice breaker is an effective way to energize and engage children, helping them feel more comfortable and confident in social situations.

Whether it’s for a middle school or high school classroom, a summer camp, a party, or any gathering involving kids, incorporating icebreakers can foster friendships, encourage teamwork, and facilitate meaningful connections.

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50 Best Icebreakers for Meetings [Staff, Parent, Team]

Icebreakers for Team Staff Meetings

When it comes to meetings, everyone knows that it can be a bit of a struggle to get things started. Meetings can be a source of anxiety, especially if you are unfamiliar with the people in the room. Therefore, it is important to have a few icebreakers ready to help put everyone at ease.

We’ve organized our ice breakers into different categories, so you can easily choose the ice breakers that will work for your next meeting:

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19 Christmas Ice Breakers & Adult Christmas Party Games🎉

Christmas Icebreaker Games

Holiday parties and get-togethers are fun, but can bog down when people either know each other too well, or are unfamiliar with each other. Our list of Christmas icebreakers includes super short and easy icebreaker games to get your party moving. We also have team Christmas icebreaker games, and some special icebreaker games for dinner parties and gift giving. Some even can be modified and used for any occasion.

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111 Funny Christmas Puns [2023 Edition]

Christmas Puns

Ah, Christmas. They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Gifts, festivities, and a butt load of great food – who wouldn’t want to revel in the promise of joy that the Christmas season brings? Needless to say, this time of year gives most people the reason to spend time with family, friends, and the people that matter the most. So get-togethers and parties are standard fare when it comes to Christmas.
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101 Funny Thanksgiving Puns (The Best List Ever!)

Thanksgiving Puns

Thanksgiving is perhaps one of the most widely celebrated and deeply enjoyed holidays of the year across millions of families in the United States. Maybe it’s because it combines some of our favorite things – no work, no school, the company of good family and friends, and of course, tons of great food. So yes, you could say that the day was specially configured to make it particularly easy to think of all the things you might feel grateful for.
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13 Fun Games To Play On FaceTime (Calling Games)

Games To Play On Facetime

FaceTime is Apple’s audio and video platform allowing iPhone users to communicate with each other. If you are a new user of the FaceTime app, or simply looking for some fun new ways to use FaceTime, our article on “Games to Play on FaceTime” is for you.

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18 Fun Charades For Kids (Best List EVER)

Charades For Kids

Charades is a word game played without speaking; only hand gestures and movements are allowed. The game can be played anywhere, with kids of any age, and without a great deal of preparation. Players can work alone or in teams; the team that guesses the quickest wins the round.
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Who Am I? Game Questions & Ideas

Who Am I Game

Who Am I? is a guessing game where players use yes or no questions to guess the identity of a famous person. Questions are based upon the traits and characteristics of a person everyone will be able to identify. This game works well with any size group, however the larger the group, the more fun the game becomes.

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10 GREAT Sunday School & Bible Games for Kids

Sunday School & Bible Games

Our selection of Sunday school games for kids, tweens, and teens provide fun with Bible learning. Children look forward to game time in Sunday school whether the games are short and simple, or more complicated. A good Bible game reinforces learning and makes a lesson memorable. The Sunday school lessons we have chosen work great in children’s church or any other children’s ministry setting.

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17 Icebreakers for Teenagers

Icebreakers for Teenagers

Using icebreakers for teenagers successfully can be challenging. You need to know your group of teenagers and the type of activity they prefer. To do so, follow these suggestions:

  • Remember: Teens like active games and those they do not consider “childish.”
  • When you decide which icebreaker activities to use, choose one based upon age, the groups familiarity with one another, and the purpose of the group gathering.
  • Be flexible. Change the rules to suit the group and be ready to stop a game and start another if teens are not participating with enthusiasm.
  • Build intensity. Start with simpler icebreaker games and increase difficulty gradually.
  • Generate enthusiasm. Play an active role in the icebreaker activity.
  • Use silly and fun props and equipment. Masks, stuffed animals, and brightly colored rubber balls and balloons add to the fun of an icebreaker game.

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