In our busy world, it is sometimes difficult to take time to really get to know others. You may be wondering just how well your friends and family know you. Have you kept many things private, or have you shared your thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes? This article provides you with questions to help you find out who knows you better.

We begin with some basic “Do You Know Me Questions” easy enough for even an acquaintance to be able to answer. Next, we have some tougher “How Well Do You Know Me Questions” for those who have a more intense relationship with us. We get more specific with our sections on “Who Knows Me Better Questions for Friends” and “Who Knows Me Better Questions for Family.” Finally, we have fun “Do You Know Me Game” to see just how many interesting and (sometimes) useless your friends and family have collected about you.

Do You Know Me Questions

Do You Know Me Questions

There are some basic facts all our friends and family should know about us. If they do not, they either are not observant or just not into being close to us. Our “Do You Know Me Questions” will help you discover not only the knowledge someone has of your preferences but may also help you decide if the relationship is worth pursuing. Even someone who has only known you for a brief time should know the answers to these questions.

  • What is my favorite type of music?
  • What is my favorite book?
  • What is my favorite song?
  • What is my favorite movie?
  • What is my favorite color?
  • What is my middle name?
  • When I am not at home or at work, where do I like to spend my time?
  • What is my favorite subject to talk about?
  • What is my favorite holiday?
  • How many siblings do I have?
  • Am I of an indoor or outdoor person?
  • Am I right or left-handed?
  • Do I have any pets?
  • How many pets do I have?
  • What are the names of my pets?
  • Which do I like the most, dogs or cats?
  • Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
  • How old am I and what is my birthdate?
  • How do I like to celebrate my birthday?
  • What do I like to do on the weekends?
  • Am I able to speak any other languages?
  • What is my favorite activity to do in the summer?
  • What is my favorite show to watch on TV?
  • Do I prefer coffee or tea?
  • Do I like my tea or coffee sweetened?
  • What color are my eyes?
  • What is my favorite non-domestic animal?
  • What is my favorite food?
  • What is my favorite fast-food restaurant?
  • What is my favorite dessert?
  • What is my favorite flavor of ice cream?
  • Which toppings do I like on my pizza?
  • What was my favorite subject in school?
  • How much education have I had?
  • What is my job or profession?
  • Do I enjoy my job or profession?
  • Do I like crowds or prefer to be alone?
  • Where do my parents live?
  • Am I close to my family?
  • Do I have any children?
  • Where do I live?
  • Which season is my favorite?
  • Would I rather watch a comedy film, romance, or horror movie?
  • Do I like to travel?
  • Where have I traveled?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What makes me sad?
  • What is one thing I really hate?
  • Do I like playing video games?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions

After we have known someone for a while, there are some things they should have discovered about us. Our “How Well Do You Know Me Questions” are fun, insightful, and designed to not only find out what others know about you, but also help you discover some truths about yourself.

  • Do I dress up for Halloween?
  • Can I play any instruments?
  • Would I rather travel by plane, car, or train?
  • Am I a good cook?
  • Am I a good driver?
  • What do I like to do to chill out?
  • What is my favorite type of TV show?
  • Did I have any pets when I was a child?
  • Who did I break up with that I really cared about?
  • Do I enjoy meeting new people?
  • What is my favorite international food?
  • What is my favorite restaurant?
  • Which app on my phone do I use the most?
  • What kind of people do I consider my kind of people?
  • What did I do last summer?
  • Where did I go on my last extended vacation?
  • Do I feel close to my siblings?
  • Do I go to the gym?
  • Do I have any allergies?
  • Do I have any tattoo and, if so, how many and what are they of?
  • What is it that drives me crazy?
  • What is my full name?
  • Where do I work?
  • What is my job title?
  • Do I like my job?
  • Do I socialize with those I work with outside of the office?
  • Am I married, single, divorced, or widowed?
  • Do I live in a house or apartment?
  • Do I live alone or with others?

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Friends

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Friends

Our friends should know things about us our casual acquaintances do not. The questions in this section can be used to see if they are really paying attention to what we do, say, like, and dislike.

  • Do I like Disney movies?
  • Have I ever been to Disneyland or Disney World?
  • Do I prefer an amusement park or a water park?
  • Do you consider me a sore loser?
  • Am I religious?
  • Did I attend public or private school, or was I homeschooled?
  • Do I am healthy and try to live an active lifestyle?
  • Do I dance when no one is watching?
  • Have I ever been on a blind date?
  • Do I have a green thumb or do all my plants die?
  • Do I like spicy food?
  • Do I enjoy camping, fishing, and spending time outdoors?
  • What do I love to eat for breakfast?
  • Would I rather swim in the ocean or a pool?
  • Is there anything I ever did that I regret?
  • When I eat out, do I take leftovers home?
  • Have I even been fired from a job?
  • Did I ever quit a job?
  • Have I ever suffered from depression?
  • Do I like road trips and where have I gone?
  • Is there a job I have always dreamed of having?
  • What is one thing that really annoys me?
  • What is one thing about myself I do not like?
  • What controversial position do I hold?
  • What weird or unusual food do I love to eat?
  • What was my most embarrassing moment?
  • Have I ever broken a bone?
  • What song do I love to sing in the car?
  • Would I rather work at home or at my place of employment?
  • Which celebrity would I like to meet?
  • If I won a lottery, what would I do with the money
  • What keeps me awake or up at night?
  • What is my biggest complaint about any relationship?
  • Have I ever lost anyone close to me?
  • What is the biggest achievement in my life so far?
  • What song irritates me?
  • What do I think is expensive but worth it?
  • What event or activity am I looking forward to that is happening soon?
  • What is the last new thing I tried?
  • What Job have I had that I hated the most?
  • What is my go-to funny story or joke?

Who Knows Me Better Questions for Family

Our family members are supposed to know us better than anyone else. However, most of us have had experiences we have not shared with them. Additionally, whether you parents are optimists or realists effect the way they remember your childhood. The answers to some of the questions in this section may be surprising to everyone.

  • Was I ever in trouble at school and for what?
  • Do you think I had a happy childhood?
  • What comforts me when I am happy or sad?
  • At what age did I get my first phone?
  • What sport did I enjoy watching/playing as a child?
  • How old was I when I first went somewhere without my family?
  • What job or profession did I say I wanted when I was a child?
  • What was my favorite cartoon growing up?
  • How old do you think I was when I had my first boyfriend?
  • When I was young, was I good at making friends?
  • What chore did I have to do as a child that I hated?
  • What is my absolute favorite thing about our family?
  • What is my favorite family tradition?
  • What is the craziest thing I ever did to my hair?
  • Which dish that mom makes do I love the most?
  • What do you think is my first childhood memory?
  • Did I have a favorite book as a child and what was it?
  • Which of my family members am I closest to?
  • What is the most adventurous thing I have ever done that you know about?
  • What is the one dish that I hated as a child?
  • What is something with which I have always struggled?
  • What is the weirdest text I have gotten from someone in our family?
  • What is your favorite childhood memory of us?
  • What was I afraid of as a child?
  • Could I change the tire on my car if I got a flat?
  • If I went to jail, who would I call first?
  • What school subject did I almost fail?
  • What were my favorite and least favorite subjects in school?
  • What did I do for my first job?
  • Was I ever bullied in school?
  • What was my most embarrassing childhood experience?
  • What do you think was the most memorable moment of my life?
  • What is one fad I followed in my teens?
  • Which of my achievements makes me proud?
  • When was the last time I cried and what caused my tears?
  • Which person in the family am I closest to?
  • What person do I admire?
  • Who do I go to when I need advice?
  • What is the name of my oldest best friend?
  • My personality is the most like which family member?

Do You Know Me Game

Do You Know Me Game

In this section of the article, we have a fun game for you to play with your friends or family. We have numbered the questions to make keeping track of your answers easy. There are several ways to use these questions:

  • Have a friend or family member ask you the questions and then do the same with them. See which of you gets the most right answers.
  • In a small group of family members or friends, take turns asking questions and then see who gets the most right.
  • Use as an ice-breaking or introductory party game. Number a sheet of paper from one to forty. Then move around the room jotting down the name of a person and their answer. You could challenge the group to see who can complete their list first with the most different names.
  1. Cruise or camping?
  2. Card game or board game?
  3. Drama or romance?
  4. Book or movie?
  5. Chocolate or vanilla?
  6. Sweet or spicy?
  7. Snow or rain?
  8. Outside or inside?
  9. Take out or dine in?
  10. Wine or beer?
  11. Tattoo or piercing?
  12. Sandals or crocs?
  13. Fruits or vegetables?
  14. Soup or salad?
  15. Pool or ocean?
  16. Pie or cake?
  17. Alone or in a crowd?
  18. Commute or work at home?
  19. Passive or aggressive?
  20. Talker or listener?
  21. Bath or shower?
  22. Coffee or tea?
  23. Plane or train?
  24. Fried or grilled?
  25. Walk or run?
  26. Reckless or careful?
  27. Riches or fame?
  28. Desert or mountains?
  29. Store bought or homemade?
  30. Healthy or tasty?
  31. Give or receive?
  32. Donate or sell?
  33. Shake hands or hug?
  34. Hellos or goodbyes?
  35. Looks or intelligence?
  36. Friday nights or Saturday nights?
  37. Fast car or fast internet?
  38. Sing or dance?
  39. Morning person or night owl?
  40. Cat or dog?

We hope this article has enlightened you on just how much others know about you. Maybe you share too much, or maybe you have been too reticent about sharing your life, likes, dislikes, opinions, and experiences. Whichever the case, may you discover how well others know you and move on to closer, more intimate relationships, if that is your desire. Go forth, share, and discover who you are and what others think of you.