Venom or Poison

This teenager party game has a lot of fun, secret handshaking going on. Players are selected randomly to be “it,” and try to spread venom or poison to other players by simply shaking their hand; and tapping the inside of the unsuspecting person’s wrist with their index finger twice. Players have to discover which players are “it.” This game is fun anytime, but is a great Halloween game or Birthday Party game for teenagers!

Materials needed

Enough slips of paper for every player, with an X written on several of the papers. Depending on the size of the group, I have had 3 venomous players for every 10 people. For a large group of 30, for example, I would have slips of papers with an X for 10 – 12 players.

Age Appropriate for: children 10 years and older, teens, and adults

Game Instructions

Players select a paper out of a bowl or hat. If the paper has an X on it, he or she is will try to “kill” other players with venom. The goal of the “venomous or poisonous players” is to shake hands with other players. As the two hands are shook, the “venomous or poisonous player” taps the other player twice on the inside of the person’s wrist with their index finger; and then quickly moves away. The person who just became poisoned has to count to 10 silently, and then drop dead on the ground. This gives the “venomous player” a chance to get far enough away, so as to not be considered a “killer.” If two “venomous or poisonous players” shake hands and tap each other’s wrists, they don’t die, but they just keep shaking hands with other players.

If a player believes he or she knows the identity of a “venomous or poisonous player,” they loudly say, “Stop! I believe (name of person being accused) is spreading poison!”

If he or she is correct, the “venomous or poisonous player” has to drop dead on the floor. If the guess is not correct, the person making the accusation has to drop on the floor and die.

Remind the “dead people” they cannot move, talk, or accuse others.

The winners of the game are either successfully accusing every “venomous player” before they get poisoned; or for the players that received the X, to go through the game without being accused by other players.

Let’s Have A Talent Show

Teen Party Games - Talent Show

Most teenagers love to be in the spotlight and the center of attention! For this teenager party game, everyone who wants to, comes up with an idea for a talent that he or she can perform. For example: some talented person can burp the alphabet; or bend a body part in a weird way. Maybe, a few people will want to get together sing a funny camp song with actions; or maybe someone will want to do the “moon walk” like Michael Jackson, or another cool dance or gymnastic move.

Maybe someone can say the alphabet backwards quickly; or do an imitation of an animal or famous person; or twirl a ball on a fingertip. You will be amazed at the strange, hidden talents people have, that would be fun for them to perform for a party, or a group of people.

Materials needed

Just a space for the performers to have room to perform. You can make this a big production with a microphone and karaoke-type sound, to amplify singers and speaker’s voices; or just have a good time performing with no amplification in a more casual setting

Age Appropriate for: children, teens, or adults of all ages

Things to remember: Let your guests know that they can get together with other people to perform, or do something by themselves. Also, give guests the option of not performing, if that is their choice.

Vroom, Vroom!

Teens Party Games Vroom, Vroom

This teenage party game is sure to be a hit! Players standing in a circle using only their hands to show direction, pretend to turn a steering wheel to the left or to the right, by calling out “vroom,”(to keep are movement continuing around the circle), or “e-r-r-r-t” (a car screeching on it’s brakes); to stop movement and change directions. That same player then A player making a mistake must spell out each letter of their name with their bottom in the air.

Materials needed: a space large enough for your circle of players

Game Instructions

Players stand in a circle and quickly send the vroom sound effect with their arms up as if they were turning a pretend steering wheel to the right or left. The next player copies the first player, and so on. When a player wants to go the other direction, he or she calls out, “E-r-r-r-t!” (like a car suddenly stopping), and then has to say, “Vroom!” and turns his or her hands using a pretend steering wheel the other direction.

Play continues with players either saying,” vroom” or “e-r-r-r-t.” If someone makes a mistake, the game stops, and that person turns with his or her back towards the circle. Then, writes his or her name moving their bottom to make the letters of their name.

After all of the laughter has died down, play continues again until another mistake has been made. That player also turns around with his or her back facing into the circle; and spells out his or her name using their bottom. Let players know that they can print or write their name in cursive using their bottom. Get ready to laugh until your cheeks hurt with this party game!

Age Appropriate for: teenagers and adults


Party Games for Teenagers - Spoons

This party game for teenagers has been around for years, and is still so fun to play! The goal of this game is twofold, to

  1. be the first person to get four of the same number cards, and to get a spoon, or
  2. to quickly grab a spoon before they are all taken by other players. This is a fun game any time, but it easily can be a Christmas Party game.

Materials needed: one deck of cards for a group of 4 – 8 people; with more players, divide players into two teams and use another deck of cards

Game Instructions

Players sit around a table, or sit in a circle on the floor (keep groups of players at around 4 – 8 people). Playing cards are dealt to each person,. Each player may look and organize their cards by putting the same numbers together. For example: I would group my three 10s, and two 8s together on one side of my hand; and my single cards (cards without the same number as any other cards in the hand), on the other side of my hand, ready to pass to my neighbor when the PASS signal is given.

Spoons are placed in the center of the table or circle of people; with the straight part facing out towards each of the players, and the scoop part towards the center.

Put out one less spoon than there are people playing, so that one person does not get a spoon. That person who does not grab a spoon gets one point after the spoons have all been grabbed. Everyone else is zero, which is what you want your score to stay! The lower the score, the better.

Players keep track of their own scores. The person(s) having the lowest score, win the game.

Goal of the Game: To be the first person to get a set of four cards with the same number (four of a kind), and to quickly grab one of the spoons off the table or floor. This starts everyone’s hands frantically grabbing for the nearest spoon! Of course, one person will not be able to grab a spoon because they will have already been grabbed. So that person adds one point added to their score. Players want the lowest possible score at the end of the game. The winner is the person with the lowest score.

Age Appropriate for: older children, teens, and adults

Pop Me, If You Can!

In this fun party game for teenagers, players try to pop other players’ balloons while protecting their own balloon from being popped. This makes a great birthday party or Christmas party game!

Materials needed: plenty of balloons and strings or yarn for the players to tie their balloon to their foot, and extra balloons ready, just in case players want to play it a second time.

Game Instruction

Every player gets a balloon, blown up ahead of time. Try to make each balloon the same size to make it fair for all players. Tie a string or a piece of yarn about 18 inches long, around the knotted part of the balloon, leaving enough string or yarn for each player to tie the string around their ankle or foot.

The goal of the game is to pop everyone else’s balloon while protecting your balloon from getting popped. There is a lot of jumping, dodging, and laughing with this party game for teenagers!

The winner(s) are the people that didn’t get their balloon popped.

Age Appropriate for: older children, teens, and adults

Find The Leader

Party Games for Teenagers

Players form a large circle, and two players are sent out of the room. A leader is selected, from the players in the circle. This leader will be in charge of leading the players in different moves in the circle. Every player will be told to watch the leader and to change to the new move the leader is doing throughout the game.

After quietly choosing the leader, the two players that were sent out of the room came back, and stand in the middle of the circle. Their goal is to watch as players wiggle, jump, march or move copying the leader’s moves. The players in the center have to guess who is starting the moves as the leader.

Materials needed: a space big enough for a large circle of people playing the game

Game Instructions: All players make a large enough circle for everyone to have room to move. Depending on the size of your group, your circle can have up to 25 people. If it is a larger group than that, split the players into two different circles. Each circle will have its own leader, and two people who go out of the room

Have 2 players go out of the room while a leader is chosen for the circle. If there are two circles, each circle will have a different leader. Everyone will be following what the leader does, (waves arms, marches, kicks feet, moves hips, etc.).

Remind the players to follow the leader, but not to look directly at the leader; because that will be too easy to guess who is leading the different moves.

Call the people that were sent out of the room, to come back into their circle. Their goal is to figure out who is starting all of the players to move as the leader.

Each person in the center of the circle has one guess, to say who they think is leading the different moves. If they guess who the leader is, they win the game. If the leader is not guessed, the leader wins the game. Play continues with two new players who are sent out of the room, and a new leader selected from the circle.

Age Appropriate for: older children, teens, and adults

Pass the Lifesaver

Each player in a line on a team, passes a Lifesaver using only a toothpick held in their mouth to the next player on the team. No hands can be used to transfer the Lifesaver to the next person. Play continues until the Lifesaver makes it to the end of the team. The team who passes the Lifesaver to the last person first, wins the game!

Materials needed: toothpicks and a roll of Lifesavers

Age Appropriate for: older children, teenagers and adults

Pass the Orange

This teenage party game is hilarious! The first person on each team puts an orange in front of their neck, held in place with their chin. With hands held to their sides, the first player passes the orange to the next player in line, and so on until the last player is able to get the orange. The first team to finish passing the orange first, wins the game! This can also be a fun Halloween party game.

Materials needed: oranges for each team, and room for teams to line up

Age Appropriate for: older children, teenagers and adults