There is something exciting about hearing the pop of a balloon, especially when it is unexpected. Our collection of balloon popping games provide fun for both kids and adults. They work at parties, picnics, get-togethers, and serve as ice-breakers in classrooms and at the office. Balloons are inexpensive, colorful, and the popped pieces clean up easily. Read on for twenty fun balloon popping games guaranteed to please.

Balloon Popping Games for Kids

Balloon Popping Games for Kids

Kids love surprises and nothing gets their attention like a loud noise. Popping balloons fills the bill! You may wish to pop one or two balloons around younger children before they play to assess if they can handle participation in these games. For very young children who seem wary of popping a balloon, you can have them choose a balloon and pop it for them

Sit and Pop

Probably one of the quickest and easiest balloon popping games, Sit and Pop, as the name implies, consists of kids competing to see who can sit and pop a balloon first. Begin with inflated balloons secured to a chair for each child. Have the children stand in front of the chair as if they are ready to sit down. When you give the signal, each child sits and tries to pop their balloon. They may not use their hands, even to pull themselves down into the chair. If they do so, they are eliminated from the game. The first kid to pop their balloon wins the game.

Balloon Popping Treasure Hunt

Kids love treasure hunts and this adds the element of surprise, both with the balloon pops and the surprises inside the popped balloons. Blow up balloons, but not as high as possible, as you will be hiding them. Place small toys or treats inside some of the balloons. Let the children collect as many balloons as they can and then pop them. Make sure, for safety, that you collect all the pieces of the popped balloons. This fun game can be played inside or outside.

Pop the Balloons

Based upon that old favorite Pin the Tail on the Donkey, kids use push bins to pop inflated balloons attached to a heavy white poster board, or have fun and draw a donkey or other creature and adhere balloons to the picture. Blindfold the kids and let them take turns popping balloons. Each child gets one chance to pop a balloon before letting the next kid take a turn. Give each child three or four turns in rotation and see who pops the most.

Water Balloon Sit and Pop

Water Balloon Sit and Pop is a fun party game for kids of any age best played outdoors on a hot day. Be sure to advise parents to dress their kids appropriately as they will get wet. Put water balloons into a kiddie pool and let the children sit down and attempt to break the balloons. Time their efforts and the one who pops the most balloons in the shortest amount of time wins this game. After each child takes a turn, empty the water from the pool and refill with the same number of water-inflated balloons.

Blow Up and Pop Balloon Race

Another simple game for kids, all that is required is a package of balloons. Kids compete to see who can blow up their balloon and pop it first. If you have a big group of kids, let them compete until only two kids are remaining. Then have these two compete against each other to declare a balloon blowing champion.

Note: Younger children may have trouble blowing up the balloons. If you stretch them out first, it becomes easier.

Popping Balloon Art

Purchase a piece of poster board for each child. Inflate six to eight balloons for each board and put a bit of paint inside each. Adhere the balloons to the poster boards with tape, making sure there is a bit of space between them. Give the kids darts and let them take turns popping all of the balloons on the board, creating their own artistic masterpiece.

Balloon Popping Games for Adults

Balloon Popping Games for Adults

We’ve collected some fun-filled balloon popping games for your next adult party or get together. Body contact and skill are required for these games, making them ideal for older players. If you have a large group, you might wish to consider one of the team games from the next section.

Shave the Balloon Burst

The goal is to NOT break the balloon, but chances are, one or more will pop in this suspenseful game. Pair up your group of adults. If the group is large, select three or four pairs to participate and have the others watch. One person sits on a chair with an inflated balloon held in their teeth. The balloon is covered with shaving cream. The goal is shave the balloon without popping it. If all of the balloons remain intact, the shavers may pop the balloon with a pin. It is a good idea to drape a towel around the shoulders of those holding the balloon in their mouth.

Couple Hugging Balloon Popping

Either pair up your couples or have two or three couples compete and have the rest of the adults watch. Give each couple three balloons. The couples compete to see who can blow up the balloons, knot the ends, and burst the balloons by hugging each other. Two of the balloons fit under the armpits of one person and the third between the chest of the couple. The goal is to burst all three balloons at the same time by hugging each other. Whichever couple does so first wins this crazily fun game.

Balloon Dart Game

Prepare for this game with inflated balloons, darts, tacks or tape, and a thick piece of poster board. Once the balloons are blown up, tie them by the top to the board with the tape or tacks spaced evenly apart. Stand the dart board against a tree outside or a wall inside. Have everyone line up and take three throws and attempt to pop the balloons. The players who succeed face off to see who wins this game.

Shimmy Balloon Pop

Another body contact balloon popping game, this hands-free hug and shimmy game pits pairs in an attempt to pop an inflated balloon between their bodies. The game begins with uninflated balloons, which must be blown up placed between the players and squeezed. Hands must remain behind the back. If the balloon falls to the ground, it may be picked up to place back between the players. The first couple to pop their balloon wins.

Variation: If you wish, you may have the couples stand back to back.

Diaper the Balloon Game

Parents with babies may have the advantage in this fun game. You will need cloth diapers, inflated balloons, and diaper pins. Each person attempts to diaper a balloon without popping it. The task becomes more difficult as each guest is blindfolded. The first person to successfully diaper the balloon successfully without popping it wins the game.

Fork It! Balloon Popping Game

Popping a balloon with a fork sounds easy, but the balloons often slip away. Begin by having everyone sit in a circle with a pile of balloons in the middle. Give each player a fork and when the host or hostess yells “Go!” everyone sees how many balloons they can pop with a fork. Instruct players to collect the tied ends of the balloons they break. When all of the balloons have been popped, count the tied ends. The person with the most wins this fun and frantic game.

Balloon Popping Games for Parties

Balloon Popping Games for Parties

Finding party games that work for everyone and provide safe and fun entertainment can be a challenge. Our balloon popping games for parties require little preparation and clean-up, but provide your guests with an experience they will not soon forget.

Secret Message Balloon Pop

A fun party icebreaker for kids, this game begins with secret messages inserted in half of the balloons you inflate. Have enough balloons that each child gets to pop at least two. Have the children sit in a circle with the balloons in the middle. Each child chooses a balloon, stomps on it until it breaks, and reads the secret message inside. Have fun tasks such as the following:

  • Sing a song.
  • Do a dance.
  • Tell a joke.
  • Make an animal noise.

Balloon Piñata Pop

Your guests will be surprised when they pop a balloon in this fun party game. This game is best played outside as it can be messy. Place a long heavy string or thin rope between two poles or trees. Partially fill some of the balloons with air and add candy and small items. In other balloons, put water or simply blow the balloons up with nothing inside. Hang the balloons prior your party or get together. Blindfold each player and provide a pole or stick for hitting the balloons. Stand back and watch the fun!

Popping Balloon Challenge

This timed game creates lively competition for those participating. As your guests arrive, have each person print their name in large letters on an inflated balloon. When the time comes for this game, put all of the balloons in the middle of the room. Set a timer or count off thirty seconds while everyone stomps on and pops as many balloons as they can. Anyone whose balloon remains inflated plays the second round, which lasts twenty seconds. Repeat, lowering the time five seconds each round. The player whose balloon is the last remaining wins this game.

Sweet Treat Balloon Pop

Before your party begins, inflate balloons and insert a small piece of candy into each one. Hide the balloons under and behind furniture in a designated area. Give your guests a set amount of time to find as many balloons as they can. They must pop the balloons they find and save the candy from inside of them. The person with the most pieces of candy at the end of the allotted time wins this game.

Team Balloon Popping Games

Team Balloon Popping Games

If you have a large group of players, try one of these active team balloon popping games. This collection of games works well for schools or at camp. If your group is very large, consider having multiple teams.

Outdoor Balloon Pop

A team game for kids or adults, the need for a large playing area makes this an ideal outdoor game. Divide your guests into two equal teams and provide each team with colored inflated balloons, a different color for each team. Assign each team a base where the balloons may be tied, such as a tree or fence. Teams try to pop the other team’s balloons while protecting their own. The first team to successfully pop all of the opposing team’s balloons wins this game.

Team Balloon Stomp

Designate a play area large enough for your teams to move around in easily. Use ground chalk or spray paint to mark boundaries if playing this game outside. Divide your group into two teams and have two different colors of balloons, one for each team. Inflate the balloons and tie them to the players ankles with heavy string – light-weight string breaks too easily and balloons will detach from the players’ ankles. The two teams compete, stomping and popping each other’s balloons. The team with the most balloons not popped at the end of a designated time wins this active game.


  • Tie two or more balloons to each player’s ankle.
  • Can be played with individuals pitted against each other if your group is small. The person left with a balloon intact wins.

Water Balloon Team Toss

Water Balloon Team Toss works for any age and skill level. Warn everyone that this is an outdoor, wet game. Best played on a warm day, teams composed of two people face each other relatively close. Each team has an inflated water balloon. They must toss the water balloon back and forth, moving an additional step farther apart each time they do so. If a team drops their balloon and it breaks, they are out of the game. The last team with an inflated water balloon unbroken wins this game.

Variation: Set this up as a relay race with two teams tossing the water balloon down the line.

Balloon Popping Relay Race

Divide your group into two or more teams, depending upon how many participants you have. When the players are told “Go!” they blow up their balloon, carry it from a designated starting line, and break it without using their hands. Do not give any instructions on how they may be able to do so, as this makes the game more fun. Most players will either attempt to stomp on it or break it between their arms or legs. If someone drops the balloon or uses their hands, they must go back to the starting line. The first team to break all of their inflated balloons wins.

Our article provides some old favorite balloon popping games and some creative new ones. Many of these games may be modified for different ages and group sizes. Don’t be surprised if the games involving water balloons deteriorate into a wild water balloon fights! Pop away and have fun!