When it comes to games to play when you are bored, the choices seem endless. In this article, we have included only free games and those suitable for a wide range of ages to help you choose the best game for passing the time quickly and easily.

Of course, we encourage you to discover for yourself your favorite game to play when bored. To do so, you want to first consider what you enjoy doing. Are you creative? Do you like a challenge? Is a fast-paced game to your liking or do you prefer something slower that takes thinking and concentration? Answering such questions helps you choose from the many games offered on-line and on your handheld device. Additionally, we have included games that require nothing but some alone time, as well as games you can play with others. We hope you enjoy our choices!

On-line Fun Games to Play When Bored

On-line Fun Games to Play When Bored

You can find many lists on-line of the “best” and “most-popular” web-based games. However, we have included here both some new games and old favorites of various types for you to try that we think are some of the most enjoyable. Warning: Many of these games are addictive, so you may need to limit your play time!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Recently released as of this writing, the app is free for both iOS and Android users. It does, however, have some in-app purchases. Players attend classes with the well-known characters, do magic, and cast spells. The setting of the game is prior to that of the familiar books and movies, but the themes are similar. A truly enjoyable play!

World of Tanks

This recently released multi-player warfare game provides hours of fun with over 500 war-ready vehicles. The realistic graphics involve the player both intellectually and emotionally, making one believe the battles are real. Vehicles include light and heavy tanks, and SPGs.


You need an internet connection to play this free game. Players build a village and then follow their ambitions and captain Seabeard for exciting explorations. Paid for buy-ins mean no dead time during the building and selling portions of the game.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

There have been several versions over the years, but The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and Steve Meretzky remains a favorite text-based role-playing game. Players have a bit of an advantage at the start of the game if they have read the book. Some players find this game very challenging, but nearly everyone agrees it is fun!


You will find several versions of this addictive game available for your PC and your mobile device. Most provide varying challenge levels – timed play, limited moves, etc. Players discover something relaxing and stress-freeing watching the dots move around.

Just Dance Now

You need to buy in to this app or you have a limited number of tracks to dance to, but the free version will provide plenty of fun. Your phone is your hand-held controller. Energetic routines keep you moving. You can even challenge your friends.

The Secret of Monkey Island

LucasArts 2D adventure game The Secret of Monkey Island uses a third-person perspective and point-and-click interface. Guybrush Threepwood moves through and progresses in the game interacting with the environment using verbal commands to solve puzzles fitting the land together to save a monkey stranded on an island. Truly a popular and addicting puzzle game.

Hidden Object Games

Test your ability to find an object, such as an animal or a person’s face, hidden in a picture. With many hidden object online games available, you can find one to match your interest and skill level. Some are very difficult, requiring the player to find many objects or one hidden that is almost impossible to find. A quiet – and sometimes frustrating – game to test your spatial awareness.

Trivia Machine

Miniclip’s version of trivial pursuit is one of many trivia games available. This version lets you choose from several categories, such as movies, history, and music. You also have three skill levels, elementary, scholar, and genius. If this particular trivia game is not to your liking, do a search for others; there are many out there.

Funky Truck

Unique road racing your thing? Try Funky Truck. Your monster truck will climb hills, bounce over bumps. But be careful or you may flip over as you avoid barriers and race to your destination.

Udder Insanity

Although this silly game from CoffeBreakArcade.com is primarily for kids, adults enjoy the challenge of milking all the cows before they blow up.

Free Fall

In the original Free Fall, players navigate a skydiver through the clouds, while the world keeps twisting and changing. If you can use a mouse, you can play this game. Frozen, Maleficent, Cinderella, and tournament games are all available for play.

Speed Racing

The goal of Speed Racing is to win the race, earn more money than your opponents, and unlock new circuits. You begin by choosing the color of your car. While you are at it, check out the multiple other on-line racing games to add variety to your fun.


Word puzzle games are always fun and this one provides a random phrase you must complete to keep the kangaroo from being hung. Many categories keep this game fresh each time you play it. A good way to test your mental acuity, and fun as well.

Whack Your Boss

This is one of many games designed to relieve your frustration along with your boredom. Having a rough day at work? Try a game of Whack Your Boss.

Classic Games to Play On-Line When You Are Bored

Classic Games to Play On-Line When You Are Bored

Some games never get old and have only increased in enjoyment with the ability to play on computers and hand-held devices. The following games provide hours of fun. The only problem one may have is getting addicted!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Explore the options available. One can play alone or with others. Modify puzzle piece shapes for variety. Choose simple fifty-piece puzzles or more challenging 300 plus piece puzzles. Two sites popular with puzzle enthusiasts at the time of this writing are https://www.jigsawplanet.com/ and https://www.thejigsawpuzzles.com/.

Crossword Puzzles

Typing in “online crossword puzzles” in a search engine provides a plethora of choices for every skill level. You can also choose crossword puzzles with a certain topic, such as “Bible crossword puzzles,” or “animal crossword puzzles.” Some sites provide the option of receiving a puzzle of the day in your inbox, a quick and easy way to satisfy your puzzle addiction.

Solitaire Games

Played-alone card games remain popular. Classic Solitaire, Free Cell, and Spider Solitaire are the three most well-known Microsoft solitaire games.


Although no evidence of the game exists before around 1880, people mistakenly believe the game is from ancient China. Until the early 1920s, the game was played almost exclusively by the Chinese. After the 1920s, it was discovered by the rest of the world. This matching tile game has 144 tiles – 36 of three suits, Bamboo, Circle, and Character; 16 Wind, 12 Dragon; and four each of Flowers and Seasons. The sound of twittering sparrows when the tiles shuffle gives the game its name – “Sparrow tiles” in Chinese.


Online domino games make it possible to play either against a computerized opponent or players from around the world. There are both one-on-one games and multiplayer tournaments available on many sites. Those familiar with dominoes as a table game will truly enjoy the challenge of the online version.

Easy and Fun Games to Play with Others When You Are Bored

Easy and Fun Games to Play with Others When You Are Bored

When you are bored and want to be entertained, the last thing you want is to look for equipment and take a great deal of time setting up a game. You can play the following games anywhere and anytime. Some of these games may be familiar, but it always helps to verify rules before playing.


This simple word game involves connecting letters in a chain to spell a word. You need three or more people for this game to work well. The first player thinks of a word and says the first letter. Players take turns adding letters until the word is completed. The goal is to not be the player who complete the word. If a player does so, they earn one letter of the word G-H-O-S-T. Once a player spells GHOST, they are out of the game. The last player remaining wins. You can impose a rule that all words must be more than five letters if you wish to do so.

I Spy with My Little Eye

A favorite of very young children, this game really works for any age and passes the time quickly and easily when one is bored. The game works well when passing time waiting in an office or a restaurant, or a crowded location. Two or more people are required for this game. One player chooses an object in the immediate area. They then say, “I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with the letter ___.” The other player(s) must guess the object. If they cannot do so, the person who chose the object can give an additional hint, such as a word describing the object, such as a color.

Twenty Questions

You will have fun with this quick-moving, deductive reasoning game for two or more players. One player thinks of an object and the other players take turns answering questions to see if they can guess what it is. The person who thinks of the object begins with telling what category it is – person, place, or thing; animal, vegetable, or mineral. Questions are only answered with “Yes” or “No.” The mystery object must be guessed with less than twenty questions, hence the game’s name.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

A game for two or more, rock (a fist), paper (an open hand), and scissors (thumb and middle finger extended) is a simple elimination game. Paper covers rock, rock can break scissor, and scissor can cut paper. The player with the strongest gesture (object) wins the game. With more than three players, you may have two or more individuals with the strongest choice. For example, if you have five players and two are paper and three scissors, the two players gesturing paper lose and the three scissors keep playing until one wins the game.

You Can’t Make Me Laugh

A team game for four or more players, the goal is to make those on the opposing team laugh while your team keeps from doing so. One at a time, team members sit in a seat in front of the group for two minutes while the members of the opposing team attempt to make that individual laugh. If they refrain from laughing, their team gets a point. Team members take turns and the team with the most point after everyone has a turn wins the game.


You must be outside or in a large, uncluttered inside area to play tag, but this old favorite always gets everyone up, moving, and having fun. The larger the group, they more fun this game becomes. One person is IT and chases the others players around. Players have ten seconds to spread out before the chase is on. When a person is tagged, they become IT. If you wish, you can designate a safe zone so that players can catch their breath and younger players have a safe spot if they need one.

Playing Games When You Are Bored

Playing Games When You Are Bored

Boredom can strike anytime – while traveling, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or when sitting at home waiting for the crock pot or clothes dryer to finish. Games help pass the time and have other benefits. They relieve stress, create learning experiences, and add an element of fun.

If you have a computer or smartphone, the world of games is almost unlimited for you. There is no need for boredom anytime or anywhere. Games not only provide fun but can also be educational. Get creative, slay the enemy, or try to beat your best score or a computerized opponent. Play alone or with people from around the world. Whatever game you choose, have fun!