Chubby Bunny is a popular, fun game, frequently played by campers around a campfire. Players put an increasing number of marshmallows in their mouths and attempt to clearly and audibly say the phrase “Chubby Bunny”.  The winner is the person who is able to say the phrase with the most marshmallows in his or her mouth.

The origins of Chubby Bunny have not been discovered; however, the Peanuts comic strip from February 28, 1959 shows Snoopy playing Chubby Bunny.

How to Play Chubby Bunny

  1. The game begins with the distribution of marshmallows to all the players.
  2. Participants take turns placing marshmallows in their mouths and saying the phrase, “Chubby Bunny.”
  3. Players who can no longer say the phrase intelligibly are eliminated after each round.
  4. The last player remaining is the winner.

Object of the Game

The goal of Chubby Bunny players is to say the phrase “Chubby Bunny” with a mouth full of marshmallows so that others can understand what they are saying.

Rules for Chubby Bunny

Chubby Bunny Rules

Every good game has rules, and even though Chubby Bunny is a relatively simplistic game, there are still some rules that must be followed.


  1. If a player spits out a marshmallow, they are eliminated from the game.
  2. Players may not chew their marshmallows up, eat them, or swallow them whole. Players who do so are disqualified.
  3. Players may use fingers to rearrange the marshmallows in their mouths.
  4. Decide before you begin playing if players are allowed to liquefy their marshmallows intentionally with saliva to avoid arguments.
  5. Players must dispose of their marshmallows in a provided trash bag when they are disqualified.


  • Chubby Bunny can go by other names. Some players have chosen in the past include Chubby Bunnies, Chubby Monkey, Fluffy Bunny, Pudgy Bunny, and Yummy Bunny.
  • Chubby Bunny can try the challenge one at a time until they can no longer continue, with spectators counting the number of marshmallow. Alternatively, individual players can take turns, with those failing eliminated until only one player is left.
  • Sometimes the winner is required to eat the marshmallows. Careful: suffocating could result.
  • The winner of Chubby Bunny can be awarded a prize and the first one to fail at the Chubby Bunny challenge can get a embarrassing or silly booby prize.

How Good Are You at Playing Chubby Bunny?

How Good Are You at Playing Chubby Bunny

If you do some research, there are many claims about the ability to win Chubby Bunny and claim the Chubby Bunny world record. Generally speaking, your can rate your ability according to the following:

  • Over 20 marshmallows – excellent
  • 10 to 13 marshmallows – good
  • Less than 7 marshmallows – poor

However, remember that the ability to hold marshmallows in the mouth and say the phrase “Chubby Bunny” varies with age and mouth size. Small children should always be supervised to make sure they do not suffocate. There have been a few reports of deaths when players did not stop after a reasonable number of marshmallows.

A Chubby Bunny Challenge in simple, has easy-to-understand rules, and works for all ages. Read the rules, head the warnings about suffocation, and try some of the variations for a fun experience. Chubby Bunny works well at parties, as a camp game, and to entertain children at school functions. Have fun and make sure you post your results if you think you have broken a Chubby Bunny world record!

Funny Chubby Bunny Challenge Video