Fun winter activities help us get through the cold winter months. They provide exercise, build our immune system, and create companionship. We have both indoor and outdoor activities for kids, teens, adults, and families. Many of our activities for kids provide the added benefit of building skills and intelligence. Our activities for adults and families provide fellowship and fun. Read on for a comprehensive list of winter activities sure to please.

Winter Activities for Kids

Winter Activities for Kids

There may be nothing more difficult and stressful than being trapped inside on a cold winter day with your kids. Sure, you can let them play with electronics, but it is much more fun and better for them to find some fun winter activities to keep them busy. Our list has inside and outside options. Remember to follow these guidelines for outside winter activities for kids:

  • Make sure the wind chill temperature is above 32 degrees, especially for very young children.
  • Layer clothing to provide warmth.
  • Have the kids wear gloves, with hats or hoods to cover their heads.
  • Limit time outside to one hour or less.

Make some hot cocoa with marshmallows and fix a pot of simmering chicken noodle soup, and you are set for the day.

Inside Winter Activities for Kids

When it is cold outside, this list of activities will keep your kids entertained inside. These activities need no additional equipment, just what you already have around the house.

  • Build a fort under a table with draped blankets and pillows inside.
  • Prepare an indoor treasure hunt with small hidden toys and treats.
  • Have a pretend summer day complete with a picnic on a blanket spread out on the floor.
  • Have your kids’ friends over for a board game tournament.
  • Play dress-up and have a tea party.
  • Let your kids pick a favorite movie and pop some popcorn for a relaxing afternoon.
  • Create an indoor obstacle course with tables, chairs, pillows, and toys.
  • Bake cookies and decorate them with colored icing and sprinkles.
  • Make snow ice cream.

Recipe for Ice Cream Snow


  • Prepare 1 gallon of snow
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups milk

Directions: Collect one gallon of clean snow in a bucket or large bowl. Combine the sugar, milk, and vanilla. Add to the snow and stir until thick. Serve immediately.

Outside Winter Activities for Kids

Some areas of the country get extremely cold in the winter and these activities will get your kids outside for some exercise no matter what the weather is like.

  • Take a few minutes to hide small toys and treats for an outside winter scavenger hunt.
  • Provide some old clothes so your kids can build and dress a snowman.
  • Set up games for outside Olympics. Keep score and offer prizes.
  • Freeze water in ice cube trays and plastic containers of various sizes and shapes. Then build ice sculptures using dribbles of water to stick them together. Add colors if you wish.
  • Make snow angels, snow men, and other shapes out of snow.
  • Host a neighborhood snowball fight, setting some rules up front for safety, such as the following:
  1. Make sure your teams match in size and ability as much as possible.
  2. Set a “safe” word” one can shout out to stop the game if necessary.
  3. You need to set a reasonable time limit and take breaks.
  4. Set some boundaries for the snowball fight.
  5. Tell everyone all snowballs must be made with only snow and not large and hard enough to injure.

Winter Activities for Toddlers

It can be difficult to find appropriate and fun winter activities for toddlers. They are so little and one needs to take safety precautions when they venture outside. Limit your toddler’s time outside and make sure they bundle up. Of course, you should be with your toddler when they venture out. If you choose to bring some of the snow activities inside, simply lay out a large bath or beach towel on the floor for easy cleanup.

  • Paint on the snow with paint bushes dipped in colored water. If it is really cold outside, use a large cookie sheet and bring the snow inside.
  • Fill a bucket with snow and hide a few of your toddler’s small toys inside. Let them dig with a large spoon to find them. Again, the bucket of snow can be brought inside.
  • Teach your toddler to make snowballs and throw them into a bucket.
  • Toddlers love dipping and pouring with molds and empty containers in the snow.
  • Blow bubbles made with soap and water and watch them freeze and float in the air. You can mix ½ cup each of soap powder and sugar with three cups of hot water if you want long-lasting bubbles.
  • Save your bubble wrap for those cold winter days and let you toddler walk or hop on them to pop them.
  • Pull out the cookie cutters to fill with snow and “make” cookies.
  • Get out your craft supplies and let your toddler get creative.

Winter Activities for Preschoolers

Winter Activities for Preschoolers

When the weather gets cold or school is canceled, moms need a way to keep their preschoolers busy. Our list of winter activities for preschoolers teaches balance, develops endurance and strength, and increases coordination and motor control. We have both indoor and outdoor suggestions. Just make sure you keep them warm and limit exposure to the elements.

  • Encourage your child’s reading with a visit your local library to check out books with winter themes. When you get home, spend time reading together.
  • Have your preschooler practice their numbers and letters using colored water in a spray bottle to write in the snow.
  • Bundle up your toddler and take a winter walk, noting animal tracks, snow covered plants, and the winter sky.
  • Show your preschooler how to use coffee filters to cut snowflakes and then let them color their creations.
  • Take your preschooler to the playground to slide and swing on the snow-covered equipment.
  • Create a target to throw snowballs at and teach them how to make round, easy-to-hold snowballs.
  • Grab the craft paint and let your preschooler paint pictures on the snow.
  • Freeze some of your kid’s favorite small toys, some small pieces of fruit, and love notes in ice for a scavenger hunt. After they have found them, let them use a bowl of warm water to get their treasures.

Winter Activities for Teens

Teens may be the most reluctant when it comes to staying active during the winter months. They love electronics and staying warm and cozy texting and talking to their friends. Their need for companionship can be the key to getting them involved in winter activities. Begin with asking some of their friend to join them or get the family to participate. We have included both inside and outside activities in our list of winter activities for teens.

  • Get your friends together for an afternoon of outside snow activities such as snow tubing, ice skating, and sledding.
  • Build a bonfire, gather around, toast marshmallow or make s’mores, and sing songs.
  • Set up a competition with your friends – video games, a bake off, board game challenge, or snow sculpture competition.
  • Organize a movie night with your friends.
  • Create a spa day with facials and manicures.
  • Visit a local museum.
  • Build a snowman or have a snowball fight.
  • Take a hike in a local park.
  • Grab your camera and some friends for a photo scavenger hunt.

Winter Activities for Adults

Winter Activities for Adults

We appeal to adults’ desire to be healthy and stay looking and feeling younger with our inside and outside winter activities. To help the time pass, pick your favorite from each of the categories listed below.


  • Choose a craft project; perhaps something you have been wanting to learn such as knitting or crocheting.
  • Get out those stored papers and create some scrapbooks.
  • Organize your photos and place them in albums.
  • Organize your collection of video clips on your computer and burn them onto CDs.
  • Rearrange or redecorate a room in your home.


  • Bake cookies, pie, or a cake to warm up the house and heart.
  • Plan and make a special dinner for your family or a loved one.
  • Host a winter dinner party for friends or family complete with a movie and treats.


  • Make an appointment for a new haircut or style.
  • Set a budget up front and shop online or window shop using a wish list for future purchases.
  • Make an appointment at a spa or create your own spa day at home, complete with a bubble bath, manicure, and facial.


  • Use those winter hours to pursue your favorite hobby or start a new one.
  • Spend the day reading a book by your favorite author.
  • If you never feel rested, spend the day doing nothing, or even curl up and nap.


  • Use those hours indoors to take an online class in an area you wish to know more about or a skill you wish to learn.
  • Plan your flower and/or vegetable garden with those winter plant and seed catalogs that begin arriving while the days are still short and cold.

Winter Activities for Families

Our cold weather activities provide fun things you can do together as a family. Remember, it is important to be a good role model, and participation in our family winter activities is a good way to accomplish this. So, bundle up and head outside or choose one of our indoor winter activities for families, and watch those cold winter days fly by.

  • Venture out for a “field trip” to a museum, bowling alley, or the local theater.
  • Volunteer to assist a local charity, work in a food kitchen, or visit residents in a nursing home to teach your children to care about others.
  • Have a game night with all your favorite family card and board games.
  • Buy inexpensive kid-size shovels and work together to shovel snow, perhaps creating a path for play or a spot for sledding.
  • Use your child’s love of electronics and have a family video game marathon.
  • Have a play day as a family, with Barbie dolls, dress-up, and toy trucks or trains. Kids love playing with parents and doing so provides opportunities to learn sharing and play-date skills.
  • Have everyone choose one of their favorite books, grab some snacks, cover up with blankets on the couch, and then have a read-aloud time.
  • Take a winter camping trip for one or more nights, enjoying a campfire, s’mores, and outdoor sports.
  • Set up and complete a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Put on a pot of simmering soup, bundle everyone up and take a walk in the snow, and when you return have a warm cup of soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Have a dance party with a variety of songs – oldies, kids’ songs, and even classical.
  • Have a talent show or write and put on an original family play.
  • Visit local tourist locations we frequently suggest to out-of-town visitors but neglect ourselves.
  • Have an indoor “snowball” fight with paper wads.
  • Plan your summer vacation – where to go and stay when the weather gets warm.
  • Hit the kitchen as a family to make cookies, cupcakes, top-your-own pizzas, or another family favorite.
  • Build a birdfeeder or string popcorn, cranberries, and cereal on fishing to hang on backyard bushes or trees.
  • Build a snowman and then play a winter version of “pin the tail on the donkey” with a carrot for the snowman’s nose.
  • Create a target on a large piece of cardboard with a point value in each ring, throw snowballs, and keep score. Divide into pairs or teams if you have a large family group.

Winter can be long, dark, and boring. Plus, the short days can lead to unhealthy habits – sleeping and eating too much, spending too much time with electronics and too little with physical inactivity. Many of these activities – sledding, snowboarding, and winter walks in the snow for example – provide a good physical workout. Others provide opportunities for rest and relaxation or personal improvement.

We hope you enjoy our list of winter activities. When someone says “I’m bored,’ use one of our activities to get them up, moving, and having fun!