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31 Tricky Lateral Thinking Puzzles (with Answers)

31 Super Fun Lateral Thinking Puzzles (Riddles)

Lateral thinking is defined as the solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light. Lateral thinking is used to move from a known idea to create new ideas. The skill of thinking laterally can be acquired through practice and use. Doing so provides the key to innovative thinking and creativity. Continue reading

100 Brain Teasers With Answers for Kids and Adults

100 Brain Teasers With Answers for Kids and Adults

A brainteaser is a type of riddle that makes one think outside the box. Some brainteasers are easy, some are a little harder, and some can really make you ponder for a while. Often, when you finally hear the answer, you feel ignorant or silly, because it should have been obvious to you. However, brainteasers are fun. Therefore, we keep testing ourselves and hoping we get better at solving them.

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