The spoons card game adds an interesting element to a regular card game. Players attempt to get four of a kind and grab a spoon before the other players to avoid elimination. Easy enough for any age, the many variations keep this game entertaining.

How to Play the Spoons Card Game

More than one version of the game exists and we have provided directions for two. One is relatively simplistic and the other has some additional rules that provide a more complicated game. Choose the game that best fits your needs and the group with which you will be playing.

Supplies: You will need a deck of cards, enough spoons for each player minus one, and pen and paper for keeping track of points.

Easy Spoons Card Game

This version of spoons is extremely easy and works well as a family game with small children or a party game when you do not want to take time to explain more complicated rules.

Goal of the Game:

To get sets of four of a kind and stay in the game the longest.

  1. Count the players and, in the middle of the table, place enough spoons less one for the number of players you have.
  2. Shuffle a standard deck of cards and deal four cards to each player. The dealer keeps the remaining cards in a stack next to them.
  3. At the same time each player takes one of their cards and passes it to the player on their left with the following exceptions.
    • The player to right of the dealer puts their card down on the table to begin the discard pile.
    • The dealer picks up a new card.
  4. The game continues until someone has four of a kind and when someone does, they pick up a spoon.
  5. Play continues with all the players attempting to get four of a kind and take a spoon from the middle.
  6. The person who remains in the game the longest is the winner.

Challenging Spoons Card Game

Spoons Card Game

Goal of the Game:

To get rid of all of the cards and get 500 points.

A version of spoons excellent for adults or when you want a bit more of a challenge, this game uses cards to provide rewards, penalties, and change the play.

  1. Pick someone to be the dealer
  2. The dealer passes out cards according to the following guidelines:
    • Three to four players – seven cards each
    • Five to six players – six cards each
    • Seven to eight players – five cards each
  3. Place the rest of the cards in a stack face down and flip the top card face up to the side to create a discard pile.
  4. Each player takes a turn by seeing if they have a card that matches the one upturned by the discard pile in either suit or number. If they do, they can discard that card. If not, they must draw a card.
  5. Some cards have special functions:
    • Kings – player can make an opponent draw two cards. However, if the opponent has a king, they can make the attacker pick three cards.
    • Queens – reverse the direction of the game
    • Jack – when played, everyone must try and grab a spoon. Whoever does not get one must draw a card.
    • Ten – allows the option of drawing an additional card
    • Eights – wild
  6. Play continues with each player either discarding or drawing.
  7. When a player only has one card left, they must announce, “one card,” and the name of the card. If they do not do so and another player notices, the player with one card left must draw another card.
  8. When a player discards all their cards, they win the round.
  9. The losing players must add up the score for their remaining cards:
    • Tens and eights = 30 points
    • queens and jacks = 20 points
    • Aces and twos = 10 points
    • All remaining cards = five points
  10. Cards are reshuffled after every round. Keep playing additional rounds until someone reaches 500 points. The person that ends up with the lowest score once someone has reached 500 points is the winner of the game.


  1. The Deal

The dealer breaks up the deck into sets of four of a kind, i.e. four jacks, four tens, etc. The number of sets should equal the number of players in the game. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals four cards to each player.

  1. The Play

The person to the left of the dealer starts their turn first, passing one card to the player on the left. Play continues in clockwise direction until someone gets four of a kind. When a player does so, they pick up a spoon and place it in front of themselves. As play continues, the player left without a spoon is out of the round.

  1. A New Round

Remove one set of cards and a spoon from the center of the table. Continue playing rounds the same as round one.

  1. Win the Game

Cards are reshuffled after every round. Keep playing additional rounds until someone reaches 500 points. The person that ends up with the lowest score is the winner.


  • You can play the game having the loser be the last player who gets four of a kind.
  • You can use other items instead of spoons. For a party, have candy bars or small favors that players can keep.
  • You can play several games of Spoons and have the person that does not get a spoon at the end of each game get a letter for the word S-P-O-O-N-S.” As players spell out the word “spoons” they are out of the game. The last person remaining is the winner.


  • Apply some strategy. Either grab spoons subtly and quietly or create chaos with a more aggressive grab.
  • If you have more than 4 players, it works best if you use a round table.
  • If the players are young or beginners, it is best to use plastic spoons.

The fun of Spoons if that it is not just a card game. The addition of the spoons makes the game fun and exciting. Whatever version you choose to play, and how ever many players you have, you are sure to have a memorable time.