Are you planning a sleepover party? There are many fun things that you can do at a sleepover. All it takes is a little preparation, and you children and friends are going to have a wonderful and memorable sleepover party.

A sleepover is a great bonding time for children, and teens and they will enjoy having extra games to play. Will they be sleeping in a bedroom, or your living room area? If you have a few guests coming over, a living room can easily be converted to fun central with these fantastic games.

Do you have a sleepover invitation in mind? Consider linking one of the games to your themed invitation.

Sleepover Invitation Ideas

Sleepover Invitation Ideas

Girls just want to have fun! Add a color theme to the evening and your invitations too. Everyone in purple, pink and blue? Dress-Up and a sleepover combined? Girls won’t mind a wardrobe change, or two.

A Princess Sleepover party, A Frozen Sleepover party? Disney themed. Match your invitations or go with a cute pictures of sleeping themed images – moons and stars, clouds and dreamy colors, the sandman, or, if the children are old enough not to be scared, add a ‘ witching hour’ and more Halloween type themed party. Sheet ghosts and a coven of teen witches may not get any sleep but are sure to have a memorable evening.

Games to Play

It doesn’t matter if you have a theme or not for the sleepover. There are so many fun things to do at a sleepover that arriving in pj’s is totally fine too.

Children and older teens, will love camping out in your living room and having fun. You will never run out of ideas of what to do at a sleepover with a selection of games to play.

Dress Up & Talent Show

You will need to give the children some time to prepare – but not too much. The idea here is that the children will either perform solo, or in pairs. What can they do? Anything. A song, a dance – or if there are enough children, perform their little play.

There are no ‘rules, and they can sing ‘live’ along to a YouTube video of their favorite song. Actual talent is not required.

You will need to have a bag of goodies for the children or teens to use to go into ‘ character’ – some old scarves, heels, clothes, and make-up, will be great. If you have some cheap jewelry you don’t mind potentially getting lost, broken or taken away from your home, add that too.

If you can visit a party shop and see if you can get some cheap wigs. Everyone loves a little make-believe and acting, get your camera ready for some unforgettable shots, charge up your devices and to get prepared to record memories.

Beauty Shop & Spa

Depending on the ages of the girls, you can play “Beauty Shop” and let them create their pretty make-overs. You will need some old makeup you don’t mind donating to a good cause (or buy some super cheap stuff if you don’t want your good stuff touched).

Buy some face wipes, and make sure that you have some remover on hand for any sensitive break-outs, or reactions. You can combine Beauty Shop with Spa Visit too. So, once the girls are all made up, and the right amounts of selfies have been taken, the “Spa” can open.

You will need some face soap, make-up remover and something to use as a face-mask. Depending on your time and energy, you can make your facemasks using natural ingredients, eggs, honey or cucumbers.

Check online and there is many to choose from. You can also simply purchase a tube of clay based, or, many other types. Clay type masks will probably be the most fun, as they are the most visible. You can also purchase readymade shaped facemasks that the girls can merely wear.

Blindfold Beauty Queen or Hairdresser

Blindfold Beauty Queen or Hairdresser

This one is similar to playing Beauty Shop except that the idea here is that the make-up artist will wear a blindfold. You will need to get the girls to sit in a circle, back to back, and give each pair a bag with some makeup, and they will need to apply it by feel to their friend.

This game is not suitable for young children; you do not want any eye injuries or howling tears at the hilarious results.

You can also do it one time, or select just one brave make-up artist, and model to demonstrate. There will be howling laughter, guaranteed. Get the devices charged and ready to take some memorable snaps of this unique beauty shop.

Similarly, girls love playing with their hair, and you can get some cheap brushes and combs, and see how well they can be a hairdresser “blindfolded.”

Shrieks of laughter will be coming from your living room. If you have some hand mirrors, add them to the beauty shops. The girls will spend half the night running to the bathroom to the mirror. If you have a freestanding mirror, hanging wall mirror or table top one, try to move it there.

Classic Pillow Fight

Store your good goose feather pillows out of reach, and remove any cushions that are delicate from your living room. The rules of a pillow fight are very easy. Don’t hit to hurt anyone, and not on the head.

Left hand only, can also be added. Stand on one leg only. You can make it as challenging as you like. Battle Pillows, may the best pillow win. Get them ready for a good fluffing and bashing mayhem.

So, there are two things to consider here. How old are the children? And how many breakable objects do you have in your living room? You do need to have some rules about where the girls can have a pillow fight.

The best idea is to say only in bed, or on a sleeping bag, mattress, or small area. It could get out of hand quite quickly, and somebody just may accidentally swipe over the vase on your dining room table.

Little Miss Designers

You will need to divide the girls into pairs, and one gets to be the model, and the other the Fashion Designer.

You will need a supply of cheap ribbons, scraps of fabric if you have some sewing cotton and needles, plastic flowers, some tape and a stapler, as well as a large quantity of aluminum foil. Theme: wedding, ball gown, princess. It’s up to the girls.

The idea here is that they will use the foil to make the dress, and be able to mold it, sew it and then add details to make pretty, pretty! The model does not need to change into other clothes, but merely have the dress made of her.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, then feel free to substitute toilet paper, for the same eye-catching fashion fun. The idea with is that the girls will be able to stream it around, and down, in layers. Crepe paper can also be used but be careful of colors that may run and stain your furniture.

Get your camera ready and devices for the Runway Final. Select some music and let the Fashionista’s strut their stuff. If you would like to, you can give chocolate or prize that is beauty related to the winning dress.

Spin the Nail Polish Bottle

Spin the Nail Polish Bottle

The little princesses will need to take off any nail polish that they may have on their nails first. The idea here is that the girls will sit in a circle and you will need to put some old, or cheap new colors into a bag in the middle.

The first girl will select a color and spin it, and whoever it lands on paints one nail with that color. Chose bold and unusual colors! Once the nail is painted, the bottle gets returned to the bag, or pillowcase. A new color is chosen and spun.

The first girl to have all her nails painted is the winner. You can give all the polishes to her, if you like, as a prize or you can choose something else like chocolate or new color polish. You can combine the Spin the Polish bottle sleepover game with beauty shop or dress up too.

Broken Down Telephone

This is a classic game for younger children. The children will need to sit in a circle, and one child will think of a message to “send.” By the time it reaches the end, she will say it out loud and then tell what the original message is.

It is important to remember that the rule of this game is that you cannot repeat – ever – what is said. So, it’s tough cookies if someone only hears a word or two.

It’s the type of game that you can also play as the wind-down part of the evening. Children tend to get hyped up on fun and party snacks and will need some quieter entertainment too. If you want to you can also let the message travel around the circle more than once.

The rule is that the original message cannot be repeated.


This is also a classic game, and the children will need to act out the names of films, books or songs. The rules being that the actor is not allowed to speak at all. The words can be broken down into syllables, and each part acted out.

It is hilarious and will keep children giggling and laughing as they try to guess the names. Keep the charade titles, and songs age appropriate and silly and fun.

Example, Harry Potter, Frozen, Sleeping Beauty, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb. Even using nursery rhymes will be hilarious for children to act out.

Cucumbers or Chocolate Face Race

This one is a challenge and can be played solo or as a relay. The idea here is that you have a slice of cucumber on your forehead and need to move it either to your mouth or pass it to the next person to complete a chain, without using your hands or arms.

Imagine the mayhem as the children try to shake it loose, but also keep it from dropping on the floor. Passing between each other will be equally challenging as it is not allowed to fall onto the floor.

You could use anything you like, but it needs to be something that is quite flat, and light. The winner is the person who manages to get it into their mouth.

If you are playing pass it to the next person, you will need to divide the children into two teams. The winning team gets to pick the next game.

Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis - Sleepover Ideas

This game can also be played as a relay, but teams will have to be fast. The idea here is that you use two hairdryers to keep a balloon passing back and forth. You can set up a ‘net’ – using string, and be sure to use an extension cord or dryers with long cables.

Also, keep a supply of ‘balls’ handy as there may be some that pop when exposed to heat. Keep the setting on fresh if you can.

There are so many different kinds of games that you can play at sleepovers, depending on the age of the children and how much space you have.

If you have limited space, then it’s also fun to just stage a movie marathon, with popcorn, snacks and plenty of cushions, bean bags, and it also means children who need too, can nod off to sleep.

There are so many fun things to do at a sleepover; you may just start planning the second one, right away.

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