Just because it is raining out, doesn’t mean you have to have a boring day. We have provided many fun rainy day activities for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. Some of them are active, some get your creative juices flowing, and some are simply fun. Avoid boredom and enjoy being inside participating in the following rainy day activities.

Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

The trick with toddlers is to keep them busy. Several 20 to 30 minute activities help a rainy afternoon pass quickly while keeping your toddler interested. We’ve outlined a series of activities that provide necessary variety, are easy to set up, and need little supervision.

“Sand” Box Fun

Start with a large plastic bin, aluminum foil roasting pan, cardboard box, or dishpan. Add oatmeal or rice and provide your little one with spoons, scoops, measuring cups, a few small toys and whatever else you think will provide for fun and imagination. When play is over, save the playing medium in a large plastic bag for the next rainy day.

One Very Special Show

Choose a 20-30 minute video or TV show your kids love. Provide a nutritious snack for munching. A good time to schedule this activity is right before or after nap time.

Dance Away

Put on some kid-friendly music and let your toddlers move to the beat. Provide some scarves for them to twirl in the air in time to the music. Alternatively, let them beat in time to the music on the bottom   of a pan with a plastic spoon.

If you live where rain is a frequent occurrence, consider setting up a rainy day box. Put in a favorite Disney movie, materials for a special craft project, a coloring book and a box of new crayons. Add some boxed, healthy treats, such as raisins, dried fruit, or nuts. Label your box and get it out whenever it rains. Change contents occasionally to keep your toddler’s interest. They can even decorate the box with paints or crayons!

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

A rainy day can seem to last forever if you are confined with school-aged children. Their energy level gets higher as the day wears on. Fortunately, they have a longer attention span than preschoolers, so many of our activities are good for 45 minutes or more. It is a good idea to alternate active jobs with those that relax.

Wastebasket Ball Toss

Grab a clean wastepaper basket and some scrape paper. Let your kids wad up paper to create “balls.” To keep score, use colored markers to initial each paper wad. The winner is the child who gets the most paper balls in the “basket.”

Play Treasure Hunters

A quick way to get kids to clean up their toys and have fun doing so, this game takes a bit of preparation, but is well worth it. Take a few minutes to hide change in the bottom of messy toy storage containers, under beds, chairs, and stacks of toys – anywhere your kids have made a mess. You may want to include a few dollar bills for motivation. The rules of this game is that you only get the change if it is found while the pile is being straightened or put away.

You Are a Star!

Have your kids put on a “dinner show.” Suggest a few characters and maybe a story line, provide some clothes for dress-up, and have your kids create a play to present to the family at dinnertime. For added fun, video tape their performance and watch it together.

Keep Away!

Clear the furniture from a designated area of the house and provide blown-up balloons for a game of keep-away. Just make sure you collect any pieces of popped balloons, which are a choking hazard for young children.

Active Artist

Print out some pictures for your children to color or roll out a long sheet of paper for a creative mural. Another idea is to color roads for play cars. Use blocks, little people and other items to make a play city. If you are ready for a bit of a mess, let your kids fingerprint with quick, no-cook, homemade finger paints. Dry their creations and have them make construction paper “frames” for their masterpieces. Finger Paint 2 cups white flour2 cups cold water

Food coloring


Put the water into a large bowl and slowly add the flour. You can let your children stir until the mixture is smooth. Divide into small containers and add a few drops of food coloring.

Get Board, not Bored!

For a rainy day activity that never seems to get old, break out the board games for a good hour or so of fun.

Rainy Day Activities for Teens

Rainy Day Activities for Teens

Pet Spa

If you have one or more family pets, a rainy day is an excellent time to bathe and groom these special family members. Have your teens start with a good brushing to remove lose hair, then bathe and dry their washable pet thoroughly. Brush again. If they are into it, suggest they go one step further and wash and dry all dog bedding, washable toys, and their pet’s water and food dishes. For other animals, cages can be cleaned, and fresh food and water provided. Provide a cloth dampened with water and vinegar to clean rubber and plastic mats and toys.

Movie Time

Pop some popcorn, provide a large bowl or small cooler with ice and canned drinks, and have your teens watch one of your favorite classics such as Field of Dreams, Casa Blanca, or The Breakfast Club, or an old musical like Oklahoma or Carousel. They may baulk at first, but tell them they must watch for twenty minutes. It is guaranteed they will get involved in the story and love it! If you have older, responsible teens, send them to a movie theater for a few hours of enjoyment. Plus, they will be out of the house for a while, so you can have your own rainy day fun.

Rainy Day Activities for Adults

Rainy Day Activities for Adults

We have listed activities perfect for an adult, rainy day at home. Try doing out suggestions the order given for an awesome afternoon. Warm up some soup and put it in a cup for easy eating during one of the following suggestions.

Get Fit!

Pull out a videotape or search for a YouTube video for an active workout. Since you are alone, choose some wild music from your past and get wild.

Bubble Bath

Make a hot cup of coffee or tea, fill the tub with hot water and bubbles, and soak your cares away. After your soak, consider a mani-pedi with your favorite color of polish.

Become a Book Worm

Many books only take two to three hours to finish and a rainy day is a perfect time for vegging out and reading your favorite author. Don’t feel bad if you doze off. If the kids are at school and your significant other at work, no one will ever know!

Movie Time

Choose a new release or an old favorite. Have an “Intermission” when kids can use the restroom and you pop some popcorn or gather snacks and drinks. Pause the video for a hearty laugh, a good cry, or to discuss or explain salient points.

Take a Field Trip

All communities have some location for family fun – a museum, pool, bowling alley, or other place. Some hotels and motels will sell you a day pass for swimming. And, of course, there is always lunch or a snack at a fast food restaurant with a play area.

Rain Play

Get everyone dressed in boots with warm socks, raincoats, and break out the umbrellas. Go outside and splash in puddles. Build miniature boats and let them sail down rivulets. If the rain is really warm, put on bathing suits and get soaked!

Have a “Picnic”

Pull out a blanket or large plastic tablecloth, lay it out and have a picnic inside. Get a large basket or empty cardboard box and have the family pitch to get ready. Assign one to get bread and chips, another to get drinks, and grab the meat and cheese, condiments, and peanut butter and jelly. Put it all in the basket and “hike” to your picnic spot in another part of the house.

Rainy days do not have to be dreary affairs that drag on and on. With a bit of imagination and preparation, every member of your family can have a memorable time, either alone or together.