Oh no, not again…you just matched with someone whose bio says “hit me with your funniest pick up lines.” So you’ve brought yourself here to figure some out – don’t worry about it. We have your back.

We’ll get you some of the best pick up lines in all their respective categories: whether you’re looking to be cutesy, smooth, or come off smart, we have you covered.

Smooth Pick Up Lines

Smooth Pick Up Lines

Sometimes when you’re trying to approach someone, the best thing is to come off as smooth. These work well on everyone but are especially good for people who you can’t read very well from the outside.

The key to smooth pick up lines is their unexpectedness. You come off smooth when you establish a setup that seems genuine, not like a pickup line at all, and then turn it into something flirty and/or sexual.

You can only deliver these best in person rather than over text, though they can still work well in either context. Either way, you’ll see the most success by making the setup as believable as you can. If it looks like your interlocutor is responding positively, then double down on your earnestness. There’s nothing more charming than being earnest!

  1. Oh my god, are you okay? You look like you’re missing a vitamin – vitamin me.
  2. Hey, I just wanted to let you know – I heard about this massive clothing sale nearby. It’s in my bedroom and all products are 100% off.
  3. Wait, how did I end up in a museum? You’re a work of art!
  4. Hey, I’m so sorry to bother you, but you look familiar. Is your name Google, by chance? Because it looks like you’re everything I’ve been searching for.
  5. Excuse me, do you happen to have a map on you? I just keep on getting lost in your eyes.
  6. Are you okay? That looks heavy! Your hand – I can hold it for you if you like!
  7. Oh my god, you survived the fall so well! I’m talking about when you fell from heaven.
  8. Hey, could I borrow something from you? A kiss? I swear I’ll give it back!
  9. Do you happen to have some bandaids on you? I just scraped my knee falling for you and I don’t want it to get infected.
  10. Would you be able to lend me an extra heart if you have one? You just stole mine, and I need one to stay alive.
  11. Oh man, I’m having trouble breathing. You just keep taking my breath away. Would you mind giving it back?
  12. Do you happen to be from Tennessee? I hear it’s lovely this time of year. Would you be willing to visit with me?
  13. Would you mind if I borrowed your phone? I need to give God a call, heaven’s obviously missing an angel.
  14. Wait, have we met before? You look so familiar…oh, right! You look like my next girlfriend!
  15. Excuse me, do you have a moment? I’m doing some research for a book and I would love to ask you a few questions. It’s a phone book.
  16. Shit, I think something’s going wrong with my eyes. They’ve been stuck on you all night.

Clever Pick Up Lines

One of the most important parts of good pickup lines is cleverness. If you can come off smart in front of romantic or sexual interest while also expressing that interest to them, your chances with them are much higher.

  1. Are you a printer? Because I want to refill you with my ink.
  2. Are you an angel? Because speaking to you is one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.
  3. How would you feel about the two of us going halfsies on a bastard?
  4. Have you or any of your loved ones been affected by mesothelioma? Because you may be entitled to a date with me.
  5. You’re looking like a Nutella jar tonight darling because I want to dip my finger in.
  6. Are you trying to become an astronaut? Because I want to invite you to ride my starship.
  7. If only I was able to take you to the movies…it’s just that they don’t let you bring snacks of your own inside with you.
  8. I didn’t study math, but I’m excellent with numbers. I’ll prove it to you: give me your phone number and I’ll show you all the things I can do with it.
  9. You remind me of a campfire – you’re really hot and I want to smell like you for the next two or three days.
  10. Fuck me if I have this one wrong, but do we know each other?
  11. Can I buy you a drink? Or do you just want the $7?
  12. You have really cute lips – do you think they’d like to meet mine?
  13. I’m a lot like the .01% of germs that always resists hand sanitizers — I’m super reliable.
  14. I know it’s only November (or whatever month it is at the time), but you are looking a lot like my Valentine.
  15. People tell me I’m too apologetic all the time, but I’m just sorry we never met before tonight.
  16. If I asked you out for a date, would you answer me the same there as you will to this question?

Corny Pick Up Lines

Corny Pick Up Lines

Part of the charm of a pick-up line is its corniness – the adorable smirk that lies behind using a painfully dumb play on words in an earnest ploy at flirtation.

These can work in any context, but typically only work well with a specific type of person. We highly recommend trying these with people who seem especially quirky or weird. They also work excellently on dating apps if someone mentions something about corny pick-up lines on their profile.

  1. What do you do for a living? Other than being the sexiest person in the world?
  2. How do you feel about raisins? What about a date?
  3. Hey, are you one of those people who believe in love at first sight? Or should I make a second pass?
  4. I would need better glasses to read you if you were a bunch of words on a page – you would be such a fine print!
  5. I’m learning a lot of history these days – I’m doing a little research, trying to find a date. Want to help me out?
  6. I would tell you “God bless you,” but from where I’m standing it looks like he already has.
  7. Hey! It’s so good to see you again – oh, wait, we’ve only actually met in my dreams.
  8. I saw you and was planning to call you beautiful, but then I realized something: I don’t yet have your number.
  9. I hear kissing is the language of love. How do you feel about a conversation?
  10. Do you do any boxing? Because you look like an absolute knockout.
  11. Hi! It’s nice to meet you– my name is (your name), but you can call me tonight, tomorrow, or whenever works best for you.
  12. My memory isn’t so hot, but fortunately for both of us, you’re unforgettable.

Cute Pick Up Lines

There’s a lot of dirty pick-up line content out there, but it doesn’t need to be that way. There are all sorts of wholesome and beautiful pick-up lines you can use to make someone feel special.

  1. I didn’t know I had a type until I met you.
  2. You’re telling me that you exist in the world, and Spotify didn’t name you the hottest single of the week? Crazy.
  3. If being gorgeous were a crime, you would be behind bars for life.
  4. Your body has so many beautiful curves, but I think my favorite of them all is your smile.
  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as attractive as you who also has such kind eyes.
  6. I’m a passionate believer in following my dreams. On an unrelated note, what’s your Instagram?
  7. I have this theory about beauty – there are three kinds: cuteness, sexiness, and gorgeousness. Before tonight, I’d never seen someone who’s all three.
  8. You are an incredible thief, you know that? You stole my heart from all the way across the room before I could think twice!
  9. Mind if I tie your shoes? I’d hate to see you falling for anyone else.
  10. I can’t tell what it is yet, but there’s something about you that seems intriguing.
  11. People always told me that magic didn’t exist. I believed them until I saw your smile.
  12. I’m feeling a little hungry — would you mind giving me your number? I think it would make me fulfilled.
  13. Oh my god, I didn’t think wishing on those birthday candles would work, but here you are.

Pop Culture Pick Up Lines

Pop Culture Pick Up Lines


These are great to have in your back pocket in case you match with someone with a specific pop culture interest on their profile. The more detailed you make a line for someone, the better received it likely will be.

These also work in a bar context, though not quite as well. It is probably a bad idea to approach someone with one of these (unless they’re wearing something that openly indicates them as a fan of the property), but you can always bring it up as a conversation topic if they express an interest in it once you start talking.

We’ve also noted what property each line is connected to in parentheses after each one.

  1. You must be a Boss because I want a piece of that cake. (Cake Boss)
  2. Are you Queen Elizabeth? Because I want to see your Jubilee. (the U.K. Royalty)
  3. You are so hot, if you went to Hoth it would start feeling like Tattooine. (Star Wars)
  4. Are you Batman? Because I’m gonna be a-Robin your heart. (Batman: D.C. comics/movies)
  5. Does your name happen to be Winter? Because I think you’ll be coming in a little bit here. (Game of Thrones)
  6. Are you, Bruce Banner? Because you’re smashing! Alternatively: are you the Hulk? Because later, I think we’ll be smashing. (The Hulk: Marvel comics/movies)
  7. Baby, you’re making me feel like Captain Picard – I want to take my clothes off and start the Next Generation with you. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  8. Did you just use the confundus spell on me? Or are you just that naturally mind-blowing? (Harry Potter)
  9. Call me Frodo because I want to dive into your hobbit hole. (Lord of the Rings)
  10. Call me Forrest Gump because you remind me a whole lot of a box of chocolates. I want to take your top off (Forrest Gump)
  11. How would you feel about playing Titanic together? You can be the iceberg — I love going down. (Titanic)
  12. Do you wanna build a snowman? Doesn’t have to be a snowman — I’d settle for a healthy relationship instead. (Frozen)

Intellectual Pick-up Lines

Sometimes you are swiping on a dating app and you match with someone who expresses a deep intellectual passion – perhaps it’s history, maybe it’s philosophy, maybe it’s science. No matter what it is, we have you covered with the best pick-up lines that will score you points with any intelligent boo.

These are best used in the context of dating apps, where you already know what a person’s interests are. If you’ve seen them in a bar and you want to use one of these because they seem smart, you should probably hold off until you know more about what they know. There are a lot of different ways to be bright!

We’ve also included an explanation for each one, so you will have a bit more to talk about with the person if it starts a conversation.

Math Pick-up Lines

Statisticians, engineers, and that one math class hottie – you’ll woo all of them with these math-themed pick-up lines!

  1. Do you exist at a 30-degree angle? Because I think you’re a-cutie!
    Angles that are less than 90 degrees are called acute angles.
  2. I’m excellent at Algebra – I can easily take the place of your X, and you won’t have to figure out Y.
    Algebra is a discipline of mathematics that mainly covers math with unknown variables (typically represented by letters like x and y). In Algebra, the task at hand is frequently to find the value of a missing variable.
  3. You look like the square root of -100: you are absolutely a 10, but you’re just way too hot to be real.
    The square root of 100 is 10, but the square root of a negative number is known as an “imaginary” number. Numbers that aren’t imaginary are known as “real.”

History Pick-up Lines

There is so much history to pick from, with a surprising amount of material from U.S. presidents. Here are some of our best!

  1. You look like the square root of -100: you are absolutely a 10, but you’re just way too hot to be real.
    The square root of 100 is 10, but the square root of a negative number is known as an “imaginary” number. Numbers that aren’t imaginary are known as “real.”
  2. You must be from Teapot Dome because you’re making me Harding.
    Warren G. Harding was the 29th U.S. President, serving from 1921-1923. During his time, he was embroiled in what became known as the “Teapot Dome Scandal,” wherein his administration gave out uncompetitive access to oil at many locations (including Teapot Dome, Wyoming) in exchange for favors.
    As a bonus, Harding was also known for being relentlessly horny, and we know some of the letters he wrote to his mistress.
  3. You’re so hot I feel like Teddy Roosevelt – I want to charge up your hills.
    This refers to the Battle of San Juan Heights in the Spanish-American War, in which a pre-presidential Roosevelt led a group of volunteer cavalry known as the “Rough Riders” in a reckless charge up several hills.
  4. Call me Teddy Roosevelt ‘cause I want to use my big stick to split your isthmus.
    Teddy Roosevelt had such a big personality, we had to include him twice. This one’s a little graphic, but it’s referencing the building of the Panama Canal. An isthmus is an especially narrow piece of land that is surrounded by sea or ocean on either side. Panama has an isthmus, and Roosevelt “split” it by digging the Panama Canal through it.
    The “big stick” portion refers to Roosevelt’s foreign policy doctrine – “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.”
  5. Is your name Helen? Because I’d invade Troy for you.
    This is probably the least obscure one on our list. And most people who claim to be history buffs will get it —it refers to an ancient Greek and Roman story known as the invasion of Troy.
    It was first written about by the Greek poet Homer in his epic the Iliad, which narrates how the wife of a Greek king — Helen — was spirited away by an affair with a Trojan prince. This caused the king to launch a massive invasion of Troy to get his wife back.
  6. Are you a Hessian? Because I’m trying to get your a-Trenton.
    This, on the other hand, might be the most obscure one of these! During the American Revolutionary War, Britain made use of Hessian mercenaries in combat. They were stationed at Trenton, New Jersey, during the Battle of Trenton, which was a pivotal moment in the Revolutionary War.

Philosophy Pickup Lines

Whether you’ve met someone in a philosophy class or you just matched with a philosophy major, these philosophy pick-up lines can work excellently for you.

  1. You should’ve been alive 2400 years ago – if Socrates saw you he would’ve stayed alive to climb your ladder of love.
    This refers to the famed ancient philosopher Socrates, who the city-state of Athens executed by forcing him to drink hemlock in 399 BC.
    In the Symposium, Plato (the main author through which we know of Socrates) writes about a banquet that many notable Greek figures, including Alcibiades, Aristophanes and Socrates, attended. They each give speeches and conclude that love is divided into six stages, each represented by a rung on the ladder of love.
  2. You’re so hot you make me feel like Jeremy Bentham – I want to maximize your overall happiness while minimizing your overall suffering.
    Jeremy Bentham was a utilitarian philosopher who believed in maximizing the overall happiness of society while minimizing its overall suffering.
  3. Want to get Rousseau with it and return to a state of nature together?
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a French Enlightenment philosopher who theorized that humanity started in a “state of nature” that was ideal and propertyless.
    On a similar note, if the person is also into BDSM, then you could say “Want to get Hobbes with it and return to a nasty, brutish, and short state of nature together?”. This refers to Thomas Hobbes, who had a similar belief in a state of nature, but believed it was hellish (“nasty, brutish, and short”) not perfect.
  4. Oh my god, you’ve just disproved solipsism! My mind isn’t nearly creative enough to create something as wildly gorgeous as you are.
    Solipsism is a philosophical belief that nothing exists external to you and that the whole world is an illusion you’ve constructed in your mind. So if someone is too beautiful to be imagined, they would disprove the idea that the world exists only in your imagination.