Whether it is called a hobby, a pastime, or an “interest,” most everyone has one. And if they do not, they would like one. Hobbies provide a way to rest and relax, reducing stress. A hobby also gives one a special time of enjoyment, either alone or with someone else. Hobbies help us form friendships and express ourselves in unique ways.

In an age when we are all so busy, it can be difficult to fit a hobby into our busy schedule. In this article, we will help you find out if you already have a hobby and identify it. We will also help you discover your passion by providing a list of interests that might become a hobby. Additionally, we have a list of hobbies for men and a list of hobbies for women. We end the article with cool hobbies and some cheap hobbies if economy is necessary.

List of Interests

List of Interests

You may already have a hobby and not realize it. Anything you do or have can that provides enjoyment can be called a hobby. A hobby is defined as any interest or activity pursued for relaxation or pleasure on a regular basis for enjoyment. If you garden, watch sports, or collect something, you already have a hobby. We have started this article with a list of interests to help you discover if you have a hobby, but you are not aware of it. Remember, however, something you do frequently is not a hobby if it does not bring you pleasure.

In order to define your hobby, you must first look at what you are interested in doing, seeing, or saving. Hobbies and interests vary vastly from person to person and can even change depending upon age and the amount of time one is able to indulge their interest.

Many people are fortunate enough to turn their hobby or interest into their full-time occupation and make a living doing so. Frequently this happens quite by chance. One begins collecting something or spending time with a particular interest and suddenly finds themselves spending nearly all of their time and money doing so while earning a living they both enjoy and find fulfilling.

To determine if you have an interest appropriate for a hobby, list everything you do and then underline those activities you enjoy the most. See if some of the activities you have underlined fit together. For example, you may enjoy cooking and also listed couponing. Those two activities can combine into one hobby of couponing to save money on unique foods you wish to cook.

Many of the interests on this list have the potential of providing income. Many “professional” cooks began with cooking as their hobby. Some of the items produced with hobbies, such as refinished furniture, blogs, and creative writing can be shared with others or sold for additional income.

Read through the categories and lists of interests that follows to help you find a hobby you will truly enjoy!

Nature Interests

If you love the outdoors, but strenuous physical activity is not your thing, choose an activity that promotes environmental awareness and allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature. Gardening, bird watching, and caring for animals all fall into this category. Consider the following:

  • Flower or Vegetable Gardening
    You do not need a large area to indulge your love for growing beautiful flowers or your own food. Any small plot of land or flower bed will work, or you can plant containers if your space is severely limited.
  • Feeding and Observing Local Birds
    Our feathered friends need assistance finding food and water, especially during cold weather or dry, hot summers. Provide both and your yard will become a haven for birds and provide hours of enjoyment.
  • Raising or Fostering Animals
    Love horses? Want to have your own fresh eggs? Worried about abandoned puppies finding their forever homes? All of these can become hobbies if you find pleasure in raising or fostering one or more animals.

Consider joining a group if you do not have the space, but you still desire an outdoor activity. Volunteer at a local community garden or animal shelter. Remember that hobbies involving animals require a commitment. Birds become dependent on the food and water you provide, so you are making a long-term when you begin providing sustenance. Also, consider the expense and space requirements for an animal. You may also need to check local zoning laws if you want chickens or a larger animal such as a goat or horse.

Artistic Interests

Creative people find joy and personal expression in hobbies using their unique talents. Consider one of the following hobbies if you have artistic ability:

  • Painting, Drawing, or Sculpting
    Remember that the definition of a hobby is an activity that brings you pleasure. You may not be at a professional level with your painting, drawing, or sculpting, but the important thing is that you enjoy it.
  • Photography
    You can begin photography with an inexpensive camera or even use your smart phone. As your proficiency increases, you may want better equipment. Mat or share your favorite photos online or create scrape books.
  • Pottery or Glass Blowing
    Check local community colleges or museums to see if they offer classes to get started with pottery or glass blowing. One hobbyist makes marbles and another small glass animals.
  • Jewelry Making
    The fun thing about jewelry making is that you can wear and share your creations with friends.
  • Interior Decorating
    Create a pleasing living area for every room in your home. You can totally change the look with paint and new fabric covers for existing furniture.
  • Creative Writing
    They say that everyone has a novel they could write. Consider writing yours. You may like writing poetry or fun verse, such as limericks or haiku.
  • Singing, Composing, or Dancing
    Musical hobbies include playing an instrument in addition to singing, composing, and dancing. Many communities have bands, orchestras, or a chorus in which you can participate. Ballroom dancing and square dancing are options for those who love to dance.

At Home Interests

Weather, a disability, or simply a love of staying inside may contribute to your desire for an indoor hobby. There are hobbies you can enjoy if you like to stay indoors. Anything involving your home and the use of a computer falls into this category. Our list includes some daily activities you might not consider a hobby, but if you take joy in the product and process, then your interest can be defined as a hobby.

  • Watching Movies – especially vintage films
  • Playing Cards or Board Games – with family or in competitions
  • Working Puzzles – on-line or table top jigsaws
  • Socializing with Twitter, Facebook or Skype – staying in touch with friends and making new ones
  • Internet Research and Browsing – learning new skills and seeking information
  • Video Game Playing – challenging yourself and others to increase your speed and skill
  • Blogging – sharing your thoughts and opinions with others
  • Reading – enjoying good books or joining a reading group at a local library

Health-related Interests

Remember that any interest can be considered a hobby if it brings enjoyment. The following health-related activities help you look and feel better and are also fun:

  • Participating in Marathons
  • Body Building and Exercising
  • Jumping Rope
  • Martial Arts
  • Healthy Eating
  • Yoga or Meditation

Athletic Interests

Young people often participate in sports and other outdoor or athletic activities. Your love of physical activity does not need to end as an adult. If you fondly remember your days as a gymnast or those childhood dance lessons, consider returning to the activity you loved. Additionally, if you enjoy the outdoors and physical activity one of the following interests may make a perfect hobby choice for you:

  • Hunting or Fishing
    Practical as well as enjoyable, these sports can provide food for a family and help control overpopulation of animals in some areas of our country.
  • Winter Sports
    If you live where it is cold, consider one of the following activities:
    Ice Skating
  • Racing
    If speed is your thing, consider any kind of racing – auto, bike, foot – as a participant or spectator.
  • Water Sports
    Coastal areas, and those with lakes and rivers, provide an environment for pursuing these interests:
    River rafting
    Scuba diving
  • Hiking or Mountain Climbing
    Most communities have hiking trails. If you are really into trekking, try walking some or all of the Blue Ridge Mountain trails. Mountain climbing can be easy or difficult, depending on your experience and the size of the mountains you attempt to climb.

Collecting Interests

One can collect just about anything. You may already have a collection that you have started. For example, this writer was given two antique doorknobs, discovered another in an antique store, and began a collection that now numbers several unique examples, some quite old. Your collection does not have to be large. Once you have collected what you want, you can switch to another item if you wish. Some collections take more space than others. A friend collects antique clocks and has them on nearly every available surface in his home. Think before you begin a collection about the time you have available, possible expense, and where you will keep your collection. Consider collecting one of the following:

  • Nature Objects
    Display your finds in frames or shadowboxes and label them if you wish with names, and dates and places found.
  • Stamps or Coins
    Your collection of stamps or coins can consist of those you purchase, or obtain from mail or by checking the coins in your pocket.
  • Comic Book, Old Magazines, First Editions of Books
    Printed materials are fun to collect, but they do take quite a bit of storage space. Additionally, some collections, such as first editions of famous books, require a large expenditure of money.
  • Postcards or Souvenirs from Traveling
    As you explore the country and world around you, collect souvenirs or postcards from places you stop. You may wish to add vintage postcards to your collection as well.
  • Vintage Collectibles
    Searching through flea markets and antique stores provides unlimited opportunities for finding vintage collectibles. Narrow your search to one type or category of items to avoid over-spending and collecting too much. For example, you might look for old bottles, piggy banks, or trinket boxes.

List of Hobbies for Men

List of Hobbies for Men

Generally speaking, men enjoy anything physical or outdoors. They also enjoy working with their hands to create things such as furniture, toys, or other useful objects. However, a man should not limit his choice of a hobby. Men have enjoyed crochet, ballet, and cooking – activities generally associated with women. Try one of the following suggestions, or find your own passion:

  • Outdoor Activities Such as Hunting, Fishing, or Archery
    Weekends provide a perfect time to get away and enjoy the outdoors. You may even wish to take a friend or one or more family members.
  • Woodworking or Cabinetry
    You will have to make an initial investment for the tools you need, but such an expenditure is well worth it if working with wood is your passion.
  • Making New or Repurposing Old Furniture
    Practical and still fun, finding old furniture and refinishing it to give it new life can be extremely fulfilling. One can start making fairly simple pieces, such as a bookshelf and move on to more difficult projects.
  • Watching or Participating in Sports
    Yes, watching sports can be considered a hobby. And you do not have to be at a professional level to participate. Most communities have leagues for adults. Another option is learning to referee sporting events. From archery to zorb football (similar to soccer, but players are encased in an inflated bubble named a zorb), choose whichever sport you have a passion for to play or watch.
  • Collecting Old Tools, Guns, or Sports Memorabilia
    Collecting is not limited to any specific item, but many men enjoy collecting old tools, guns, or sports memorabilia. You can find items to add to your collection at garage and estate sales. Also, search online if there are certain things you wish to add to your collection.

List of Hobbies for Women

List of Hobbies for Women

Okay, so you don’t think you have time for a hobby with all your responsibilities as a wife and mother. However, it is important to take time for yourself. A hobby relieves stress and provides a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment vital to a healthy lifestyle. You do not need to start something new, just look at what you are already doing on a daily basis that brings you joy.

  • Shopping
    Some women love to shop and find a bargain. Unfortunately, doing so takes money. But if you have to shop for your family and home anyway, what is to keep one from enjoying the process enough it becomes a hobby? Watch for seasonal specials. Do not limit your search for bargains; look on-line; visit local discount, thrift, and dollar stores; shop garage and estate sales – explore all of the places you can find to get the most for the least amount of money.
  • Organizing
    Organization can be a hobby if making sure your home runs smoothly, everyone has their responsibilities, and appointments are made and kept in a timely manner brings joy.
  • Planning
    Similar to organizing, creating schedules for daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal activities brings joy to some. Using a computer can help you create and update schedules and plans easily. Include family and vacation time in your plans, as well as some alone time for yourself.
  • Entertaining
    Parties and get-togethers bring joy to those who love socializing. Entertaining is not only feeding others, but also planning activities everyone will enjoy. Your efforts can be spontaneous or planned occasions for holidays and birthdays.
  • Creating Recipes
    If you love to cook, you might enjoy creating your own, original recipes. This interest is particularly appropriate for those attempting to avoid certain foods and eat a healthy diet. You may even wish to publish a cookbook to share your creative efforts.

Cool Hobbies

Cool Hobbies

Some people have unusual or unique hobbies. Frequently, a spontaneous event results in discovering a passion that turns into a hobby. For example, something catches one’s eye at a garage sale or flea market, perhaps a scarf or bandanna. The purchase of one item leads to a search for similar pieces and a collection is born. Any hobby can be considered “cool,” either by the hobbyist, others, or both. If you want a cool hobby, consider the following:

  • Bungee Jumping and Extreme Sports
    You may love the outdoors, but bird watching or quietly sitting while you wait for the fish to bite might not be your thing. Consider participating in what is frequently termed “extreme sports.” Try parasailing, white water rafting, or hang gliding if you like to get your adrenaline flowing.
  • Learning Something New and Difficult
    If you like a challenge, pick something new and difficult to learn. For example, one hobbyist learns a new language every summer and then travels to where it is spoken to practice his newfound skill. The internet has myriad opportunities to learn something new at your fingertips. Pick a subject, do a search, and get started. You might even wish to pursue a degree or certification in a particular field.
  • Collecting Something Unusual
    Anything can be collected and really cool collections are those that others have not thought of. For example, a friend collects the glass tops from old stovetop coffee pots. Another friend collects vases as she loves displaying cut flowers in her house. Every vase is extremely unique, from a bud vase etched with a dandelion she uses for small wildflowers, to a large, flat glass bowl for floating magnolia and gardenia blossoms. Each vase has a particular purpose and uniquely displays a certain plant or flower type.

Cheap Hobbies

Cheap Hobbies


Not all hobbies require spending money. In fact, some actually involve saving or earning money.

  • Coupon Collecting
    You might already be collecting coupons to save money on groceries and household items. If doing so brings joy, you have a hobby.
  • Repurposing
    Also referred to as recycling, taking used objects and finding a new use for them not only responsible, but can provide hours of enjoyment.
  • Reselling Items
    Some people love scoring garage sales and thrift stores and then reselling their finds. One can create an on-line store to do so if they desire.
  • Collecting Movie Ticket Stubs or Other Paper Memorabilia
    You can actually purchase a special small album for your movie ticket stubs on-line. Paper collections can also be kept in scrape books or files. Postcards, maps, and other travel information is fun to collect from vacations and other trips.

Once you have identified your hobby and have been pursuing it for a while, consider creating a video to share your expertise or collection with others. You may also wish to have a website to sell what you create, such as jewelry or photographs. Additionally, consider competing with others. Cooking contests, county fairs, and other venues provide an opportunity to display your creations and possibly win prizes.

Consider combining one or more related interests, such as a health-related activity with an outdoor activity. Other possible combinations include:

  • Cooking and recipe creation
  • Hunting and taxidermy
  • Owning a horse and trail riding
  • Growing fruit trees and raising bees
  • Having a vegetable garden and canning or freezing vegetables
  • Exercising and healthy eating

Use caution when you pursue a hobby. Avoid an expensive hobby if you cannot afford one. Collecting precious gems might sound like something fun, but it takes money you may not have. Additionally, some people get addicted to their hobbies if they collect too much of something and become hoarders. Others spend too much time with their chosen activity. Internet shopping, video games, and social media are examples of hobbies that can prove addicting if one is not careful.

Our article has not listed every possible hobby, especially when it comes to collecting items. If you enjoy an activity, no matter what it is, or love to surround yourself with a particular item, go for it. Your choice of hobby is only limited by your lack of imagination. Get collecting, exploring, or active, and have fun!

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