Indoor activities are a great way to keep both kids and adults entertained, especially during inclement weather or when you simply want to spend some quality time together. Whether you are looking for fun, educational, or creative options, we’ve listed some of the best indoor activities that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults to prevent cabin fever on rainy days.

We’ve organized our list of indoor activities into categories, so you can choose the best indoor activities to suit you and your children:

  • Classic Indoor Activities
  • Active Indoor Activities
  • Educational Indoor Activities
  • Creative Indoor Activities
  • Indoor Activities for Adults

What Makes a Fun Indoor Activity?

Indoor Activities for Kids

Sometimes a rainy day can actually be a blessing in disguise, and the days when you’re stuck indoors can end up being the most fun days of all!

Fun indoor activities are the ones that let kids use all their energy and express their creativity. Being stuck inside can seem awful for some kids (and adults), especially those who love playing sports or being in nature. That’s why we’ve selected the best indoor games to keep kids entertained during those long rainy days.

Some of the best games are the most simple, too, and a lot of our indoor games require minimal preparation and effort to begin. Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy these fun rainy-day activities to stave off boredom and restlessness.

Classic Indoor Activities

We couldn’t have created our list of the best indoor games without mentioning a range of classic activities that are always a hit with both kids and adults during a rainy day at home. If you’re stuck for ideas or simply want to enjoy some classic games, take a look at the activities below.

  1. Board Games
    Board games have stood the test of time and are perfect for the whole family. From a classic game like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Clue to modern favorites like Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, board games promote strategic thinking, teamwork, and friendly competition. Kids love showing their competitive spirit by playing board games!
  2. Cooking and Baking
    Get everyone involved in the kitchen with cooking and baking activities. Whether it’s making homemade pizzas, baking cookies, or preparing a complete meal together, cooking can be an educational and enjoyable activity for all ages. It teaches kids about measurements, following instructions, and the joy of creating something to share and enjoy. You can even create a family recipe book together to write down all of the recipes you each enjoy the most.
  3. Movie Marathon
    Plan a movie marathon with a theme, such as Disney classics, superhero movies, or your family’s favorite films. Create a cozy movie night atmosphere with popcorn, snacks, and dimmed lights. With an abundance of streaming services available now too, a movie day is easier than ever. This is a laid-back and enjoyable activity that accommodates various age ranges.
  4. Indoor Camping
    Set up an indoor campsite complete with tents, sleeping bags, and a pretend campfire. Tell stories, play camping games, and have a picnic-style meal in your living room. Indoor camping not only sparks imagination but also allows for family bonding and a cozy atmosphere.
  5. Karaoke Night
    Sing your hearts out with a karaoke night at home. Set up a makeshift stage, select your favorite songs, and take turns performing. This activity is fun, entertaining, and can help boost confidence. Karaoke can also help those who are more shy to overcome stage fright.

Active Indoor Activities

Indoor Games for Kids

Spending a day indoors means that your space is limited, which can often lead to restless kids with lots of energy, but nowhere to use it up. That’s why we’ve listed some of the best indoor activities for kids that help to keep them active, improve their gross motor skills, and prevent cabin fever.

  1. Indoor Treasure Hunt
    Organize an indoor treasure hunt by hiding clues or objects throughout your home. This can turn into an exciting adventure for kids and create a sense of intrigue for adults. You can customize the level of difficulty based on the participants’ age and make the hunt as simple or challenging as you like.
  2. Dance Party
    Clear some space and put on your favorite tunes for a family dance party. Dancing is a fun and energetic way to bond and exercise. You can take turns choosing songs, teach each other new dance moves, or even have a dance-off competition.
  3. Indoor Obstacle Course
    Create an obstacle course using pillows, furniture, and household items. Design different stations or challenges, such as crawling under tables, hopping over cushions, or balancing on a makeshift beam. This activity promotes physical activity, coordination, and creativity.
  4. Online Exercise Classes
    Participate in online exercise classes or workout videos together. Choose a variety of exercise styles, such as dance workouts, yoga classes, or HIIT sessions. This activity promotes physical fitness and provides an opportunity to stay active together.

Educational Indoor Activities

Being indoors doesn’t mean that every activity needs to be competitive or crazy! There are many educational activities you can do to keep kids occupied, whilst still getting them learning more about the world around them.

  1. Complete a Science Experiment
    Kids and adults can have a blast conducting science experiments at home. From volcano eruptions and homemade lava lamps to growing crystals or making slime, there are numerous online resources available with step-by-step instructions. Science experiments not only entertain but also promote curiosity and learning.
  2. Virtual Museum Tours
    Explore the world of art and history by taking virtual tours of famous museums from around the globe. Many museums now offer online tours and exhibitions, which can be an educational and enriching experience for kids and adults.
  3. Virtual Language Exchange
    Connect with people from different cultures and countries through online language exchange platforms. Facilitate language learning and cultural exchange by conversing with native speakers of a particular language your family is interested in.
  4. Book Club
    Start a family book club where everyone can read the same book and gather to discuss it. This activity promotes reading, critical thinking, and encourages lively discussions. Book clubs often work well with older kids, as they may be able to read higher level books that family members of all ages can enjoy.
  5. DIY Board Game
    Design and create your own board game as a family. Use cardboard, markers, and other materials to make a unique game with rules, challenges, and objectives. This activity encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.
  6. Puzzle Time
    Work on jigsaw puzzles together as a family. Choose puzzles with varying difficulty levels based on age and challenge yourselves to complete them. Puzzles can improve problem-solving skills, concentration, and patience.

Creative Indoor Activities

Indoor Games for Older Kids

Being inside is a perfect opportunity to get creative, no matter your age. Kids love creative activities, but all of the activities we’ve listed can be adapted for older children or adults. Use this time indoors to express your creativity and use items around your home to make fun things.

  1. Arts and Crafts
    Get the creative juices flowing with arts and crafts activities. Whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpting with clay, or making DIY crafts, both kids and adults can have fun while expressing their artistic side. You can also consider engaging in different types of craft projects like jewelry-making, origami, or even knitting.
  2. DIY Photo Booth
    Set up a photo booth corner using props, decorations, and a camera or smartphone. Dress up in silly costumes or make your own props using craft supplies. Take turns posing for fun and memorable pictures.
  3. Host a Fashion Show
    Have a fashion show at home, showcasing outfits and accessories you’ve created or put together. Create a runway, take turns walking down it, and strike a pose. This activity promotes creativity, confidence, and self-expression.
  4. Build a Fort
    Use blankets, sheets, cardboard boxes, and furniture to create a cozy fort or indoor tent. Play board games, read books, or have a picnic inside the fort. It encourages imaginative play and creates a special hideaway for everyone to enjoy.
  5. DIY Tie-Dye
    Get creative with tie-dyeing clothing or fabric. Gather white t-shirts, socks, or other items and use various dye colors and techniques to create unique designs. This activity encourages artistic expression and results in personalized, wearable art.
  6. Indoor Gardening
    Start a mini indoor garden using small pots or containers. Grow herbs, succulents, or small houseplants together. Involve children in watering, caring, and watching their plants grow. It teaches responsibility, provides a sense of accomplishment, and brings nature indoors.
  7. Art Exhibition
    Set up an art exhibition at home by creating and displaying your own artwork. Use various art supplies to create paintings, drawings, or sculptures. Arrange them in a designated area and invite family members to view and appreciate each other’s creations.

Indoor Activities for Adults

Although all of our activities listed above can be adapted for adults, if you don’t have children or wish to have a more relaxing day spent indoors, then we’ve got you covered with our list of indoor activities that are more suited for adults.

  1. Binge on a New TV Series
    There are not many better feelings than becoming obsessed with a new TV show. Perhaps your friends have been talking about the latest hit show that you’re still yet to see. Well, a rainy day is your chance to binge-watch a new series, and streaming services nowadays make this easier than ever.
  2. Discover a New Hobby
    Challenge yourself and try a new hobby. Painting, knitting, and other crafts can help you relax and be creative. During the recent pandemic, many people turned to starting a new hobby to help them, and a rainy day spent indoors is a perfect opportunity to try new things. Use the internet to your advantage and follow a YouTube tutorial to help guide you through your new hobby.
  3. Take Time to Declutter
    Use this time to organize your space, and clear out any unwanted items. You could even organize items into different piles to keep or donate to charity. You’ll feel clearer and more relaxed in a clean and decluttered space.
  4. Journal or Blog
    Write out your thoughts and feelings in a journal or a blog. A blog can be a platform to write about important issues or experiences, and you can choose to share this with others or keep it private. Journaling in any form has a lot of benefits, and can help you to feel more relaxed about the day ahead.
  5. Listening to Music or Podcasts
    Relax and let yourself be transported with the power of music or immerse yourself in a fascinating topic with a podcast. There are thousands of podcasts available, so no matter what you’re interested in, there’ll be a podcast to suit you. YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify are all great choices to watch or listen to podcasts.
  6. Experiment with New Cocktail or Mocktail Recipes
    Try out new drink recipes, and become your own bartender at home. Maybe there’s a drink you’ve always wanted to try, so you can use this time indoors to experiment with different recipes. Then you can unwind and enjoy a drink whilst watching a good movie or TV show.
  7. Have an At-Home Spa Day
    Treat yourself to some self-care with a spa day at home! Gather your favorite face masks and body care products, and indulge yourself in spa treatments. Relax in the bath or shower and use your favorite products to make yourself feel amazing.
  8. Bake Some Sweet Treats
    Get creative in the kitchen and try something new. Experiment with new flavors and techniques, or create sweet treats using a classic, tried-and-true recipe. Share your baked goods with family and friends and enjoy a relaxing day at home.
  9. Enjoy a Video Game Tournament
    If video games are your thing, then a Video Game competition is an excellent way to pass the time at home. You can ask your friends to join you for an online game of your favorite video game and host a tournament with different players.