It’s all the rage – fun ways to reveal the gender of a new baby, whether you are having one baby or multiples, a girl, or a boy. Part of the fun of bringing a new baby into the world is disclosing the gender of your baby.

This article shares ideas for gender reveal parties, some extremely fun and exciting. Additionally, we have a checklist of the steps to take when planning your gender reveal ideas. Of course, you may come up with your own clever idea for revealing the gender of your baby. Ways of doing so are multiple and only limited by your imagination.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

A Gender-Reveal Surprise Party

Invite your friends and family to a dinner party without telling them the purpose is to reveal the gender of the baby. This is even more fun if your guests do not know you are expecting a baby. Provide all kinds of hints – on the menu, around the house, etc. For example, if you are having a boy, use blue plates and napkins, serve blueberry cobbler for dessert, have blue guest soaps in the bathroom, and play music by male vocalists. Keep the secret as long as possible. At the end of the night, confirm that you are having a baby and reveal the gender.

If you wish, you can tell your guests ahead of time that it is a gender reveal party. You can even have your guests guess the gender of the baby. Have a playlist of songs related to the sex of the baby, for example, the Beatles, “Another Girl.” Then use one of our gender-reveal ideas to confirm the gender of your expected baby.

The “Surprise” Baby Shower

Surprise those attending the baby shower with the gender of your baby. You can either announce the gender of you baby yourself or give the friend or family member a sealed envelope from your doctor with either an ultra-sound revealing the gender of the baby, or a note doing so. Alternatively, wait until the mother-to-be begins opening the gifts, at which time she will discover either clothes for a boy or for a girl.

Gender Reveal Party Games

Games always make a party more fun for guests, and this is true at your gender reveal party. Have your guests guess or discover the gender in one of several ways:

Balloon Pop

Before the party, fill up one balloon with colored confetti to reveal the gender of your baby and several other balloons with air. Release the balloons in the middle of the floor, putting the confetti filled balloon in the middle somewhere. Have guests pop the balloons until the gender is revealed.

Vote on It

When guests arrive at the party, have them “vote,” guessing either girl or boy. See who is right when the gender is revealed. You can have small fun prizes for those who guess correctly.

Gender Guess

Pass around the ultra-sound and have guests decide which you are having, a boy or a girl. This is not always as easy as it sounds!

Pre-Party Guessing

This is a fun game to play before your gender reveal party. When you invite your guests, have them guess the gender. You can also use social media for guesses. Keep track of who guesses which gender. Then have a small prize for those who guess correctly when you reveal the gender at you party.

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

If you want to do something different, try one of these unique gender reveal ideas to really surprise your friends and family members.

Reveal Your Baby’s Gender on Social Media

Some mothers have a rough pregnancy and a gender reveal party is not an option. Another reason for using social media is that the expectant mother might live far away from family and close friends. Revealing your baby’s gender with Facebook or Twitter might be the best option for you. Consider a unique picture for doing so. Take a photo with the baby’s father standing behind you, arms circling you, and hands resting on the sides of your belly, covering either pink or blue markers. Then take another picture with the markings revealed. Post both pictures on social media. If you wish to increase the suspense, wait a few days between pictures.

Keep Then Guessing

If you really want to do something unique, surprise them by not telling! Get everyone excited and then use yellow and green items, instead of pink or blue. At the end of the party, tell your guests you have decided not to know and not to tell anyone until the baby is born.

Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

Baby’s First Outfit

Go shopping and find two outfits for your newborn, one for a boy and one for a girl. Hand a sealed envelope with your baby’s gender inside to a store clerk, give the clerk both outfits, and ask her to secretly wrap the outfit matching the baby’s gender. Don’t peek at the sales slip! Unwrap the gift at your gender reveal party or with your family.

Balloon Gender Reveal Ideas

Balloon Release

Buy both pink and blue balloons filled with helium and plan to release the color denoting the gender of your child. The balloon release can be done in several different ways. Have your partner hold one color and you hold the other. On the count of three, the person holding the correct color releases their balloons. Alternatively, put the balloons in a large box or plastic bag and release them.

Balloon Pop

You can either pop the balloon yourself or have the baby’s father or a family member do so. The balloon is filled with confetti. Although some suggest glitter, avoid it as it is almost impossible to clean up. The confetti should be either pink or blue. Pop the balloon with a pin. You can also hang balloons from the ceiling, one for each guest, and let them pop the balloons on the count of three, revealing the gender.

Toy Gender Reveal

Toy Gender Reveal

Toys work well to reveal gender. Wrap a box with a stuffed animal, a teddy bear works well, with either a blue or pink ribbon around the neck. You can also dress a doll in either pink or blue clothes. Unwrap the “present” to reveal the gender. This works very well if you are revealing the gender at a shower. Simply put the wrapped gender reveal package in with the other presents.

Silly String

You can purchase inexpensive cans of pink or blue silly string. This is an especially fun method if young guests and siblings are present. Cover the label with brown paper to conceal the color. You can even have a silly string fight.

Sibling Gender Reveal

For a simple and fun gender reveal, enlist your other children. You can have them perform one of the gender reveals we have already mentioned, such as releasing balloons, or at a specific time, have them enter the room wearing either pink or blue. You can also have a special t-shirt made (or look on-line for one) with either “Boy!” or “Girl!” on it.

Baked Gender Reveals

You can take an envelope to the bakery and have them bake a gender reveal treat without you knowing the answer, or order one in either pink or blue to tell your friends and family.

  • Colored Cake. A gender reveal cake can be simple or complex. If you wish to bake your own, simply add either pink or blue to a white cake mix, and then frost to hide the color. Sheet cakes and square cakes work best, because you only need to cut off one corner to announce your baby’s sex. Bakeries can put colored candies inside the cake for an added surprise. The color is not disclosed until the cake is cut.
  • Cupcakes. Biting into a cupcake to discover the gender of your baby is fun for everyone involved. You can either color the cake or fill the cupcakes with pink or blue buttercream. If you wish, you can simply sprinkle the cupcakes with pink or blue mini sugar hearts or frost them with pink or blue icing.
  • Cookies. You can purchase gender reveal cookies or make your own. Inside of layered sugar cookies is colored icing denoting the gender of the baby. If you are making your own, simple take two baked sugar cookies, put pink or blue icing between them, and frost with plan white frosting.

Sweet treats are always popular. If you wish, instead of cakes or cupcakes, use cake pops. Another idea is to fill a piñata with candies wrapped in either pink or blue paper, and small pink or blue toys.

Gender Reveal for Multiple Babies

If you’re having multiples, you will need to prepare more than one item for your gender reveal. You can have two cakes, one for each baby, or a layered cake with layers for each. Another idea is to have a large sheet cake baked that is half pink and half blue if you are having both a girl and a boy. If you are using cupcakes, have both pink and blue, which can cause a great deal of confusion and fun at first!

Steps to follow for a Having a Gender Reveal Party

Steps to follow for a Having a Gender Reveal Party

Step #1 Find out the Gender of Your Baby

Schedule an ultrasound at around eighteen or twenty weeks of your gestation period. Hopefully the ultrasound will reveal if your baby is a boy or a girl. You need to decide if you want to know the gender now, or wait. You can have the sonographer either write down the gender of the baby or put the ultrasound in an envelope to be opened later, perhaps at your gender reveal party. If the ultrasound does not reveal the gender of the baby, you may need to have another one at a later date.

Step #2 Choose a Theme

When it comes to choosing a theme, the key is to choose one that fits with your personality. Consider the following:

  • A Nearby Holiday. If your baby is due near a holiday or you are planning your party close to a holiday time, consider using the holiday as a theme. At Easter, consider giving each guest a plastic egg with a pink or blue candy inside. For Christmas, wrap small packages with tiny gender revealing objects inside.
  • A Color. You can reveal the gender of you baby by using pink or blue, but do not limit your color choice. Use your favorite color if you wish – purple, green, or yellow – and build your theme around it.
  • An Animal or Insect. Teddy bears are traditionally associated with babies. A pink or blue ribbon around the neck will tell guests the baby’s gender. Butterflies, perhaps emerging from cocoons is another idea.

Step #3 Send Invitations

Plan to have your gender reveal about two weeks after you have the ultrasound. You can use mailed invitations to match your chosen theme or social media. Most people know the reason for a gender reveal party, but you may want to let them know some details, such as: if the gender is secret; any special directions, such as type of party; any other details that explain your plans.

Step #4 Gather Materials

Choose your supplies – foods, candles, plates, cups, and napkins – to fit with your theme. You do not need to spend a great deal of money as discount and dollar stores have most of what you need. Order any special foods, such as a gender reveal cake or cupcakes, a deli tray, or catered meal.

Step #5 Relax and Enjoy

If you need to do so, enlist some help to make sure everything for your gender reveal party goes smoothly. You do not want to exhaust yourself getting ready for your gender reveal party. Once you have followed these steps, you should be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

Whatever you decide to do for your gender reveal party, make sure to take plenty of pictures. You want to remember how you revealed your baby’s gender. Also, you can share pictures of your gender reveal party not only with your family and friends, but also with your child when they get older. Have fun and enjoy your gender reveal!