When you’re looking for something to do with a frisbee, there are lots of games available beyond simply throwing it back and forth. There are plenty of games with frisbees perfect for two people or fifty, or ones that use a single disk or several.

These 12 frisbee games share their rules and tell you how many players they need so you can have a great time.

Frisbee Bowling

Frisbee Bowling

Players needed: 1

Ages: 7 and up

This fun take on bowling can be set up in minutes in your backyard. You can use whatever containers you want for the pins. However, the best option is to collect all your empty plastic water bottles and line them up near your fence. Half-fill the bottles with water so they’ll present some challenge and won’t blow away.

Then, use the same rules as you would for traditional bowling. Use your frisbee to knock down as many pins as you can. You can also play with teams or go solo!

Disc Golf

Players needed: 1

Ages: 12 and up

As one of the more popular frisbee games you’ll find, disc golf is available in parks where you can either rent your frisbees or bring your own. You can even join leagues where people have disc golf tournaments, just like real golf.

The rules to disc golf are almost identical to real golf. The goal is to land your frisbee in a basket-shaped target in as few throws as possible. There are usually eighteen targets lined up throughout a specific area where you walk to the next throwing space after landing your frisbee in a target.

You keep score just like in real golf, with each new target having a specific par you need to aim for. If you come in under par, you will score better than over par.

Occasionally, you’ll find disc golf areas where the targets are posts stuck in the ground or similar, and the goal is to hit the post with your disc. You may find some courses use specific discs that are smaller than typical frisbees. However, all of them embody the same spirit of the game, so; you can enjoy yourself no matter the subtle differences.

Kan Jam

Players needed: 4

Ages: 12 and up

Kan Jam uses two plastic cylinders roughly the same size as garbage cans as targets. You can buy Kan Jams for thirty to forty dollars or make your own.

The object of Kan Jam is to get your frisbee into one of the cylinders, or cans, for points. You can get your frisbee into the can two ways: through a slit near the top of the can or have your partner smack it down into the top of the can as it flies past.

Making your mark into your can’s slit requires lots of skill, but it wins you the game outright. If your frisbee bounces off the side of your can, you gain one point. If your partner successfully whacks the frisbee into the can, you will receive three points. The first team of two to reach 21 points wins.


Players needed: 2 – 4

Ages: 12 and up

Cups is a great beach frisbee game because the sand makes it easy to set up. To get it started, you need four sticks and four cups. Plant two of the sticks into the ground roughly a foot apart, and then set up the other two sticks in the same way 35 feet from the original pair. Take your four cups and place them on top of the sticks upside down. Then, split into teams.

The object of the game is to knock the cup off of the opposing team’s stick. If you do, you win a point. However, if you hit their stick with your frisbee, knocking off the cup, and the other team manages to catch the cup before it hits the ground, you don’t get your point. If one team manages to knock down both cups of their rivals, they win the game.


Players needed: 6 – 10

Ages: 12 and up

For this game, there is nothing you need other than a frisbee and a little backyard space.

Divide your numbers into two teams and stand 25 feet apart. A thrower from each team will take turns passing the frisbee between the two groups. Every time the frisbee comes towards your group, someone must bump or “tip” the frisbee with a hand, foot, or head towards one of their teammates so they can catch it.

If your teammate catches the frisbee after you tip it towards them, your team gets a point. If two people manage to tip the frisbee before it’s caught, you get two points. If no one catches the frisbee, it is worth zero points. However, you can also add more points for tipping with an appendage other than your hand.

To make the game harder, only use one hand to catch the frisbee.

Hot Box

Hot Box

Players needed: 6 – 12

Ages: 12 and up

Frisbee games played on a field or in a gym can give you lots of room to run around and have a good time. Hot Box is one such game.

How it works is you must mark out a four-by-four foot box in the center of your playing area. This is the Hot Box, and if you catch a frisbee while standing in it, you score. The entire area around the Hot Box is free for play.

Divide your numbers into two teams. Each team can score in the Hot Box, but first, they must make six passes amongst their players. If you make the six passes, only then can one of your teammates stand in the Hot Box and be ready to catch it.

If your team scores, you will still have possession of the frisbee, but you will once again need to pass six times before trying to score a second time. You can intercept a pass to steal the frisbee for your own team.

Tic Tac Toss

Players needed: 2

Ages: 5 and up

If you don’t have a lot of space, Tic Tac Toss is one of the better frisbee yard games you can do. Simply set up a playing area so that there are nine open squares within a square shape, three squares by three, just like a typical Tic Tac Toe board. You can set up this area on the grass with string or jump ropes or on a blanket with rope or tape.

The game proceeds just like Tic Tac Toe, with each player or team throwing their frisbee into a square at a time. The object of the game is to get three in a row, either straight across, up and down, or diagonally, before the other team.

Generally, this game uses at least 12 frisbees to complete, but if you only have one or two frisbees, you can still pull it off. Simply use the frisbee for each turn, but mark the place where it landed so you can still see which squares are yours. You can use shoes, hats, or anything you can think of to mark your place. Just be sure you know which markers belong to which team.


Players needed: 4

Ages: 7 and up

Jackpot is one of the more beloved frisbee games for kids because it’s so fun.

One person acts as the tosser, and the rest are catchers. The tosser stands several meters away from the rest of the group and throws the frisbee in their direction, usually over their heads. As they throw, the tosser will call out how many points the frisbee is worth.

The person who catches the frisbee will get the points. If you hit the frisbee and it falls to the ground before you can catch it, you will receive negative points in the same amount that the frisbee was worth. The first person to reach 500 points becomes the new tosser.

Throwing Race

Players needed: 4 – 30

Ages: 5 and up

This game is ideal for larger groups of people, especially if they want to work on their tossing and catching skills.

To start, divide into two teams. Each team will divide into two sides, so they can pass their frisbee back and forth. How far apart you stand from your teammates is up to you.

The object of this game is to see how many successful catches you can make before the other team. The first team to reach 20 successful catches wins.

When you have more players, you can line up your extra teammates behind your thrower and your catcher. After your first thrower tosses the frisbee, they go to the back of the line. The next person in line becomes the new catcher. Once they catch (or fail to catch) the frisbee, they then become the next thrower, and so on.


Players needed: 8 – 10

Ages: 12 and up

Not to be cute, but Guts requires guts to play. The object of the game is for your team to make more catches than the opposing team. However, you must catch a frisbee that the opposing team throws, and the opposing team must throw the hardest, fastest frisbee they can.

This game can get very intense, especially with each thrower doing their utmost to deliver the toughest-to-catch frisbee imaginable.

When your team is catching, you must catch the frisbee with one hand to score a point. To do so, you can use appendages or body parts to slow down the frisbee’s speed until one of you can safely catch it. This technique is similar to the game Tips above, but it’s not a necessary part of the rules.

Every time your team catches the frisbee, you get a point. Before you play, both teams must agree on how many points will win the game. You can also play without points given if you simply want to experience the rush of taking a bullet-fast frisbee head-on.

Ultimate Frisbee

Players needed: 10 – 14

Ages: 7 and up

Just like Disc Golf, there are leagues for Ultimate Frisbee lovers to play within an organization. Ultimate Frisbee is similar to soccer or football, with a frisbee twist. You can play in a gym or on a field, just so long as you can clearly mark out end zones.

Divide your group into two even teams. Each team will have an end zone to defend. You must pass the frisbee between your teammates until you catch it in the opposing team’s endzone, which will score you a point.

Once you catch the frisbee, you cannot take another step until after you toss the frisbee. You can, however, pivot on your foot to throw to your teammates.

When you catch the frisbee inside the other team’s endzone, you must give it up to the other team and defend your endzone against their players. You can intercept passes, but you cannot take another step until you pass on the frisbee.

Pool Jump

Pool Jump

Players needed: 2

Ages: 5 and up

If you’re looking for frisbee water games, this one doesn’t require much to set up and play. All you need is a pool and a frisbee. Someone needs to act as the thrower, while another person is the catcher. The thrower tosses the frisbee over the pool as the catcher leaps over the water to try and grab it before it falls in.

The object of this game is to have fun catching frisbees, so you can be as creative as you want while jumping, catching, or throwing. You can even leap into the pool off of a diving board if you have one available.


If you’re out and about with a frisbee, these 12 frisbee games can give you an idea of what to do with it. You can choose to follow these rules as strictly as possible or improvise to better suit your friends. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to have fun throwing the disc around!