You’re sweet on her, she rocks your world, and you have your own love story in the making. Terms of endearment are affectionate, romantic and show your unique bond. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, to paraphrase Shakespeare, and your lady will love the special names you have for her.

They express your love and can be public pet names or ones you use in private. Either way, she’ll feel unique and special. Do you have a list of pet names to call your girlfriend?



She’s got you sweet talking’ and makes you float on cloud nine. Your girlfriend is a sweetheart and adores you. If you’re newly dating and just can’t remember her name, skip it. It’s way too generic then.


She’s all that and more; your pet name for your girlfriend can be a combo name. A little extra saucy something sexy that she’ll love. Pet names for your girlfriend add fun to your relationship.

Darling heart

If your dear is a little conservative but has a poet’s soul, this one will make her feel very special – more than just darling …you’re a darling heart and yours alone.


Do her sweet kisses enchant you? Well, she’s sweet on you too and will love being reminded just how much you like kissing her!


The game is addictive, and so is your girlfriend. You’re crushing on her, and she’ll enjoy being reminded you’re a big fan.


Honey and Bunny are cute too, put them together, and she’ll be melting and looking at you with love shining in her eyes. Cute things to call your girlfriend will brighten her day.


Yes, it’s the fairytale princess in all girls. Calling your girlfriend princess reminds her that your fairytale has just begun. Cue, glass slippers, and a big pumpkin!


French is the language of love, and there’s something so sexy about speaking French to her. You don’t have to be fluent, but your girlfriend will adore being called a lady in French.


She’s purr- fect and loves cats! If your girlfriend adores kittens, then this one is a cutie.


You think she’s a heavenly creature who is truly special. In fact, you’re pretty sure she came down from heaven to me you and will enjoy hearing just how amazing you think she is.

Angel Eyes

She and girls hypnotize you love compliments and saying her eyes are beautiful will be a total winner. Double points for Angel and Eyes!

Sweetie Pie

Your girlfriend melts your heart all the time, and you feel all soft and goey. Remind her just how sweet you think she is.

Love Muffin

This combo is good but never Muffin alone. We’re far too conscious of “muffin tops” – the little bit of extra flesh that can sit above our jeans. (Also known as “love handles.”)


Did she ever read the series? It doesn’t matter – all that is important is that she’ll love being reminded of the effect she has on you!

Boo Boo

This one is for couples who are part of a “Boo” – you’re your own little family, and she’ll love feeling super close to you. Skip it if you’re newly dating.


Is your girlfriend a bright and warm person? Lighting you up too? Have you got sunshine…on a cloudy day? Cue music and instant good feeling!

Lady Luck

Does your girlfriend bring you good fortune? A secret lucky charm? She’ll enjoy knowing that she brings you that X – factor!


No, not that Snookie – but the loved-up versions: snookums, Snookie, and snookiecheeks if you’re feeling the love on tap.


Did you know she was Trouble when she walked in? Like Taylor Swift, maybe your babe rocked your world from the start. She’ll love the lyric comparison to T Swift.


You’ll bow down to her, and she’ll love being reminded that, to her, she is majestic. All girls practice wearing a tiara!


This one needs a cheeky wink as a reminder that you’re under her spell and not being mean! Her love is some kind of sorcery, and you swear you remember being a frog.


This classic English endearment is for the lady who has a soft spot for animals, a cute pet name for your girlfriend that will have her coming in for snuggles.


Uniquely pretty, this is for nature lovers and the girl who loves hiking and holding your hand. Not for the squeamish and faint of heart bug fearing lass. Nicknames for girlfriends make them feel adored.


This one is for a veggie loving Princess and Eco-warrior girl. Does your girlfriend love save the planet? Cinderella in recycled tie-dye. She’ll love it.


Because you just can’t get enough of her sweet smile and fun spirit, a retro nod to an era where men were men and women didn’t mind being called baby. Warning: not for everyone.


What woman doesn’t like being reminded of how beautiful you think she is? She’ll glow and adore the nickname you have for her. No, it never gets old.


See Gorgeous. And no, it doesn’t ever, ever, get tiring to hear you’re the apple of someone’s eye. Your girlfriend will adore this classic pet name.


You’ll need to plan a date with spaghetti bolognaise, and share a long noodle, for this one to work its magic. A classic nod to a cute cinema kiss, your girlfriend, will not like the Tramp part though!


You’re Edward and an immortal vampire who has fallen hopelessly in love with a mortal, for this one to work. You’re “Bella” about her, and crazy in love.


Does your girlfriend enjoy swimming and the sea? Girls dream of being mystical princess mermaids and enchanting you! Your girlfriend will appreciate this nickname if she does.


A little nod to her bewitching beauty and powers over you, she captivates and holds a secret power over you. Let the games begin.


Like Queen and Princess, all girls have a fantasy of being royalty. You’ll be her Duke or King, and command over all your subjects – even if it’s just your pets!

Lady Jane

Well, not Jane, but your girlfriend’s name. Being landed gentry is also fun make-believe, your humble home your Manor in the countryside. Does your girlfriend like history and reading, she’ll love being Lady Jane.


This name to call your girlfriend is a sexy little reminder that the Sparks are flying and she sets your heart racing. If she’s a Katy Perry Fan she’ll love “Firework” too – she adds color and energy to you. Unstoppable!



For the girlfriend who loves the color and is arty, paints up a storm and brings your life to HD. She’ll adore being reminded of how creative and zesty she is.


If you’re about to tie the knot, this one’s a cutie. If not, skip it out. It’s a little wink to your future as Mr. and Mrs. cue blushing bride.


She lights up your world like a diamond, also one for a more long-term girlfriend. You don’t want to get her hopes up if there is not going to be a sparkler of a rock in her future.


A classic nod to the famous love story, you don’t need to live in Verona for this timeless nickname to work. It’s romantic, and visions of a great love will make her feel super special.


She’s your candy girl, and young at heart. Not a name for everyone but if she has a sweet tooth too, she’ll totally appreciate it.


Because she’s a foxy lady, with a special something that makes you “grrrrrrr”! Your girlfriend will love it!


Because she gets your motor going! Double points for “Sexy” and complimenting her figure!


If “sexy” is a bit too bold to use in public, you can always compliment her character. Is your girlfriend a courageous, strong, opinionated woman?


Because these creatures are just too cute, and cuddly! Not a nickname to choose if your girlfriend is on the curvy side!


Do you love your girlfriend’s pretty feet and toes? She’ll adore this special compliment to her feet!


Is your girlfriend a smart cookie? Complimenting her IQ is a high five every time.


It’s a cute one if your girlfriend loves raiding the cookie jar! Not one to use if she is on the curvy side.

Miss Cupid

Because she has stolen your heart and her love arrows have stricken you! Cue warm and fuzzy feeling.


She’s the apple of your eye and rosy-cheeked, and the unique meaning will make her think of you every time she snacks on the healthy fruit.


Is your girlfriend a fun, bubbly babe? Fizzing with energy and giggles? She’ll enjoy the quirky pet name.


Does your girlfriend enjoy taking selfies? Thus compliment to her hobby or career will be music to her ears.


Because you just can’t enough of her sweet love! She’ll love reminding of how irresistible she is to you.


Not just a pretty flower but a nod to Titanic, and a love that is as deep as the ocean. You’ll do anything, just like Jack, for your lady love.


You think she’s iconically sexy and the pin-up of your dreams. Comparing her to this famous Hollywood legend will have her smiling all day.

Bubble or Squeak

The English rhyming slang for cabbage and bacon is great if she likes cooking. One of you is bubble and the other squeak.


Complimenting her soft nature and kindness will have her feeling very special to you. Double points for being an Angel who stole your heart!


Because her smile lights up your world, if she is overweight not a wise choice, naturally.


Is your girlfriend a little feisty? If she enjoys speaking her mind plainly, she’ll love a nod to her bold character.


Is your girlfriend a gentle soul who wouldn’t hurt a fly? Meek and mild, sweet and soft? Your little LoveLamb!

Cuddle Bug

Another nod to how much you adore her tender touch, and feeling the love! All day long if you could.


A little cheeky compliment to her assets – and a public friendly wink wink to her great figure! Yup, she’ll love it.


You think she’s your top lady and as gorgeous as any swimsuit wearing cover girl! Meow! Foxy lady!


Does your girlfriend enjoy cocktails? Is she pretty ‘n pink? The life of the party? She’ll love this quirky pet name.


Is your girlfriend a gamer or fan of collectibles? Bright and quirky? She’ll love this nod to the famous character.


Is your girlfriend an action queen? Big gamer or a fan of Miss Croft? Your personal pet name will keep her buzzing all day.


This one is for mystery fans, and you can be Watson. Partners in a Love crime. Have fun and enjoy the fantasy.


For fans of the cult classic series X-files, you’re partners who investigate strange encounters. You are Mulder, and she is your Love Investigator.

Nurse Jane

This one may be a private pet name, when you may need her tender care. She’ll enjoy the wink and appreciate the compliment to how much you need her special touch.



Is your girlfriend a laugh a minute, brighter than sunshine spirit? She’ll enjoy the compliment to her fun nature.


No, not that kind! For private, you are her Love Slave. Under her command and will obey. She’ll get a thrill from being your Mistress.


From the Angels to you, she’s one in a million, and you adore her. It’s a quirky combo and reminder of just how amazing she is.


A classic pet name for your girlfriend, that never gets old. It never goes out of fashion. It’s reserved for your babe.


Addressing with this name makes her feel that she is just fantastic, and totally rocks your world. Is she a fun loving, energy ball- always have a blast when you’re together!


A cute reminder that your lovely girlfriend is an Angel, and mortal earthling. She’ll love the comparison and unique compliment.


Is your girlfriend a Harry Potter fan? Unless you’ve both graduated from Hogwarts, you can have fun with your Muggle status.

Jedi Jane

Are you Star Wars fans? Who is the master, who is the apprentice? That’s up to you two to decide.


Like a foxy lady, this one will remind her of her seductive powers. Your girlfriend will enjoy this sexy nickname.


Is your girlfriend a charming Southern belle at heart? Being compared to Ms. O’ Hara or Ms. Johansen will have her feeling like a Hollywood star.


Sweet and delicious, just like her kisses. Your girlfriend will love reminding that you’re sweet on her. Caramel toffee, sticky sweet!


This one is for your sweetie pie and you can’t, like dessert, resist her. Not a good one if your lady love is on the curvy side.


She’s a hottie who gets you all hot and bothered. Reminding her that she’s a smoking hot babe will never get old.


She’s your minx but a cutie too; she has a soft spot for nature and little creatures too. Your girlfriend will love it.

Mrs. Jones

Have fun with this nod to the classic older woman seductress. You, of course, will be the younger man who tempts her. If she’s sensitive about her age, then skip it.


Old folklore says these creatures’ bewitched sailors, and she has a power over you. Mermaids with hypnotic powers to seduce!


Acknowledging your girlfriend’s distracting seductive powers will earn you triple points at least. She’ll love the sexy nickname.


Does your lady make an effort to wow you all the time? Complimenting her will make her smile all day long.

Miss Strawberry

Because they’re seductive fruit and you find her delectable, one for private, melted chocolate optional.


She may not be in a bottle but can grant you many wishes. Have fun with a little make-believe and her magical powers over you. You only have three…..or more if you like.


No, not the dog or kinky games but the feisty rollerblading heroine from the movie, your action babe can take on the world.


Like Mila Kunis maybe your girlfriend is a long last Royal Princess from a distant galaxy. Have fun with a little sci-fi nickname.


Everyone loves action heroes! This pet name will remind her that she has superpowers over you. No cape required.


Is your girlfriend petite and a charmer? Your lovely lady may enjoy being compared to this magical fairy.


She’s your all American, apple pie loving a babe with an inner cheerleader on tap! She’s your Betty.


Is your girlfriend a little more seductive? A little darker around the edges? She’s your Veronica and a scorcher.



This one is for private time and a reminder of how attractive you find her. No, she won’t mind. It’s a classic endearment.


It’s a little retro pet name; all you need is a vintage convertible and milkshakes served by roller skating waitresses. She’ll feel like a 50’s pin up all day long.


It’s a cutie pie nickname for the girl who adores animals. She’s your love bunny every day.


You’re sweet on her, and she’s the cream in your coffee. A cute nickname, just adds a Southern drawl.


If she has a great pair, she’ll enjoy the sexy compliment. If not, do skip it out.


This one is for private time and a little sexy name for the lady who has an adventurous spirit. Auto-skip if your lady is not.


Because you lose time thinking about her, and she’ll love reminding that she’s on your mind.

Maid Marion

You’re dashing Robin Hood, and she’s local gentry. It’s against the rules, but you’re in love. Have fun with this literary pet name for your true love.