One would hope that when it comes to church groups and faith-based activities and programs there would never be a lack of funds and the resulting need to raise money. However, sometimes a church has more programs than the budget has money for. When this happens, the decision must be made to either find the funds or cut the activity or program.

In this article we share some church fundraising ideas to help you find the money necessary to meet the financial needs of various groups and projects. We have top fundraising ideas you will want to use year after year. Consistent use of favorite fundraisers guarantees sponsor participation and returning donors.

Before you begin any fundraiser, consider the following:

  • What is the upfront investment?
    You may need funds to raise funds. Make sure you have enough money to invest in your product or idea. Consider a no upfront cost fundraiser if money is not available. An internet search will disclose several.
  • How many people will be participating?
    You may have only a few people ready and willing to help with the fundraiser, or you may have a large group ready to do so. Make sure the fundraiser you choose fits the number of participants.
  • How much money do you need to raise?
    A fundraiser to provide money for a small group to minister to a family needs to raise much less than a fundraiser for a teen group traveling abroad on a summer trip. You must consider the amount you need to raise before you choose your fundraiser.
  • Are your expectations realistic?
    Prepare and plan to make sure you are not disappointed with the results of your fundraiser. It is disappointing to put a great deal of time and effort into a fundraiser and not get the money needed. Also, make sure your fundraiser is not so complicated and time-consuming that it is difficult to get people to participate.

Church Fundraising Ideas

Church Fundraising Ideas

Church Fundraising Ideas for Teens

Frequently, the church budget does not include funds for trips, camp, and other youth activities. Those involved in working with the teens must create their own fundraising events. Your teen church fundraising idea must be fun and easy if you are going to get the teens to participate.

  • In the summer, choose a car wash.
  • Fall bake sales work well if you can enlist parents to bake your products.
  • Christmas fundraisers of cookie dough or candle sales can serve as continual annual fundraisers if they meet with success.

Church Fundraising Idea for a Mission Programs

An annual cookbook with favorite recipes from your members provides ongoing funds for your mission program. Do not just have the recipes, but include paragraphs about the mission, its programs, and participants, emphasizing success and how church funds meet expenses, as doing so will increase sales. You may wish to include a donation form at the end of the cookbook for additional solicitation of funds.

Church Fundraising Ideas for a Church Choir

Highlight the talents of your choir participants with an annual concert. Do not simply rely on ticket sales, but also sell concessions before the program and during the intermission. Holidays are perfect times to offer such an event.

Church Fundraising for a New Building or Refurbishing of a Current One

Write a fundraising letter to members of the congregation, both past and present if you need a large amount of money for a building fund. You may have a member with a talent for producing persuasive copy, but if you don’t consider hiring a professional to create your appeal for funds.

Quick and Easy Church Fundraising Ideas

Quick and Easy Church Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes you need a quick and easy church fundraising idea that can be done with very little expense. Although you can order a product to sell on-line, it takes time for the product to arrive and to get your group involved in selling. The following fund-raising ideas take almost no time to set up and provide funds quickly and easily.

Host a Chili Cookoff

You only need a few days to throw together a chili cookoff. Notify members on a Tuesday or Wednesday that you are hosting a chili cookoff on Friday or Saturday evening. Charge five to ten dollars to bring a crock pot of chili and enter the contest. Then charge “judges” – the members of your congregation – when they purchase individual bowls of chili. Everyone votes for their favorite chili. You can also sell drinks and desserts. Present the winner with a framed certificate.

Mow Lawns or Clean Houses

Grab your mowers, load them into a church van or a donated pick-up truck and have your teens head out to mow neighborhood lawns for a small fee. If the weather is not good for lawn mowing, clean houses or wash windows instead.

Host a Church Game Night

Get on the phone or use the church’s mailing phone calling list to contact families about a family game night. Host the event in the church building on a Friday or Saturday night and offer refreshments for a small fee. Set up tables and have a variety of board games. Have winners play with winners until one player is left – your grand champion. You can also ask for donations for your project or program.

Have a Lost Treasure Hunt

Everyone has a place they stash their change in their home or car. Allow a few days for the congregants to look for their “treasure” around the house, under couch cushions, and in their cars. If you wish, you may set up a large container in the church foyer to collect the “treasure” on the upcoming Sunday.

It would be great of funds for church needs were always plentiful. However, congregations usually want to do more than simply meet on Sunday, pay the preacher, and purchase Bible school materials. An active, vibrant congregation has programs for all ages, meets the physical needs of their members and those in need within the community, and has outreach programs both foreign and domestic. Funds are necessary and our article will help you find ways to earn needed money that are both fun and successful. Read, choose a fundraising method, and enjoy!