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23 New Year’s Eve Party Games and Ideas to Celebrate 2021!

New Year’s Eve Party Games

Almost everyone attends a party on New Year’s Eve. Make your party original with our New Year’s Party ideas for food and fun. Our New Year’s Eve party games for every age help create a memorable party guests will talk about all year long. Most only require a bit of planning and no special supplies. So, get ready for the best New Year’s party ever!

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31 Tricky Lateral Thinking Puzzles (with Answers)

31 Super Fun Lateral Thinking Puzzles (Riddles)

Lateral thinking is defined as the solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light. Lateral thinking is used to move from a known idea to create new ideas. The skill of thinking laterally can be acquired through practice and use. Doing so provides the key to innovative thinking and creativity. Continue reading

76 Great Riddles For Adults (Hard & Easy)

76 Tricky Riddles For Adults (Christmas)

It seems we never outgrow our love of riddles, especially when they are perfect for an adult audience. In this article, we share some easy riddles for adults to get you started. Then we tickle your funny bone with some funny adult riddles. You’ll enjoy challenging your friends and family with our “What Am I?” riddles for adults. Then, after you get warmed up, we have some hard riddles for adults, some of which are very tricky. This article closes with some Christmas riddles for adults perfect for enlivening your holiday party. Riddle away!
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64 Best Halloween Writing Prompts (& Story Ideas)

64 Best Halloween Writing Prompts (Story Ideas)

Halloween has increased in popularity with many countries around the world celebrating, although the dates and names for the celebration may vary. In the United States, Halloween celebrations occur on October 31. Latin American countries celebrate the Day of the Dead for three days from October 31 to November 2. Wherever you live, one of the major components of this celebration is a concentration upon skulls, skeletons, and things unexpected, unusual, and scary.
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140 GREAT Philosophical Questions To Ask

140 Best Philosophical Questions To Ask Everyone

Philosophy is the study of, or the attempt to understand, the root nature of reality, existence, and knowledge. Philosophical questions have no set answers. In fact, asking a philosophical question frequently leads to more (seemingly unanswerable) questions. The key to answering a philosophical question is an open mind. One must think critically, systematically, and clearly. Answering philosophical questions helps us understand ourselves and the world around us. We have included deep philosophical questions, hard to answer philosophical questions, and some that are fun and funny. Enjoy an afternoon or evening of speculation alone or with friends.
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87 Best Indoor Activities (For Adults & For Kids)

Sometimes we choose to stay inside and sometimes inclement weather, illness, or another situation makes it necessary to spend time indoors. Whatever the reason, sheltering in your home becomes enjoyable with indoor activities. In this article, we have indoor activities for kids and adults, as well as indoor games for kids, pre-schoolers through teens. Our suggestions take almost nothing in the way of preplanning or additional equipment. Read on to find your favourites and enjoy indoor time.
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28 Top Moral Dilemma Questions [+ Scenarios & Examples]

28 Top Moral Dilemma Questions (Scenarios/Examples)

Morality is defined as the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour (Oxford Dictionary). What makes these questions dilemmas is an individual’s definition of right and wrong or good and bad. However, in a time when many question our national moral character, pondering what to do in various situations can be a positive exercise preparing an individual for worst and best case scenarios.
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