Bulletin board creation usually elicits one of two responses. “Yeah, I get to assemble one,” or “Oh, no! What in the world will I use for that space?” Either response needs a new, creative, and fun idea for bulletin board creation.

When one thinks of bulletin boards, one usually thinks of schools and classrooms. Bulletin boards inform, teach, and help with classroom decoration. Our article shares unique and practical school bulletin board ideas for many occasions. We have back-to-school, holiday, and seasonal bulletin board ideas. We also have bulletin board ideas for holidays and other special occasions. Some of our bulletin board designs can be up for months or even the entire school year. So, whether you like to decorate your room once a year or change bulletin boards every month, our article will meet your bulletin board needs.

A few guidelines you should follow when creating bulletin boards include:

  • Make sure your bulletin board conveys the message or intent clearly.
    Decide before writing your text what you want your audience to remember or the action you wish them to take, and make sure your bulletin board meets your goals.
  • Keep bulletin board content concise and easy to understand.
    You need to consider your audience when creating the pictures and text for your bulletin board. The age, interests, and education level are all important.
  • Make sure your bulletin board is colorful and colors fit your content.
    The colors you choose for your bulletin board should suit the topic. Bright, bold colors convey action. Subtle, light colors have a calming effect.
  • Create an attention-grabbing bulletin board.
    You do not want your message ignored by your intended audience. The words and colors should reach out and grab interest.

Whether you are a school or Bible class teacher, a business owner, or the supervisor of a work group, we have bulletin board ideas for you.

Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

Each year, when school begins, teachers search for original and appropriate back-to-school bulletin board ideas. You want something different, easy to understand, and eye-catching. Including your students’ names personalizes your bulletin board and makes it memorable. A message of welcome creates a warm and thoughtful bulletin board. Choose one of the following ideas at the beginning of this school year. You will be glad you did!

“Welcome to Your Grade” Bulletin Board Idea

Introduce your students to each other and let them share something fun about themselves. Students create “I am” statements on small colorful squares of paper with their name. You can also have students in lower grades complete copied statements saying, “Hello! My name is ______ and I like (am) _________.” The slips of paper can be used for an introductory game where students introduce themselves to each other on the first day of school. The heading for the bulletin board reads “Welcome to ______ Grade” or “All About Our _____ Grade Class.” Choose bright lettering for the heading with matching slips of paper.

“We Are the Super Class” Bulletin Board Idea

Superheroes are popular and this bulletin board idea implies your students are super heroes. Head your bulletin board with the title “______ (Insert Grade Name) Grade Superheroes.” Use dark blue bulletin board paper for the background with silhouettes of black buildings. Place yellow construction paper windows on each building. Cut out cape shapes from red construction paper and use black marker to write the name of each student. Post these on the dark blue sky. Alternatively, post a small picture of each student with their name on each cape. This bulletin board not only introduces your students, but also builds their confidence.

Seasonal Bulletin Board Ideas

Gone are the days of fall leaves, snowmen, and flowers. You want something more creative for your seasonal bulletin boards. We have included a few familiar seasonal bulletin board elements to convey the message clearly, but our ideas provide fresh and original approaches.

Fall Bulletin Board Idea

“A Harvest of Good Books”

Print colored book covers from grade-appropriate books and arrange them on an orange or brown background. Create a border of leaves and have students write their name and the title of the book they read during the fall term on the leaves provided.

Winter Bulletin Board Idea

“Sled into Adventure”

Brown sled cutouts on a white “snow” background display student poems with winter themes. You can use this theme with any subject area, by simply varying the posted information or student work.

Spring Bulletin Board Idea

“Grow in Learning ______”

Flowers drawn or colored by your students become backgrounds for student papers or subject content, such as math facts, steps in equations, or parts of speech. Complete the bulletin board title with the appropriate subject area name. Use bright colors such as red, yellow, and orange for flowers on a sky-blue background. Add some fluffy white cotton clouds or a bright yellow sun if you wish.

End of School Bulletin Board Ideas

  • “Have an Exciting Summer!”
    Choose educational opportunities and local spots of interest to include on your end-of-school bulletin board. A collection or brochures and pictures posted on a colorful background will encourage students to pursue some learning experiences over the summer break.
  • “Reading Brings Adventure!”
    Encourage your students to read during the summer with book covers and titles encouraging a spirit of adventure posted on a neon colored background. Books about famous historical characters, inventors, and athletes provide fuel for dreams about future accomplishments.

Holiday Bulletin Board Ideas

Holiday Bulletin Board Ideas

Choose traditional colors to create your holiday bulletin board ideas, but make sure your message and other content is unique. We have included ideas for the most frequently celebrated holidays, but you will find ideas for less well-known holidays which may be unique for your student population or area of the country with some on-line research.

Halloween Bulletin Board Idea

“Don’t Scare Away Good Grades”

List how to make good grades, format or edit a paper, or the steps for doing a math problem. Surround with bats, spider webs, or ghosts cut out by your students.

Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

Surround your bulletin board with twinkling lights, tinsel, or tiny, colorful ornaments. Choose one of the following titles or come up with your own:

  • “Unwrap Your Potential”
    Open boxes display characteristics of a successful student, such as organized, disciplined, produces neat work in a timely manner, prepared in advance, strives to do their best in all areas, and works well with others.
  • “Give the Gift of Caring”
    Help your students recognize the need to share with others during the holiday season. Adopt a family and provide toys, clothes, food, and other items. List ages and some information about each family member, including a list of suggested items. Mount all information on a large Christmas box in the center of the bulletin board. Place hearts around the outside for a colorful border.
  • “Light Up Someone’s Life”
    Do a classroom gift exchange. Alternatively, have students draw names, give a small gift each of the twelve days before they leave for holiday, and reveal “secret” Santas the day before the holiday break. Use Christmas lights as a border.

Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Idea

“Sweet Thoughts”

Conversation hearts provide inspiration for a clever Valentine’s Day bulletin board. Cut out pastel hearts and have your students write two or three-word statements, such as:

  • Be Mine
  • Text Me
  • Hugs First
  • Like You Lots

Adhere the hearts to a white background with a multi-colored pastel stripped border.

St. Patrick’s Day Bulletin Board Idea

“Golden Character Traits of _______ Graders”

On gold coins list positive character traits, such as kind, generous, friendly, etc. This bulletin board can serve for longer by using each character trait for individual students who are chosen as students of the month, example, “_______ (student’s name) is kind.” Have the golden coins falling into a black pot. Outline the board with small shamrocks.

Eastertime Bulletin Board Ideas

Easter eggs, flowers, and bunnies all illicit thoughts of spring and Easter. However, you may wish to use something unique and memorable for your Eastertime bulletin board. Try one of the following:

  • “Animals That Come from Eggs”
    Create a clever science bulletin board suitable for most ages explaining that lizards, snakes, fish, and birds all lay eggs, not just chickens. Find pictures of the various egg-laying animals. Use a green background and, if you wish to add an Easter-themed element, put multi-colored decorated Easter eggs around the edge for your border.
  • Fly High!
    This bulletin board is designed for encouragement and to help motivate students whose interest may be lagging. Bulletin boards do not need to stop at the top and sides. Use cutouts of colorful birds on the branches of a flower-covered tree. Adhere some to the wall above the bulletin board. Make your birds fairly large and use bright colors. Your birds can be as realistic or fanciful as you wish.

Special Occasion Bulletin Board Ideas

Special occasions for your class and individual students call for special bulletin board ideas. For example, you might wish to have a birthday bulletin board each month. A good idea is to post a picture of students whose birthdays fall within the month and have an envelope for each to open on their birthday (or the Friday before if their birthday falls on a weekend). In the envelope place a “reward” such as free ice cream at lunch or extra free time during class on their birthday.

Any time your class excels or has a special event you should create a bulletin board for recognition. Try one of the following ideas.

A Bulletin Board Idea for Meeting a Classroom Goal

“We Did It!”

Whether it is end-of-grade tests, meeting reading growth goals, or physical education challenges, this bulletin board celebrates the success of the entire class. Create rolled white paper scrolls to announce progress and accomplishments. Use bright marker colors such as yellow, orange, or red for lettering. Post on a background of bright blue with a contrasting darker blue border.

A Bulletin Board Idea for Individual Student Accomplishments

“Hats Off to the ____ Grade”

Celebrate the entire class when they achieve a goal together. Multi-colored stars on a black or dark blue background show names of those reaching their individual goals or the goals themselves. You can use either large or small stars. Surround the board with gold or silver foil border scallops.

A Bulletin Board Idea for Teacher Appreciation Week

“Show Your Appreciation”

Let the entire school know what they can purchase to show their teachers their appreciation. Have teachers complete a list like the following:

  • Favorite candy
  • Favorite local place to eat
  • Favorite color
  • Favorite flower
  • Hobbies and Interests

Post the lists on individual red hearts on a large hallway bulletin board. You can also use the same theme for “Secretary Week” and “Show Our Support Staff Your Appreciation.” Skip a month between to avoid having your students and parents lose interest in participating.

Church Bulletin Board Ideas

Church Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards also serve non-educational locations, such as churches and businesses. Church hallway walls can serve as sources for information, teaching, and encouraging with appropriately designed bulletin boards.

Use Bible Verses

  • “The Fruit of the Spirit”
    Galatians 5:22-23 New International Version (NIV)
    22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
    Place each “fruit” of the Spirit on an apple, pear, peach, orange, bunch of grapes, large strawberry, melon, etc. Use a cool color for the background and add a scalloped edged border.
  • “A New Creation”
    2 Corinthians 5:17 New International Version (NIV)
    17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: [a] The old has gone, the new is here!
    Have a caterpillar and a butterfly on a colorful flower to represent the transformation one has as a new creature in Christ.

Use Bible Characters

  • “Characteristics of a Christian Woman”
    List some of the characteristics of a Christian woman found in Proverbs 31:10-31. Since the verse mentions that the worthy woman’s worth is greater than rubies, use ruby red for the letters on a lighter background.
  • “Be a Bible Hero”
    Use verses and names of some of the great and well-known Bible heroes to inspire young people. Use action figure colors, such as red, yellow, orange, and bright blue. Put each Bible hero name on a cape shape.

Inform the Congregation

  • Church Bulletin Board Showing Upcoming Events
    Post a large version of the monthly calendar with upcoming events. You can color code for various groups and ages – teens, adults, women, etc.
  • Church Bulletin Board Showing Service Opportunities
    List names of those requesting prayer, in need of assistance, and shut-ins to visit. You can also post information about foreign and domestic mission opportunities.
  • Church Bulletin Board Showing Bible Class Offerings
    Show names of classes being offered each quarter as well as their room location on a map of the church interior helps guests and members participate effectively.

You see bulletin boards everywhere. They help inform, teach, and inspire. Use the ideas in this article to create a simple but effective bulletin board idea for your classroom, church, or business. Your bulletin board is sure to catch the eye and capture the imagination!