We’re only here for heaven knows how long – do you really want to kick the bucket not being able to live your best life? It’s only going to be as fun as you make it! While work, responsibilities, and obligations are important, so too is your mental and emotional well-being.

Indulging in things that make you happy isn’t a waste of time, but an investment for your mind and spirit. So, set aside some time for yourself, plan a trip, and try to squeeze something new into your busy schedule to make life worthwhile.

Building a bucket list can make it easier for you to figure out what you can do next to get a break from routine and enrich your quality of life. But with so many different experiences and activities to see and try around the globe, which ones should you prioritize?

Get started on your bucket list and live your best life ever with this comprehensive list of exciting bucket list ideas!

Create a Time Capsule

What better way to start off your bucket list than with a time capsule? Write a letter to your future self and put it in an airtight container or box. Then find a place where you can put your time capsule knowing that it will stay untouched for the next few decades.

Here’s how to make your own time capsule:

  • Write your personal letter to your future self. Talk about your current struggles, your goals, and where you hope to be. Leave a little something for your future self to see how far you’ve come through the years.
  • Find a container. A sealed air-tight, box that’s water-resistant should be a good choice. If there are other things you want to throw in there too, make sure your letter is contained in a separate plastic to prevent any damage to the writing.
  • Seal your box after filling it up with all the things you want inside. If there are multiple items, keep them separated with smaller containers. For instance, some people like keeping pictures of themselves to see how much they’ve aged. Since photos can be damaged by moisture and heat, keeping prints in plastic zip lock bags can maintain their quality.
  • Find a place to put your capsule. The most ideal place would be an open area far from the city so you can be sure it won’t be used for homes or buildings during your wait. Dig a hole in the ground at least 3 feet deep to protect your package and cover it back up with packed dirt.

You also have the option to put other things in your package, like a bottle of wine that you can age and enjoy when you finally crack open your capsule. Most people look for places in nature to guarantee that it will stay untampered throughout the wait.

To add a little excitement, you can choose to go on a hike and conceal the capsule somewhere on the trail. Give yourself a time-frame when you might want to retrieve the capsule and go on an adventure to unearth it! Read your letter, enjoy the aged wine, and see how far you’ve come after the decades you waited.

Build a Piece of Furniture

There’s a different sense of accomplishment and productivity that comes with being able to make something that you can actually use around the house. The feeling of creating something that lasts, that serves a purpose in your home, can really bring a sense of satisfaction.

The next time you find something that needs to be replaced or purchased for your house, ask yourself – can I build this from scratch? Find an online DIY tutorial and visit your local hardware store. You’ll be surprised what your own two hands can create!

Go on a Trip to Nowhere

When was the last time you tried to be spontaneous? It’s our primary instinct to plan every step, every activity, and every minute of our day. Even on vacations, we feel like we can’t operate without a pre-determined itinerary!

Being spontaneous about plans can help bring you to places you’ve never seen to meet new people and experience new things. So, make time for a day trip. Hop on the first bus to anywhere and see where your feet take you when you travel without a plan.

Mail a Handwritten Letter

Mail a Handwritten Letter

In today’s modern day and age, communication has become instant. Messages can be sent within seconds, letting you talk to anyone from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, while the convenience makes it accessible and easy, the instantaneous nature of communication has caused it to lose some of its value.

If you want to really make it mean something, think of a special person you want to say something important to. Hand write your letter and send it via snail mail. Not only would you put a smile on their face, but you’d be able to enjoy the satisfaction of sending a message the way it was done way back when.

Sleep Under the Stars

It’s easy to forget about nature when you’re living a modern, urbanized lifestyle. But reconnecting with the great outdoors can help you unwind, relax, and formulate new realizations to feed your soul.

Find the best date to sleep under the stars. Days with few clouds and no rain should be ideal. Prep your camping sleeping bag and bug spray, and find a nice outdoor space to lie down and rest.

If you’ve got a friend or a special someone you can share the moment with, then go ahead and invite them! It’s always more meaningful when you have someone you can enjoy the little things with.

Volunteer for a Cause

Is there’s something you’re particularly passionate about? Volunteering for a cause that you support can give you a greater sense of involvement. Acting out and standing up for what you believe in makes you part of the change.
Find an organization that you can volunteer for to help move your cause forward. Perform volunteer work at a charity, and animal shelter, a retirement home – whatever you want to and watch how your seemingly small contribution can make a big change in people’s lives.

Go on a Blind Date

There’s no harm in meeting someone new. And if it you make a love connection after that first date, then you’ve hit two birds with one stone! We’re often too cautious about the way we approach love. Things always need to be calculated and predictable, and we will often only choose people we already know.

But there’s a world’s worth of other individuals out there, so why limit yourself? Go on a blind date and find out what it means to step out of your romantic comfort zone. If it doesn’t work out – don’t sweat it. But if it does, then you might say fate has worked in your favor.

Travel to a Far-Off Destination

Travel to a Far-Off Destination

Some crazy bucket list ideas will tell you to travel the globe, but we all know that financial and time limitations can make that impossible. Instead, plan out and save up for at least one major travel trip throughout your life. Make sure it’s as far from home as possible, in an unfamiliar location.

Immerse yourself in their culture, try their food, meet new people, and see the beauty in what their locality has to offer. Experience life outside the small box you’ve been contained in – you might just find new meaning in your existence.

Try an Extreme Sport

Some of the more common, summer bucket list ideas will tell you to try every single extreme sport you can find. But because that might be a little unrealistic, you might want to stick with just one first.

Every time you go on vacation, ask the hotel or resort you’re staying at if there are any nearby places where you can go scuba diving, paragliding, zip lining, or whatever they might have! Go ahead and give it a go whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Hey, it’s going to be hair-raising and intimidating, but you’ll be happy you did it.

Strike Up a Conversation with a Random Stranger

Stranger danger is something that’s ingrained in our minds as early as we can speak. That’s what keeps us from making friends, meeting new people, and socializing even when it’s only practical.

Here’s a fun on-going activity you can try:

  • Try to visit at least one new coffee shop in each new town or city you visit.
  • Once you’re there, scope out the area to find one person you might want to talk to.
  • Have a list of ready-made questions memorized. These can include asking their name, their work, and a little about their family.
  • When you get home, list down what you learned about that person until you make a directory of coffee shop friends that you can read back on to refresh your mind on all the different people you met by chance.

The next time you find yourself in a quaint little coffee shop, strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Get to know them, talk about yourself, and make a new friend in an unexpected place. You never know they strong bond you might make by simply saying hi.

Rescue an Animal

How many strays have you seen in your entire life? Can you honestly say that you’ve done something significant to help any of them? Rescuing or adopting a stray can be a fulfilling experience, especially as you watch it grow and thrive in your care.

Ask yourself if you have the means and the space to accommodate a new friend in your home. If you do, don’t hesitate to visit your local animal shelter to find a pup or kitten in need of a forever family. If you want to go the extra mile, you might even want to rescue a pet all on your own.

Write and Record a Song

Write and Record a Song

There are loads of talented people who grow old never discovering the kinds of gifts they have. Musical prowess is one that’s most commonly overlooked because people will rarely have the opportunity to explore it.

One of the simple bucket list ideas you can incorporate into your own list includes writing and recording an original song. Write about something that’s important to you, figure out your melody, and find a recording studio where you can put everything together. It’s guaranteed to be an interesting experience that might even lead you to your next new hobby.

Pay It Forward

Humans are naturally wired to be kind, that’s why you get that fuzzy feeling when you do something that you know benefits someone else. To help make it count even more, why not pay it forward for a complete stranger?

The next time you find yourself in line to pay for anything – your morning coffee, groceries, or whatever else – give your cashier some cash you can spare and tell them to apply the value on the next person’s bill.

In some coffee establishments, paying it back has become a major practice, and days will pass before the chain is broken. So why not start the trend and do something special for that random stranger?

Plant a Tree

The call to help the environment is the loudest it’s ever been. Have you done anything to help benefit the world we live in? If every person incorporated at least one eco-friendly item into their bucket list, the world would be a much better place.

Plant a tree at least once in your life. Better yet, organize a small tree planting event and get your friends and family to join. You’d spark a change and make a difference, even if it doesn’t seem too significant at the moment.

Finish a Fun Run

If you’re like most people, you probably fantasize about starting a healthy lifestyle, but always put it off because it’s not easy to adapt the change. But you have to start somewhere! Here’s what you can do:

  • Sign up for a fun run in your area and go for the shortest distance to make it easier for you to reach the finish line.
  • Invite a friend or family member to go with you, or make new friends at the event.
  • Make it a habit to join fun runs in your area regularly, and try to meet someone new at every race you join!

You’ll be surprised to discover just how fun and freeing running can be, and you might just finally be able to stick to that fitness promise once and for all.

Indulge in Making Art

Indulge in Making Art

The last time you held a paintbrush, you were probably in your middle school art class. Not a lot of people realize how therapeutic art can be, and some studies have even found that expressing yourself through different mediums can actually be great for your mental and emotional well-being.

Find an art activity you want to try – whether it’s painting, sculpting, photography, or whatever else – and start an art project! You can finish it over the course of a few hours, or have it as an ongoing task that you can work on whenever you have extra time. Not only should it be relaxing for you, but it also might help you discover a talent you never knew you had.

Live Your Best Life!

These bucket list ideas might not be outlandish or extravagant, but that’s the beauty of using simple bucket list ideas for your own list. Choosing doable, practical, and realistic activities can make it easier to achieve your goal and tick things off your list.

Try to incorporate these straightforward yet cool bucket list ideas into your own plan and see just how a simple act can change the way you feel about life and the wonderful opportunities it brings.