Bridal showers are the best! but they can get a little awkward and boring if you aren’t careful, unlike a bachelorette party where it’s just the bride to be and her girls having crazy fun and acting however they want, a bridal shower is a little more….

Formal could be the word to use, you’ve got the bachelorette party where you’re shooting ping-pong balls into cups of liquor, solving R-rated puzzles and chasing each other down to steal a plastic ring , but at a bridal shower you could have your female relatives, aunties, grooms sisters, and cousins and even your mother-in-law present at the shower.

Now we aren’t sure these set of people would enjoy chugging down cups of liquor and finding what rhymes with G-string, so what kind of games do you play at a bridal shower then?, You want to keep the party popping but not end up looking like a terrible choice for her son to your mother-in-law (if she’s present), never fear!

We have the perfect list for you, and these games can also be played at a wedding shower (with a few adjustments).

Not only will these games help you raise the roof, but you’ll also raise the roof and look good going it.

So without further delay, let’s dive into it, here are 17 great bridal shower games:

How Old Was She?

How Old Was She?

First on our list is the good old guessing game How Old Was She? this easy bridal shower game is one that is very fun and can be played by a large or small group.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Pictures of the bride at varieties of age are gathered together and displayed on a board or wall; sheets of paper are handed out to every guest.
  • Step 2: Guest now have to guess how old she was when each picture was taken, the one with the most correct answers wins and receives a price. This game is quite easy and enjoyable as it can be played while the guest eats and mingle.

How Well Do You Know Him?

Now, this is a great game that the gossip queens, mothers (mother-in-law and brides mom), and sisters will most especially enjoy, this game gives them the chance to throw questions about the groom to the bride and see how well the bride really knows the groom to be.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: A list of tricky questions about the groom to be is compiled by the guest and given to the groom to answer a day before the shower.
  • Step 2: At the bridal shower the questions are thrown at the bride and she must answer all, afterward her answers are compared to those of her Husband to be. If the bride gets all correctly she is given a prize, for each one she fails she has to eat a bitter lemon.

Hint: Sounds fun right? Here’s a sneak peek at some questions that just might leave your bride in a daze:

  • If the groom could bring one person back to life, who would it be?
  • Who is the groom’s celebrity crush?
  • What’s the groom’s best food and how is it prepared?
  • What is the groom’s dream car?
  • What’s the groom’s favorite snack?
  • What’s the groom’s favorite football team?
  • If the groom was trapped on an island and could only make three things appear, what would they be?
  • What was the groom’s first job?
  • What’s the groom’s most used word?
  • When the groom was little, what did he want to be when he grew up?

Find The Guest

Not all of your guest are best of friends definitely and some might just be meeting for the first time, a great game to use as an ice breaker is the “Find the Guest” bridal shower game, it gets everyone together and talking as they try to figure it out.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Pass a checklist to all guest, the aim is to find someone in the party who has a certain characteristic.
  • Step 2: Guest circulates the room to find another guest who…
    Has brown colored eyes
    Has more than two kids
    Has been married for up to ten years
    Speaks a foreign language
    Studied out of the country
    Is wearing red heels
    Has more than three pets
  • Step 3: The guests will chat up themselves in the room to find out who hates traveling, who drove all the way from another state to attend the shower and if anyone doesn’t have an Instagram account.

Cotton Head

This is definitely under the silly games list, it is a very silly set up for fun and though actually makes no sense is very entertaining and fun to play.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: A guest is selected and sits in the middle of the room, she is handed a bowl full of cotton balls and a wooden spoon, and blindfold. Point of the game is to pile as many cotton balls on your head as possible within a particular amount of time, about 20-30 seconds
  • Step 2: The guest who gets the most cotton balls on her head wins a prize.



We all have a celebrity crush, from music to movies to TV or football, everyone has that celebrity they go crazy for (on the inside and outside), this guessing game exposes your celebrity crush in a fun way.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Guest writes the name of her dream celebrity date on a card. Everyone tries to match the date with the guest.
  • Step 2: For more advanced play, have guests fill the other side of the card with their celeb date from hell; you have to guess not only who wrote it, but also which side is which.

Truth And Lie

This section is a very serious and hot one, as many brides find it difficult to engage because it reveals some pasts that they don’t seem comfortable to disclose.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Someone or everybody is selected if the numbers are not much and asks her a question and then decide if the answer was true or a lie.

Nearly-Wed Gossip:

There are always stories to tell and everyone has spice in their relationship, so this game is going to involve the groom to confirm the answers of the bride to be.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: The bride to be is asked questions about her relationship, and the groom will be communicating via Skype, he will give his answers via the video call.
  • Step 2: After the bride responds, someone plays the clip with the groom’s answer. Gossips and overshares will love this one. The bride should know that there could be a case of too much information being revealed in order to be safe from backstabbers, keep it as clean as you can. There is nothing wrong with answers like “I can’t talk about that”

Memory Throwback?

Everybody has that feeling when they remember a place or when they see a picture or probably listening to music, the feeling is so just magical. To keep the vibe on this game is irrefutable.

How to Play:

Note; the bride could get emotional when she sees some pictures immediately take it away from her face and replace it with another that looks freaky, you don’t want to spoil the day.

  • Step 1: 10-15 pictures of the bride and the groom to be are hung with various location and time.
  • Step 2: The guest’s pens down the answer of the bride and groom on where the picture was taken and the person with the most correct answer gets a reward.

Who Had The First EX?

Who had the first EX?

This game is going to be played between the bride and her BFFs, the guests will be the judge.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: The bride and her friends will write the name of who they think has the first exon a card and then submit the names in a box.
  • Step 2: The cards box is then counted by a judge The person who has the highest mention will receive a gift.

The Purse Hunter

This game is very exciting as it gives the female guests a sense of being girly.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: A list of common items found that can be found in the purse of women is made.
  • Step 2: The hunter will search everyone’s purse, to see one who has the most items in her purse, the winner is rewarded with a gift that can be kept in the purse. Items such as Chocolate bar, hair band, lotion, nail paint, lipstick, spray, charger, candy, lollipop, candy etc.

Word Scramble

This can make the bride feels good and can foster friendships between the bride and her close friends.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: The pride will write down words that are very important to her, maybe her name, her hubby’s name, her pet’s name, her street address etc.
  • Step 2: The close friends of the bride are asked to decipher the words to what it means, the fastest wins

Table Turning

This is so cool, you will definitely laugh your hearts out, quite a lot of us does not really know that many people study us and they can really get to be a good guess about our character and lifestyle, this game is very creepy.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Inform the guests earlier before the party starts so they can pick out a script to be acted out about the bride or groom or a scene related to the wedding. For example “Act out the scene of a bride whose gown tore while she was trying to wear it” or “How a groom reacts when he’s about to propose” or a “nervous bride on wedding night”
  • Step 2: The table turns when everyone is asked to act out what they have written. A gift will be given to the most interesting act.

Put The Ring On It

Put the ring on it

Another blast for a bridal shower party game is the “Put a ring on it” game, the great thing about this game is that it last throughout the whole party! One can never get bored at a bachelorette party when this game is going down, you’re gonna spend the whole night looking over your shoulder, in a fun way of course.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Everyone starts the evening with a costume ring. If you say the words bride or wedding, your ring can be stolen by another guest.
  • Step 2: Whoever has stolen the most rings at the end of the party wins. This is a very fun game, it’s simple to set up and that will leave everyone feeling excitedly jumpy.

The bride and Groom Questionnaire.

A few information about the groom and the bride is collected and the guests are asked to answer the questions, this section can be very interesting as there will be very funny and creepy answers

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Over a cold juice and popcorn the guests are asked questions about the bride, the person with the biggest guests gets a price. But the BFF’s of the bride will be exempted. Questions like
    “Who fell in love first?”
    “Who has most Ex’s?”
    “Where did they meet?”
    “Who said I love you first?”
    “Where do you think they want to have their honeymoon?”
    “Where and how did the groom propose?”
    “Have they ever fought? If yes, what was it about?”
    “What does she love most about him?”

Whose Memory?

We all have memories that are treasured; however, we share with our league of BFFs

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Have all the friends write down the memories they had with the bride on a small piece of paper, and the papers are folded in a basket.
  • Step 2: The bride will then be asked to pick the papers one after the other and read them out and the guests guess whose memory it is

Who’s That Couple?

The guests are asked to identify couples in order to poke fun and see how versatile they are.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Color prints of different celebrity couple are made and the pictures are passed to everyone.
  • Step 2: The guests are asked to identify the people in the photo. It will not be easy like Jay-Z and Beyoncé or Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The difficult it is the interesting.

Date Night Ideas;

Date Night Ideas;

This section is one of the most insightful in the game.

How to Play:

  • Step 1: Small cards are passed to the guests while they fill in their suggestions on date nights to make a happy home and couple,
  • Step 2: Everyone reads out their suggestion and their cards are submitted in a basket, the basket will be given to the bride for future use.

This is the end of our list, we hope you loved and enjoyed our bridal shower party games ideas, we do hope you try them out; you’ll definitely have a memorable shower!