Have you ever been to a bachelorette party you didn’t know anyone other than the bride? While bachelorette parties can always end up being a blast, sometimes they can be a little awkward at first if the bride-to-be’s friends, both new and old are just getting to know each other. So how then do you break the ice? How else? With the bachelorette party games!

Why It’s Important?

The thought of that special day alone is enough to leave you in an overexcited yet nervous mood all day long and you just can’t seem to keep all the excitement in, you’re constantly planning for the big day wanting everything to be perfect! Well the bachelorette party is a great way to let loose, forget all the planning and have some fun with your girls before the big day, unlike the bridal shower you don’t have to be composed or start letting loose with some people you don’t know, you can raise your crazy meter to 100% at the bachelorette party.

So let’s get started, here are:

Twelve Great Games to Play at a Bachelorette Party

Twelve Great Games to Play at a Bachelorette Party

Note that this is a compilation of Crazy, Fun, Drinking, Unique, Simple and Special games to play at a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Dare Cards

This game is quite simple yet very fun and challenging, each set includes 12 scratch-off cards each with a unique dare for the guest to complete during the night out. The dare cards can be purchased or handmade by the bride or a bridesmaid.

How to play:

  • Step1. 12 Cards are brought out, shuffled and placed on a table at the center of the room.
  • Step2. The entire guest gathers around the table and a bottle is being spun around.
  • Step3. Whoever the mouth of the bottle is pointing to by the time it stops has to pick a card from the deck and complete the dare written on it. It is continued till all dares are completed.

Lie Detector

This indoor game is a drinking game and just like a real lie detector test, it dares a bachelorette to answer very private and embarrassing questions about her or the groom, the levels of difficulty of the game can vary depending on how long the players have known each other.

The bachelorette’s opponent uses her intuition to try to find out-out which of the answers is the truth. Depending on the players, you can either have a clean game but is usually R-rated.

Though the rules of the game are such that it doesn’t require any specific preparation, it is better to have some questions prepared down in advance before the game begins.

One of the preparation points would be making sure that everyone has alcohol handy and shot glasses, wink.

How to play:

  • Step1. Two party guests are picked to face each other, one on either side of the “lie line”. Their mission is to ask each other daring questions and guess if their opponent’s answers are true or lie
  • Step2. The person who asked the questions later has to confirm the answer – whether the guess was wrong or right.
  • Step3. The one with the wrong guess must drink. The person with the most points wins. For extra fun, you can divide the group up into teams, and when the team member guesses wrong the entire team has to drink.

Stylish Bride

This game is for the bride, she is blindfolded and is given unique pieces of clothing and accessories and must put them on blindfolded.

How to play:

  • Step1. Different attires like the shirt, but short, leggings, jacket, cape, jeans or varies of gowns are set aside before the party begins, the bride is not allowed to see them.
  • Step2. When the game starts she is blindfolded before the attires are revealed.
  • Step3. She then has to choose from the bag of attires and put them on correctly before 40seconds ends.
    The fun of this game is watching the bride struggle with a regular piece of clothing that you can see is so easy to put on but she is in a battlefield as she struggles to get it on the right way.

Whose Memory?

Whose Memory?

With a lot of treasured memories within the room of BFFs, we can’t let that go to waste, so here’s a game where you can share that favorite memory and see if the bride still remembers that cherished memory you have with her.

How to play:

  • Step1. Everyone is to write down a favorite memory between themselves and the bride to be.
  • Step2. The memories are gathered in a hat or basket and then the bride picks from the hat one after the other and reads them aloud.
  • Step3. The guests can guess who each memory belongs to; right answers are confirmed by the bride.

Selfie Challenge

Everyone loves a selfie. You can now turn taking selfies into a great funny bachelorette party game, taking these photos are turned into a challenge. Doesn’t having a selfie challenge sound fun? We don’t need to ask, you’re probably already smiling at the thought.

How to play:

  • Step1. You will need game cards like with a list of photo tasks, this task can be literally anything, from taking a selfie with a bald man to taking a selfie on a table or even with a policeman.
  • Step2. To win the game all you need to do is to take each photo to earn points. Whoever has the most point wins!

Bachelorette Photo Booth

If the photo selfie challenge idea sounded great to your ears then this next pick is for you. Bachelorette photo booth! Yes, you can have a photo booth at your party to create memorable photos and you can also use the props for your selfie challenge. Props can be bought or make them yourself.

How to play:

  • Step1. Create a photo booth using beautiful, silly, funny and creative props, cutout images and decorations to decorate the background.
  • Step2. The guest and the bride can then make different silly poses in the photo booth and also use it to complete challenges.

Kiss the Miss Good-bye

Next, we have a creative and heartwarming idea, It is called kiss the miss goodbye. This game involves the entire guest kissing a piece of paper and leaving a heartwarming message with their names. It is not only a super fun activity but also the bride-to-be can keep it as a memory of her special day.

How to play:

  • Step1. Small colorful notes are passed to the entire guest and they have a few minutes to write down a message for the bride, it can be whatever they want, there are no rules.
  • Step2. After the messages are written they pass the notes to the maid of honor who keeps it for the bride to read when the party ends.

Put A Ring On It Game

Put A Ring On It Game

Another great idea for a bachelorette party game is the “Put a ring on it” game, the great thing about this game is that it last throughout the whole party! One can never get bored at a bachelorette party when this game is going down, you’re gonna spend the whole night looking over your shoulder, in a fun way of course.

How to play:

  • Step1. Everyone starts the evening with a costume ring. If you say the words bride or wedding, your ring can be stolen by another guest.
    Step2. Whoever has stolen the most rings at the end of the party wins. This is a very fun game, it’s simple to set up and that will leave everyone feeling excitedly jumpy.

Mr. Quiz

So how much does the bride to really know about her man? If you’re as curious as we are then you’ll definitely love this game, you’ll get to ask all the questions you’ve been dying to ask and get all those juicy answers without feeling guilty or nosy.

How to play:

  • Step1. Send a list of questions for the groom and have him write down his answers before the party.
  • Step2. At the party, read the questions out loud and have the bride-to-be say how she thought her fiancé answered, and then read out the correct answer the groom wrote and see if it matches.

This game always ends up being super fun, especially for the gossip queens, it’s a great way for the guest to get to know the couple a little better.

Bachelorette Naughty Mind Word Scramble (R-rated)

Careful preparations aren’t required for scramble games and they can be clean or R-rated, depending on how crazy your group is. If you really want to light up things and bring out the crazy fun then we recommend the R-rated version. The naughty mind version of this game is quite popular. You can use a printable naughty mind game with suggestive provocative phrases. All you need to do is complete the puzzles and unscramble the answers!

How to play:

  • Step1. The players should re-arrange the scrambled words. It is very important not to look at the bottom of the card if the answers are there.
  • Step2. Set the timer and make them mark their choices.
  • Step3. After the target time expires, everyone is allowed to scroll to the end of the card and compare the correct answers with your answers.
  • Step4. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Beer Pong

One doesn’t even need to think to know what this game is about, as the name states, it definitely involves beer, and who doesn’t love beer.

The idea for this exciting game is to throw the ball into the beer cup. If you got a good arm and the ping pong ball ends up in a cup, your opponent is to drink all the contents of the cup.

All the rules should be discussed before you start playing as the game has different versions.

How to play:

  • Step1. Gather these items, plastic cups (all same size), Ping pong balls, ping pong table (or a similar one), beer, and paper towels.
  • Step2. Arrange about ten plastic cups in a pyramid-like formation on both sides of the ping pong table.
  • Step3. Fill each cup with the desired amount of beer, you can also use other alcohol or other liquid of your choice, but the most common version involves beer. Normally it takes two 12oz beers to fill all ten cups, but this amount can very much differ depending on how much you’d like to drink.
  • Step4. Teams will then take turns in throwing a table tennis ball into the other teams’ cups. If a ball hits a cup, it is taken away and the opponents have to drink the contents of the cup. If a ball hits the table before then going into a cup, even if it’s by mistake, the cup that the ball goes into is removed, as well as another cup of the winning player’s choice.

The team that hits the most cups wins the game.

Cold Feet

Cold Feet

No, this game is not to ask the bride if she wants out and no it isn’t to tell her things that’ll make her want to want out of the wedding, but we understand why you might have thought that (as the name implies).

Actually, the idea of this game is to stand in a washtub of ice cold water, fishing out various small wedding themed objects with your feet/toes, doesn’t that sound cool? (Get it?).

This clean is great outdoors and anyone can play!. The best part is there is no limit for how many players you can have, though it’s more enjoyed in smaller groups.

Note: (as the time goes, the iced water is definitely gonna get warmer so don’t forget to have some more ice handy to make sure every participant has the same condition).

You’ll need various small items (coins, pencils, lip gloss, rings, and other objects that you can fish out, using your feet/toes only).


  • Step1. Prepare the bucket/tub of water and ice
  • Step2. Place in the items and move them around well.
  • Step3. Each player gets to dip her feet in the ice-cold water to pick out an item as fast as possible. You should set a time limit. Having a poster with a duplicate of each item glued to it is a good idea, and set a number of points to each item based on difficulty. Keep track of the points for the end of the game

A clean, dry towel should be offered to everyone who participated.

And there you’ve come to the end of our list, we hope you loved these great bachelorette party games ideas and we do hope you try them out; you’ll definitely have a blast!