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The First Day

101 Things the First Three Weeks Ways to create the best learning environment.
The First Day of Class Nine tasks for getting a class off on the right foot.
The Most Important Day: Starting Well The first day of class is a very important time
10 Things to Make the First Day a Success Ten Things to Make the First Day (and the Rest) of the Semeter Successful .
Icebreakers, Warmups, Energizers, & Deinhibitizers Create a positive group atmosphere and help students to relax.
Index of Icebreakers, Games and Activities Several tested, high quality icebreakers, games, and team building activities..
Icebreakers and Group Games Fun group games and ice breakers useful for classrooms
Learn the Students’ Names How to learn names and faces quickly.
Learning Students’ Names Quickly Learning and remembering everyone’s name is a sign of respect.
Student Attitudes toward College Courses An Examination of Influences and Intentions

Preparing A Course Syllabus

Designing a Learning-Centered Syllabus Your syllabus is important.
Syllabus Example — Classroom A sample syllabus for an occupational course.
Syllabus Example — Internet Sample syllabus for an occupational course on the Internet.
Syllabus Suggested Form An outline of a syllabus that covers all bases.
Syllabus Checklist Creating a course syllabus including a checklist.
Writing Performance Objectives The best-known component of the instructional design model.
Death to the Syllabus! It is time to declare war on the trditional course syllabus.
What Does Your Syllabus Say About You and Your Course? Our syllabi merit a critical review on a regular basis.
Writing a Syllabus More about what should be included.


Preparing A Lesson Plan

Lesson Planning Procedures Lesson planning for effective teaching.
Sample Lesson Plan Form (A) A simple fill-in-the-blank form.
Sample Lesson Plan Form (B) Another form.
Sample Lesson Plan Form (C) Another form.

Teaching Techniques

7 Principles of Good Practice Essentials of effective teaching and learning.
Common Teaching Methods An effective instructor normally uses more than one method.
Using Visual Aids There are effective and ineffective ways to use visual aids in presentations.
Ideas to Encouraging Student Retention Elements directly related to the affective domain of student growth.
Enhancing your teaching Different ways you can collect feedback on your teaching.
Evaluate Your Own Teaching Reasons, guidelines, and resources.
Faculty Focus – Part 1 Top 12 Teaching and Learning Articles for 2012, Part 1
Faculty Focus – Part 2 Top 12 Teaching and Learning Articles for 2012, Part 2
How Do You Play.Net Instructions to educational games and activities
The Flipped Classroom The core idea is to flip the common instructional approach.
Effective Grading Practices The difference between failure and the honor roll often depends on the grading policies of the teacher.
A Dozen Teaching Tips for Diverse Classrooms Community college studens face a particular set of challenges.
10 Rules of Teaching in this Century Higher ed no longer has a corner on knowledge-making and distribution.

Course Design

Designing a college curriculum The curriculum is the heart of a student’s college experience.
Designing Effective and Innovative Courses Effective strategies for designing or redesigning a course.
Fink’s Five Principles Five concise principles of good course design.
Preparing or Revising a Course Strategies, recommendations, and more.
Thinking Developmentally Designing Courses with a Progression of Learning Experiences.

Professional Ethics For Teachers

UHCC Statement on Professional Ethics (Faculty) Academic integrity is essential to the mission of the UHCC System.
Center for Academic Integrity Forum to identify, affirm, and promote academic integrity.
Center for the Study of Ethics Promote the study of interdisciplinary ethics.
Code of Ethics New York State Code of Ethics for Educators.
Professional Ethics In Teaching The training and development challenge.

Communication – Millennial Students

Cross Culture Communication Collaborative Efforts a Must!
The Importance of Communication Humans have incredibly advanced methods of communication.
Do’s and Don’ts of Inclusive Language Avoid creating and perpetuating negative stereotypes.
Teaching the Millennial Generation Gen Y’s are much decried by those with greyer hair.
Boomers, Gen-Xers & Millennials Understand the NEW students.
Understanding Non Verbal Communication Cues People can say a lot without every opening their mouths.
Top 10 Nonverbal Communication Tips Improve Your Nonverbal Communication Skills With These Tips.

Plagiarism, Academic Integrity And Illegal Downloading

Academic Dishonesty Cheating and plagiarism from the HCC Student Conduct Code.
The International Center for Academic Integrity Provides a forum to identify, affirm, and promote the values of academic integrity.
UC San Diego Academic Integrity Office Goal is to create a culture of academic integrity on campus and reduce student cheating.
The Ultimate Plagiarism Resource This comprehensive resource will tell you everything you need to know about plagiarism.
Plagiarism Issues Patchwork A “Web Scrapbook” on Sticky Plagiarism Issues.
Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism The Writing Progam Administrators Statement of best ractices.
Plagarism Checker The most accurate plagiarism checking service. Website to help educators develop a sense of what plagiarism means.
Plagiarism via Cyber Safety Plagiarizing is a very serious situation.
Avoiding Plagiarism Resource offering advice on how to avoid plagiarism.
Detecting Plagiarism How to use Google and other Web resources to detect plagiarism.
More Detecting Plagiarism Using AltaVista and AllTheWeb to detect plagiarism.
Even More Detecting Plagiarism Additional software for detecting plagiarism.
PlagSpotter Revolutionary, online, duplicate content checker.
A Lesson in Academic Integrity Students feel the injustice of plagiarism.
Avoid Illegal Downloading, File Sharing, and Unknown Uploads Some programs may put your system and your campus network at risk.
Universities Crack Down on Illegal Downloads College students remain a very significant part of the illegal downloading problem.
Legal Sources of Downloading Online Content The HiEd Opportunity Act requires legal alternatives to unauthorized downloading.

Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking Community Cultivation of fair-minded critical thinking.
Professional Development Module on Critical Thinking A series of annotated web sites for educators interested in critical thinking.
Critical Thinking on the Web. A directory of quality online resources. Critical thinking is reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do.
An Introduction to Critical Thinking Critical thinking is an important and vital topic in modern education.
What is Critical Thinking? Critical thinking includes a complex combination of skills..
The Elements of Critical Thinking There are two essential dimensions of thinking that students need to master.

Using Questions Effectively In Teaching

Answering and Asking Questions Types and examples for different responses.
Effective Techniques of Questioning The importance of teaching students to think critically and creatively.
Socratic Questioning Challenge accuracy and completeness of thinking.
Five basic types of questions Asking questions is one of the basic skills of good teaching.
Model Questions and Key Words Based on Bloom’s taxonomy.
Questioning Skills to Engage Students In addition to the intent of the question, the question itself matters.
Three Types of Questions to Build Comprehension To help students monitor their comprehension.
Writing Objectives Using Bloom’s Taxonomy Bloom’s Taxonomy divides the way people learn into three domains.

Information For Students

Accredited Online Schools Everything you need to know about college accreditation.
Art Career Project Helping prepare you for a career in art.
Associate Degrees The Best Associate’s Degrees Online
Career Kokua The Hawaii Career Information Delivery System.
CNA Career Agency Info you’ll need about CNA responsibilities, classes, and the regulations.
CNA Classes Your Source to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.
CNA Find CNA classes online state by state and start your education today.
CNA Classes Online and CNA Career Center We have everything you need as you begin your career as a CNA.
CNA Journal Your premier online authority for the CNA program. Find an online school that fits your career goals.
College Grants Some ways that you can pay for school.
College Scholarships Find free financial aid.
College Scholarships and more College Scholarships, Colleges, and Online Degrees .
Education Answer Center Resource for students interested in going back to school.
Education Encyclopedia Resource for students in an education program.
EMT Training Are you interested in becoming an Emergency Medical Technician?
Find CNA Classes Helping you find CNA classes.
Free Math Resources A Comprehensive List Of Free Mathematic Resources
General Mathematics and Teaching Resources A compilation of resources for math professionals and teachers.
Grammar Check Enter the words you want to check
GrammarBase Instant Grammar Checker
Grammarly Grammar Checker Automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach.
HCC Resources for Students Resource for students as provided by HCC.
Helping Students Gain Better Study Habits Several techniques you can use to improve your study habits.
Improving Memory Retention There are different types of memory that retain information in different ways.
Khan Academy Their goal is to change education for the better.
LPN Programs Find the LPN program that’s right for you.
Medical Assistant Training Find out if being a medical assistant is right for you
Note Taking Tips for Students Note Taking & Recording Keeping Tips for Students
Nurses Without Borders One of the most robust and useful nursing career resources on the internet.
Online Degrees and more Online Degrees, Financial Aid, and Scholarships.
Online Education Find the right college – your online education starts here!.
Online Medical Assistant Schools Want to become a medical assistant? This site will help.
Online Quiz and Test Taking Strategies Test taking has become an increasingly valuable skill.
Scholar Advisor Educational portal developed for students by students.
Scholarshipland Win the perfect scholarship with this website.
ScholarshipLink Educational search website to help you find degree programs with scholarships.
Seek Learning – Online Courses Study online for ultimate flexibility.
Skilled Up – OpenU 850+ Free Courses and Resources
Student Loans Your Guide to borrowing for your education.
Student Tools and Resources A collection of helpful student resources.
Study Skills for College Techniques that will help you study better in college.
Ten Effective Study Habits The key to effective studying is to study smarter.
Ten Influential Sociologists of the 20th Century Sociology, the scientific study of human social behavior, is a relatively new discipline. Free service to find tutors and tutor jobs.
The Secrets to Study Success True study secrets needed to succeed in your college/university studies.
Time Management Developing time management skills is a journey.
Tips on How to Select the Right College It is important to plan ahead and prepare for your college selection.
phlebotomists Helpful resource for students who might be interested in becoming phlebotomists.
Affordable Colleges Free higher education tools for current and future college students.
Online College Database No-cost resource dedicated to higher education in Hawaii.
The Art Career Project A complete resource for artist career education.


HCC Assessment Website Information on HCC assessment endeavors.
Classroom Assessment Techniques Techniques for better teaching and learning.
Assessment is More than Keeping Score Moving from inquiry, through interpretatin, to action.
Test Item Bias Review When decisions are made based on test scores, it is critical to avoid bias.
Assessment Using Knowledge Surveys Can serve as both formative and summative assessment tools
Portfolio Assessment Using a collection of student work representing a selection of performance.
Student Passports A formal document presenting student mastery of skills.
A Mid-Semester Survey Use this simple survey to get feedback from your students.
Rubrics A scoring guide used in subjective assessments.

Getting Organized As A Teacher

Tips for Getting Organized Tips from fellow teachers to help you get organized.
How to Be an Organized Teacher There is no better time saver than being organized.
Getting Organized Organized teachers find that getting their work completed becomes much easier.
15 Ways for Teachers to Get Organized Plan and develop a system of organization.

Human Development

The Developmental Stages of Erik Erikson Developmental stages infant through older adult.
Malcom Knowles and Adult Learning Informal adult education, self-direction and andragogy
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs His now famous hierarchy of needs.
Piaget’s Cognitive Stages From “sensorimotor” to abstract reasoning.
Perry on Cognitive Development Intellectual, psychosocial and moral development in College.

How People Learn

30 Things We Know for Sure About Adult Learning 30 Cornerstone Things to Know.
Achieving Success with Adult Learners As more mature adults pursue career changes, educators must be ready!
Adult Learning – Historical Roots of Adult Learning Principles The differences between adult and child learners.
Active Learning Handbook Students learn more in an active learning environment.
The Keirsey Tests Online temperament and character questionnaires.
Learning Domains The Three Types of Learning
Theories of Learning Index of learning theories and models.
Principles of Adult Learning Maximize Training Effectiveness with Adult Learners.
Learning Style Inventory Understand how you prefer to learn and process information.

Paying Attention To Core Academic And Workplace Skills

Core Abilities Seven core abilities in the national limelight.
SCANS Skills Popular SCANS Report: workplace skills.
Workplace Habits Rating Scale Model ABRP scale adaptable to other disciplines.

Motivating Students

General Principles of Motivation More than instructor excitement or prodding.
How Do I Motivate My Students? Motivating students is one of the greatest challenges instructors face.
Motivating IT Workers – Geeks love problems, so give them some. You can create conditions where people are likely to find their own motivation.
Motivating the Unmotivated Over the years, I’ve watched them collapse…
Dealing with Disengaged Students Dealing with the top three teacher nightmares.
Empowering Students Strategies for empowering self-directed learning.

Dealing With Difficult Behaviors

Challenging Behavior in the Classroom Responding to Challenging Behaviors
The Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Management Strategies that work
Understanding Challenging Behavior A concern to educators at every level.
Get A Handle on Behavior There is always a purpose to student misbehavior.
Classroom Management Strategies Ideas from other teachers on how to manage your toughest behavior challenges.
7 Tips on Handling Classroom Distractions Use these tips to stay on top of classroom distractions and disruptions.
Conflict Resolution Styles The Five Styles of Conflict Resolution
HCC Student Conduct Code Disruptive students are subject to a variety of academically related penalties.

Dealing With Stress

101 Ways to Cope With Stress 101 simple, easy-to-use ideas.
Stress and Anxiety Everyone feels stress from time to time.
The Stress Management Society Promote a sense of wellbeing in your life.
Understanding Stress Symptoms, Signs, Causes, and Effects
Top 10 Stress Busters Students face multiple and challenging stressors.

Feel Good About Teaching

The Student Is… The most important person at our college…
What Is More Important? Each of us is important to the success of the student!
Good Teaching Why do students learn more from some teachers than others? Check out these “Good Teaching” resources.
The Random Thoughts of Louis Schmier Random Thoughts have been appearing on the Internet in educational listservs since April of 1993.
Love and the Cabbie One person’s goodwill can make a difference.
Three Letters from Teddy Teddy’s letter came today…